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@Retisk Hey Ethan, What server issues are you experiencing at the moment? @lel31822484 Whoa, just take it easy, man. 😮 @TiedInLIVE You can share Operator ideas on our official forums! @IegitIer Was this in Ranked? @DavidSo34226382 Hi David, You can reach out to Ubisoft Support with your visual evidence: @DavidSo34226382 Hi David! Are you trying to report a lobby freezer? This tends to happen in between rounds and not…
@BTea155 Working on House now! 🏡 @ChristopherrSzn The Patch Notes state this change is geared "towards the Pro League META, which is currently utility heavy."Ever wonder how @Ubisoft builds new agents for @Rainbow6Game? @FionnOnFire talked to the devs about their latest tw…
Retweeted by Rainbow Six SiegeIn our newest edition of Designer's Notes, we explain the recently proposed changes on the Test Server and our Bala…Ça va bien aller. There's a 🌈 in every House. @Marklis0306 Tell us some of your favorite operators! @chungusnuts Nope. Never. @Dreamz45_ ACE!
@kylehodgez Alright, that's a bit much. 😂 @sans05051 It's just the cosmetics, not the event. Also, pls don't. @AyeitsMarcD1 Hey! For Operator ideas/suggestions, you can post them on the official Ubi forums: @JoshStedman9 What sever issues are you running into? @NicothehoonG Our boy Oryx is a Z O O M E R. @SamWeller_10 Hi Sam, Please report any possible DDoS situations with Support. What was your ping during this? We…🌻Announcing a special Rainbow Six Siege tournament, Siege into Spring!🌻 Every Saturday in April, we will be hosting…
Retweeted by Rainbow Six SiegeBella Ciao! It's your chance to steal away the @Rainbow6Game x @NXOnNetflix Casa de Papel bundles! From Thursday,… @Greeny24x You can check out an FAQ on how to troubleshoot this error code: @DaGamingGuru32 Congrats! Which operator was it with? @GarlingTanman Hi, you can report cheaters directly through our Support portal here:
@typicalkong We have an FAQ on how to change your data center here: @Poqqin_Kai Hi Kai, What issues are you running into? @randomUserLol0 @_Shotwell25_ whyUPDATE: Thank you for your patience. We've resolved this issue. Happy gaming!
Retweeted by Rainbow Six Siege @ZEEKGAMIN Hey there, This issue has been reported to the team and a fix for it is currently being tested on the TTS.Hi everyone. We're aware of the issues affecting connectivity on multiple games and are working towards resolving t…
Retweeted by Rainbow Six Siege🛠Scheduled Maintenance🛠 There will scheduled infrastructure maintenance today, 1st April. Platform: PS4 Time: 09:…
Mozzie likes his pizza with pineapples. What's your go to pie? Redeem your free set via Twitch Prime today! TS balancing changes: 🔑Buck Skeleton Key Buff 🕸 2/2 Jager 🦐 Removed Mozzie's Super Shorty 💡 Ying Buffs TCSG12…'re aware this is now affecting connectivity and are working towards resolving this ASAP.
Retweeted by Rainbow Six SiegeWe're aware some players are unable to use the voice chat feature in Rainbow Six: Siege. We're looking to get this fixed ASAP.
