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Make him feel like the 🐐 on his birthday with the @UbisoftClub Challenge. Destroy 20 attacker drones while defendi… up all the Operators you've played with & let us know your score! Check out Summer Sale to get up to 67% off…
Retweeted by Rainbow Six SiegeCelebrate the 4th of July with the @UbisoftClub challenge. 🎇🎆 Win 5 rounds in Multiplayer with Ash, Thermite, Cast… @XxiKGixX All in a day's work. 😎 @MrTorgue6 It's too much to put in a tweet, but you can find the current Quick Match map pool in-game. Keep in min… @AbrSgt Have you had a chance to talk to Ubisoft Support about this issue yet? @AbrSgt Please report your possible DDoS experience to our Support team. Include any details and footage you may ha… @jxns_fn Hi, I would suggest reaching out to our Support team for assistance: @MainTotally It was mentioned in the Status Report that our team is looking at ways to tweak Vote to Kick. We're a… @Caiden18085599 Looks awesome, nice job!
@DisruptGaming yesHave you claimed your Lesion Operator set yet? Only five days left to add to your collection free with Amazon or Twitch Prime. @aaa_Halcyon You will want to reach out to @UbisoftSupport to double-check your content. @XenoDrobot_DSJ In our Status Report blog post, we mentioned that we have identified a few starting points for rewo…
The Siege Anti-Cheat War. It's a long and never-ending battle, but one we are willing to face head-on. Learn a bit… @CoconutBrah @ConnorH87824824 Hey Connor, you can read more on that here; @jcehycn Ace & Hibana: Explosion damage can no longer pass through reinforced walls and destroy fragile gadgets on… @NoxnYT 👉😎👉🛠 Y5S2.1 Patch 🛠  ❌Match Cancellation ߷ Hibana & Ace gadget update 🏃🏽‍♀️Melusi Banshee & speed penalty changes  ✔️… @Nexcen_ We have! Top Issues Blog: Status Report: @HegleIgor91 Yes! When you purchase the Battle Pass, it will unlock items in the Premium tier up to where you left off.
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@Ultra21047389 Hey there! Here is the R6Fix for this specific issue: @Federic23765505 If you think you may have been DDoSed during that match, here is how to report those players: @AlfieBanks14 The Lord salutes you! {-}7 @MhmmdPramoda Here is the R6Fix for this issue: @probablyethics Here is how you can properly report DDoSers to @UbisoftSupport: @PlatorPotato Have you made an R6Fix for this yet?: @ChaoticChamberz If you are still getting this error message and no MMR afterwards, please reach out to…
@PiperPlaysYT It has been reported! Thanks for checking in. @nostxlgia_g If you are still having issues, we suggest checking in with @UbisoftSupport for this issue! @R6Leeo In case you missed it, we did post an update about Audi Bugs here: out our latest Top Issues & Community Concerns blog. 🔗’s time for a new #R6Declassified, featuring: 💟 Chibi Maestro by @Sir_Burnt 💟 @Bucario_Pudding's Iana cosplay 💟… @Toa_AU N I C E. @RamiJO_YT Hi Rami, Please reach out to our Support team with details on your DDoS experience. @CA_ANTMAN14 Normally you'll want to restart your queue after three minutes. @eizarw You can reach out to our Support team directly if you have any visual evidence of the cheaters you came int…
🍁 Celebrate Canada Day with the @UbisoftClub Challenge. Win 5 rounds in Multiplayer with Buck or Frost to obtain…
@iJackal2 Recruit does not have an ACOG on the live build. Currently, that was something meant for the TTS. @YtBiscuits Our team is currently investigating smurfs. We mentioned in our Status Update that smurfing damages the… @MichCassar Which data center do you play on? @hamzatango Any elo you lost or gained will still be counted. Does restarting your game fix this visual issue? @spooffl Have you tried restarting the queue after it hits three minutes? @ManLykYungJ What specific audio bug are you experiencing? @Elhouci72782388 Our team is looking into fixes for sound issues. We covered that and more in our Status Update blo… @fakeicyboi We're glad to hear you enjoyed Golden Gun! The Y5 Reveal Panel revealed that each season will have a m… @BaffoLowBill What region do you play in? @Diamond_troll26 Map Bans are still on schedule for release in Y5. We don't have a specific release date to share at this time.Following the recent EU connectivity issues, a 50% renown Booster will be enabled as follows: 🗓️From 11 AM CEST Th… @8killernguyen8 This challenge has been reported! @jarrey23 Did you happen to play Alibi or Maestro during that match? This issue has been reported. @flexasaurusfunk Here is the R6Fix! @BravoJayden Can you be specific? Here is how you can report audio bugs: @rFF126 Please make sure you are sending proper DDoS reports to @UbisoftSupport: @airdivergent Do you happen to have a clip of what happened before this screen? What are your drone settings? What… @wtfbrox As written in the Patch Notes link, the penalty zone has been reduced by 33% and the sound has been lowered in first person POV. @YelinekAndy Assuming you are talking about the Building Contractor uniform, here is the R6Fix for this issue: @city_ob Here is how you can properly report players for DDoSing: @_tifyv Here is how you can properly report audio bugs: We also gave an update on audio bug… @feyhuabtw Here is the Acknowledged R6Fix for that issue:
Support Rainbow Six Esports Pro Teams, with 30% of the net revenue split equally among the Phase 3 teams – and look pretty sweet doing it.
