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@TVSanjeev Ffs 😂😂FaceTime with my mum and her grandson 💕 @tha_rami This one was... halalish @Bosslogic @rosariodawson OR troll it into existence 😎 @ManMadeMoon @StarfighterJedi @Charalanahzard Innit 😂 @ManMadeMoon @StarfighterJedi @Charalanahzard DUNCAN @ThatPeterHayes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂and now I know what my thrussy is @sairaspooks I don’t have time to mop the tiles I’m too busy smashing ass @StarfighterJedi @Charalanahzard @mrmitchell78 Respect my privacy @Charalanahzard online group have been threatening to leak my nudes unless I pay. Fuck them. I’ll post it here myself. Enjoy 🖕🏽 @ManMadeMoon NO WAIT, THIS SEX GOD DOES! @ManMadeMoon Thanks I will but it’s called “Madi: Once upon a time in the Future”, Duncan.Hi Twitter accounts mocking the pronouns in my bio and for supporting the transgender community. I’m not gonna repl… what just arrived in the post, thank you @ManMadeMoon! I cannot wait to read this, I’m already in love with Mo… @AJemaineClement Yeah but you’re only saying that because you haven’t heard my Kiwi accent. @imrosemciver innit? “Deekheed” 😬 @AJemaineClement Sorry
@AJemaineClement I would never’s good day. We met Elliot Page, and his courage will undoubtedly inspire/lift others and increase visibility… @TheElliotPage ❤️❤️❤️ @nerdist Lars Mikkelsen @nerdist @oberynsriddle He hates 007.Throwback to meeting the legendary, Mads Mikkelsen. @cavanscott I got one too!Go fuck yourself. @silentyogurts We will pass along the message to him! Have a lovely day @CosmicStargazer McDonald’s drive-thru @silentyogurts Hi, this is Rahul Kohli’s social media team. Thank you for the feedback and thank you for the follow. Teehee :)Not sure if I’m angry, tired, horny, or hungry to be honest @TVSanjeev
@eattheavocado Still editing it @TVSanjeev ...PG Tips? @johnplayerleag Best Buy @djar1n No it wasn’t on sale @amrenswift Nope it was cow milk.Things I bought on Black Friday: Milk @MaxScoville @NickBabyLehman Yeah what Max said. Also, I’d head over to @Sorastros’ YouTube channel and check his v… new paint job and a little Beskar for luck... #PS4Share #StarWarsSquadrons @BenKearns6 😂😂😂I want @porksmith to play a pilot in Star Wars. I said this on a stream... so @BenKearns6 sent me his impression of… @BenKearns6 These are brilliant 😂Look at my beautiful cockpit #PS4Share don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but you suck and I hate you 💕 @sairaspooks If you’re an Indian guy now, you have to tag all your selfies with models, actresses, and pornstars Instagram handles @MelyMelzie “Wildly more famous”? Is this some sort of dig at me for not knowing who she is?
@TimTheBlair1 @YNB I didn’t know who you were talking about so I clicked the name and... 🤷🏽‍♂️ got Bosslogic’d! 👀 in peace, Dave 💕 @MisterSteerpike @Movember Thank you so much, Jay!!! Really appreciate you xWe did it!!! Thank you so much for all your generous donations. You beautiful people really made my month! Thank yo…
That’s so sweet, thank you 💕🙏🏽 people, I’m delaying my twitch stream for 30 minutes because this poo I’m currently having is too good to r… @FizzyCicero They are a bit yeah. Good point Ari @rekabnoraa 😂Hello social media! What’s got the straight white boys upset today then?Lol what are with these YouTube comments claiming that I’m a middle class Englishman pretending to be “street” or “… @CouchSportsAdam Playing in empty stadiums is lifeless. It’s not enjoyable to watch. Even wins feel hollow.VAR + No fans = Football is dead to meYikes. I love this game... this hurts. @DaisyCosplay Fantastic! @acarboni Ooooh will do! I’ll start with “Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure” @acarboni Never seen it. @chrislo35294708 🙌🏽 @PUNKDJARIN nope @chrislo35294708 You need a white steak across your face. That’s a cum joke btw @kreyes25 Right!? @HuaracheDeOro Over +$550 for Dunk Lows... 🤮And here’s the link to my little fundraiser 💕 28TH. 3PM PST. TWITCH Tomorrow I will be playing FIFA 21 on twitch to raise some money for @Movember! It’… @Charalanahzard @AOC
@4AK7 @luke_preece No no no, the scorpion *should* be facing what ever way I want it to face on my body. I wanted t… @4AK7 @luke_preece What?Being a Scorpio AND a character in Gears of War, I had no choice but to get @luke_preece’s art tattooed on me the m… @billelis Preordered. Wall space cleared. RIP AND TEAR. Goodnight. @inihelene Ooof... someone is jealous 😂 @quickcharade @violetdeIaney @violetdeIaney When they cure COVID19Thanks mum 💕 Manor wouldn’t have been possible without our favourite crew member, Biscuit 💕 @Terri_Schwartz They probably already did. It’s okay, in Paris I was a sous chef @ZeeJay302 Nope👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #TheMandalorian @stevenspohn @stevenspohn When the other 100 before me retire @k8siegel👑 @k8siegel Wow... the fact that I’m not working today and you choose to tweet about working with the “greatest group… @mikeymegamega why is this accurate though?Now Ray Panthaki + John Krasinki? You got yourself a Rahul Kohli @Charalanahzard but what's Dev Patel bringing to the table other than... 😬 @MaximumCortez @rafagrassetti @MaximumCortez @rafagrassetti