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classic also albinie baby because he has albinismhe of many names. billy, lil bill, billiam, lil bean, beany birb repurposing of the rainbow and now the red ribbon this year feel too much of a coincidence to me
Retweeted by soulsborne bbyevergreen content say sike in light of elliot page coming out, i’m gonna remind you guys of basic, Very Basic trans etiquette in this thread:
Retweeted by soulsborne bbywhen u got an autistic brain sometimes a little too much excitement and passion comes out and you will be judged by… in Brook House are being taken now to a holding area in the detention centre with all their belongings…
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Retweeted by soulsborne bbyred dead online had the foundations to be one of the best co-op gaming experiences of all time after some content u… @DJMu3L take your time king we can wait @DJMu3L onlyfans when @DJMu3L i hate that reading this turned me on a bitMORTIFIEDnot me thinking I’m being slick refining my flirting before they see it I am MOETIFIEDi just been informed Instagram send notifications when you unsend something excuse me while i here it is: yes @LushLtd donated £3000 to an anti-trans campaign group (even though it breaks their own rules to…
Retweeted by soulsborne bbyI am an ISRAELI JEWISH leftist and I have been SHOCKED and HURT by this anti-Labour smear campaign that has left me…
Retweeted by soulsborne bbyPlease remember a lot of the people on twitter today celebrating that young people who will experience dysphoria ca…
Retweeted by soulsborne bbywhat kind of monster downvotes an emmymadeinjapan video @mynamedeek I have been dying to play her since trailer 1. i am shaking at the thought of waiting even more @mynamedeek shut up. that’s gorge i need it asap
@mynamedeek what game is she ??A girl keeps sending my local news station screenshots of the landscape from Red Dead Redemption 2 for their “Out a…
Retweeted by soulsborne bby:) is these absolute piece of snack tomasi on university challengeif the sext i just sent out was ever to be exposed i woulfd fake my death and change my identitystorage is full and the video cut off but my superiors have decided.. MELON IS BEST when Corbyn said climate change disproportionately affected “the poorest people in the poorest countries”…
Retweeted by soulsborne bbyJust held a persons hand as they died alone, without their family or loved ones by their side. Glad you enjoyed you…
Retweeted by soulsborne bbyi’m actually a really hot woman nowwas searching for solutions to my flat curl spot problem and this 5 year old Reddit comment cured my concern. look… bought new rope before lockdown and can’t find them anywhere who stole my kinky ropes @pugnaciously I bought new ropes before lockdown and then just forgot 🌝Largest protest in history of the world. 250 million on strike all over India at the movement. Sea of red flags is…
Retweeted by soulsborne bbyi was going to make an alt for all that but I cba :)i’m going to explore and practice shibari so i’m sorry if you start seeing tiddies thighs pussies and dicks squeeze… @csmith03 sweaty please this baby is 6 years older than gen 8are they.. you know? unlocked this absolute lad in Risk of Rain 2 LOOK AT THEM
l hate a “it’s okay, they get paid to clean it up” ass bitch
Retweeted by soulsborne bby11 days until Elden Ring gameplay?! am drippin @bringme_cats ZACHARY QUINTO IS IN JT TOO @bringme_cats genuinely me when i found that image. it’s shocking ??? @bringme_cats I HAD NO IDEA THERE WAS A FILM I was Googling to rejog my mems @bringme_cats lmaooo and my sister have been bitching about the new next door neighbour and how irritating the kids are with the cons… @dekug91 at launch some of the colours weren’t even available yet because they were pre/special order bonuses urghi’m looking for some ballbags to play Risk of Rain 2 with DM meI think he’d be a proper weirdo in the bedroom he’s def into some kinky shiti didn’t understand the Tom Hiddleston attraction until right this very second
ant & d*c aren’t funny and if i said this outside the comfort of my home in Newcastle i’d be exiled @MannyMua733 @LilNasX who are you
Retweeted by soulsborne bby @mynamedeek i don’t know i’m too high to think @mynamedeek but are yours just vacant holeit occurred to me that not many people experience getting close to birds SO do you want to see some bird ears
@Stumpt_Price right?! snatched my thirst comments righttt back yoink @Stumpt_Price @BlameTheRobot the first guy bud @mynamedeek bird @BlameTheRobot @Stumpt_Price he went viral last year for saying he’d never date a black womanHow I want someone’s dad or son leaving me once I take the Dolly Parton funded vaccine:
Retweeted by soulsborne bbyabby, in the last of us. it’s way more grey than the bland concept of heroism/villainism, but i’ve never drastical… my dream last night i was was presented with an opportunity to kill j*ff b*zos while working as a waiter and i’m… @bringme_cats omg ornstein and smough. i hate them. why don’t you summon in some help? @mynamedeek these are my boorbs @mynamedeek that’s not one of my birds that’s a little cockatiel 😂 @mynamedeek very good @mynamedeek excuse ma’am Khan.
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this better be me at the post vaccine orgy if I’m not crying it’s not aggressive enough’ve always enjoyed a healthy relationship with Boyz magazine but that ended today when they platformed a hate grou…
Retweeted by soulsborne bby @bringme_cats in anor londor dark souls plays youthinking about being DP’d
i want to like t*m holland but he plays golf i don’t trust him
deserved’s getting floppy as organised scalpers are accidentally radicalising groups of gamers. this is my kinkok i’m over the denial and i have reflected. i am a bald man’s whore @bringme_cats i’m not even sure I have“you still have some patterns” “like?” “at any given moment in time you’re some bald man’s little bitch” why did…
I voted for Elden Ring for Most Anticipated Game! @TheGameAwards live on December 10 on Twitter. #TheGameAwards also greatly appreciate all the enthusiasm and support shown for "ELDEN RING", our next Dark Fantasy Action RPG.…
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he was apparently yelling my name because he wanted to show me his bubble face group have convinced me to play 7 Days to Die and i hate it but i’m a team playerme after jumping in a pool with piss-indicator dye @mattyjerms Wtf... that apartment looks so big to meArrested at 17 for capital murder, I shot no one, triggerman was identified, I was at the scene but didn't have a g…
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@Matt_Dean1994 @YoungLabourUK @jeremycorbyn @Keir_Starmer lol embarrassing
Retweeted by soulsborne bbylandlords telling their tenants how to avoid damp and mould be like:
Retweeted by soulsborne bbyit’s mad that there are so many people who think everyone living comfortably and not fucking over anyone else is th… need to eat some hairy *** in the next 6 months or i fear my life force will deplete
watch her go down the “autistic people are so aggressive” stereotype because people are being straightforward and aren’t coddling herSia referring to us as “specially abled” and “people on the spectrum” while rage tweeting about autistic people cal… sickness...
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Fuck off you little herrenvolk shite
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