Retweeted by Rainbow Six Siege @CLIM4XX Have you checked out the recent TTS patch? @reuben40239941 You should reach out to @UbisoftSupport for help! @geraldshomie 👀 @xNoMercy4u If you think you are missing the correct End Of Season Charms, please submit a ticket to for assistance.TS update! ✔ Banshee nerfs ✔ X-Kairos/SELMA can't damage other gadgets through reinforcements ✔ Fixes to 🛑 access… access has ended and now all players are able to unlock the new Steel Wave Operators! Who is your first pick?
EU servers have now been restored to their original performance after we saw that the EU servers were suffering fro…🛠Scheduled Maintenance🛠 There will be some routine infrastructure maintenance today, 22nd June. Platform: PC only…
@lovrrR6 Here is how to properly report players for DDoSing: @Itslilmoist This is a known issue. For reporting replication steps, please contribute to this R6Fix. Please do not… @Gabe77824623 Please contribute to and upvote this R6Fix for this issue: @n0rthwest1 If you are on EU servers, this is a known issue we are still investigating. Otherwise, we suggest reach… @jadyntsmith How would you rework Tower?
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⚡️ “♠️🌳 Operation Steel Wave Fan Art” Here are some of the brilliant community creations of Ace and Melusi we've s…
@SterkxR6 It was mentioned in our Status Report last week that Match Cancellation wouldn't be launching with Steel… @TetherR6 You can reach out to our Support team to get this looked at: @ZackVogel6 Yes, you can still get Black Ice in Alpha Packs!
@sukka760 Which data center are you currently connected to?It’s go time for the $50,000 Twitch Rivals: @Rainbow6Game Showdown! Your favorite streamers face off as @Jump_
Retweeted by Rainbow Six SiegeOperation Steel Wave is live now in Rainbow Six Siege, bringing two new Operators, one new secondary gadget, a Hous… all Operators, @Ubisoft and NZXT have teamed up to bring you the limited edition H510 Siege - the perfect c…
Retweeted by Rainbow Six Siege @deadpoolcdh Please make sure you are submitting Toxic Behavior reports to @UbisoftSupport directly. @E_A_Mullican What platform and datacenter do you play on?
@DAT_H4CKER_THO Have you tried restarting your game since then? They should be there after a restart. @SubhiHalwest What datacenter are you connecting to? What platform do you play Siege on? @andrefly010 It is an ongoing issue with the Uplay overlay. Here is an R6Fix to contribute to: @Ce3Waa Here you go! @rjeatstacos We've been trying to collect information from players experiencing this issue. Can you clarify what pl… @Seilaveiiiii Have you reached out to @UbisoftSupport for assistance? @moonmancx We explain it in our Pre-Season Designer's Notes! @zach_AG Thank you, Zach! ❤ @TreSellars Are you talking about Ranked rotation or Quick Match rotation? Quick Match maps did rotate. @diogo28machado What datacenter do you normally connect to? What platform do you play Siege on?Don't miss the #RainbowSix Twitch Rivals event featuring some of your favorite streamers battling it out for prizes…'s Elite Set has arrived. Unlock the Tenkamusou uniform, victory animation, gadget skin for his Yokai Drones, a… Steel Wave is live! Get the Year 5 pass and unlock Ace & Melusi one week early.