Retweeted by Rainbow Six Siege @a54401473 Please make sure to see this forum post for the proper R6Fix reports to contribute to: @ZoZo_R6S You can bet your bottom dollar that @UbisoftSupport will help you look into your issue! @TheBuckley79 If you find yourself being disconnected often, we suggest reaching out to @UbisoftSupport with a scre…
@G2esports @G2Pengu @ESPN_Esports @Ninja Friendship ended with G2. @bohesYT Hey, these issues need to be looked into on a case by case basis. We'd like to have some clips to investigate. Thank you. @FilleG5 @Alpertolgatuna1 There are no plans to give Jäger another ACOG. @Alpertolgatuna1 What do you think needs fixing with Mr Jäger?🛠Consulate Lighting Hot-Fix🛠 A hot-fix for the lighting issue on Consulate will be pushed today, 30th March. Plat…
@blue_cloud_10 Are you getting a message when the reset happens? @OhHeyImJoey For audio bugs, please see this forum post! @Nightmare12321 That's usually played on House, right? You should be fine. @Octavio81934036 You should restart your queue after it reaches 3 minutes. @ZynX_04 You should be able to immediately reconnect to a Ranked match if you get a connection error. Is the reconn…
@Symbkat @Son_Of_Niskrad This is amazing. We love it! 😊 @Sagirilove520 You bring up an interesting point! @disciplex You should join the R6 Discord! We have a ton of players in there around the clock playing, and a ton of… @NJormala Hi Nico, Have you had a chance to reach out to our Support team about this issue? You can do so here:📢 PSA: If you've been missing your Thank You emails for any banned cheaters you helped report, make sure that you'… @CPTN_LDS We suggest reaching out to @UbisoftSupport directly for assistance.Have a look at our latest #R6Declassified, featuring: 🌸 @Shibucup’s beautiful Ela cosplay 💪 @Angi_AN’s artwork of… @KingGeorge Update: We've found an issue with KingGeorge and will have to deactivate him as well until further notice.Consulate Deactivated - all platforms A Consulate map update introduced an unintended lighting issue in 1.1. We ar… @Bruv99615579 Already been reported to the team and being worked on. Thanks for checking in! @THSchase Working on it as we speak! @DingdingMatthew Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 😎 @Parabelliume You'll have to figure that one out with your friends. 🤔 @Blainesthename_ It's best to restart your queue after three minutes. @T3RMSUITEXO No, but Thatcher's EMP serves as a pretty solid light source. @bruinsfan3725 Congrats!
Celebrate Aprils Fools' Day with this special @UbisoftClub Challenge! Work together to discover and complete the r… the Around the World: BP Art! 📥 @BricknallOwen @Zaxpeedy @Ubisoft There's definitely a challenge. @Zaxpeedy @Ubisoft Yes. @LostAlisa That's quite the collection! @Cometryzz Look at you! Enjoy it! 😊 @Logan96302429 Hey there Logan, What issue have you been running into? @ImpracticalLuck 😮 @r6olo The lighting is unintended, and our team is currently working on a fix. Thanks for checking in! @JoshTraphouse The symbols on the top right of your screen are indicative of you encountering connection issues during the gunfight. @ajsarsfield Glad you're enjoying it! Welcome back! 😊 @AKA_GAMER_X Skins are not shareable content. An issue was recently corrected that allowed more content to be game shared than intended. @Atomic_Miceydzz If you look at the top right of your screen, it appears you began to have connection issues a few…
Happy Wednesday Pizza with Mozzi! #AloneWithThem #RainbowSixSiege
Retweeted by Rainbow Six SiegeUnlock new rewards while you play with the Around the World Battle Pass - available now through April 22! @SebastinCant5 Hey Marvin, No this is an unintended bug with the lighting on Consulate. The team is aware and are looking into it! @Dylan36190324 An issue was recently corrected that allowed more content to be gameshared than intended. Skins are not shareable content. @jayy702 The 1,000 MMR limit is to prevent stacks from boosting lower leveled players. @Alejand43135424 The Consulate lighting is not intended and has been reported to the team.
@DameStr8Cash Hey Dame! We are looking into this lighting issue at the moment. Thanks for checking in! @Michael30551369 Please read this forum post for assistance with audio bug reports: @nabilimran95 This is a reported issue we are looking into! Thanks for reaching out. @libersaurio We are aware of the lighting change bug on Consulate and it is being investigated. Thanks! @Andre34807641 Hey Andre, Can you make sure you've first completed a full power cycle and restart the game? @GeraldKodiak It's just a Mozzie skin, Gerald. @EeeeenKennedy If you're burning it, we don't want your pizza.The Cheesie One has arrived! 🍕 Claim your free Twitch Prime Operator Set today and join Mozzie in taking back the t… maintenance is complete. New PC/PS4 deployment times 🕛PC: 12:00 PM EDT 🕐PS4: 1:00 PM EDT @Rxpvlse @reaper772835292 XB1 maintenance is currently underway.The issue has been resolved and XB1 maintenance is underway. XB1 players should be able to access the game normally… Due to a degradation we are briefly postponing the update for all platforms. XB1 players will still be able…🛠Update Y5S1.1 will be deployed today on all platforms.🛠 💻PC: 9AM EDT / 2PM CET 🎮XboxOne: 10 AM EDT / 3PM CET 🎮PS4… @coolskydavud64 We have a forum thread about audio bug reports here: @Bubba1970 We highly suggest these Xbox steps before reaching out to @UbisoftSupport for further assistance.