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Raine @RaineSkunk New Orleans, LA

im just a dumb gay skunk. he/him/fucker. i was born on mars and i can see into the future. physically attacked by ghosts. Hablo español (un poco).

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@MissingMichiga1 @AlexisuwuAlexis The best James Bond is John Barrowman. @EsquireUK @donleykogn Oh yeah, 100% that's a robber fly eating something it caught. They're remarkably aggressive entomophag… u see the ghost
@g0m i want famous TV character Sexy McBoner to affix me to the nose of a boeing 767 with flextape and crash me int… @PrisonPlanet You don't know any girls you fucking liar lmao @BroccoliFox he blamed 9/11 on gays @skodafox @SkahYoonk *angry grunt-squeak* @SonicFox Everybody's Gay For Bridget™ @seabreeze843 @prageru If you called TSA draconian in 2002, conservatives would accuse you of wanting the terrorists to win. @prageru Well going through airport security sucks today because 9/11 happened and there was a bipartisan consensus…
@dansolomon light rail is the best shit ever @That_One_Furry_ @PrincessAsriel @RoaminBison By who? @Neon_woof awou @NikkiMcR @JikiScott By lightyears @higibby @VicBergerIV it's like a trolley problem but in real life @fowmart_en so good thosmashburger, deadass @That_One_Furry_ Out of curiosity, how accepting are conservatives of you being a furry?
@TeddyStayGassin Rural white folks be like that @BerryFo05719391 @rDogeLore It's a distinct possibility. @BerryFo05719391 @rDogeLore But it's where the term "soyboy" comes from. Like a boy who is girly because he has had… @BerryFo05719391 @rDogeLore Whole milk and steak on the other hand will slightly raise your estrogen levels because… @BerryFo05719391 @rDogeLore There's a widely held belief that soy raises estrogen levels in the body, so all these… @suemcdonald342 @seeking_Trad @ConstantinStHe1 wow British people are fucking prissy @kayleighmcenany @realDonaldTrump It's like maybe half as big as when I saw Radiohead in 2008 on the In Rainbows to… @tkasasagi lmfao it's like a 7-year-old's writing assignment. @Vritrite @jankyjackal It's a particularly sharp and salty sheep's milk cheese so I can't blame you. Definitely an acquired taste.I do not understand the logic under which someone makes a Phasmophobia game for their Discord friends, but makes a…
@octothorpe @bobtiki You just have to click the usernames of the people who have their tweets protected, otherwise you dead-end @octothorpe @bobtiki there's a cat picture at the endthis is the most racist thing I've ever seen anyone say on this hellsite @spacetwinks it's like that Umberto Eco bit about the enemy being too weak and too strong. @prageru Make a shitty video about it why dontchayikes. just yikes. smh @jfcwzl I love when my survivors compliment me and have a good time. @Ire_LGBAlliance Dear British ppl: You do not want American evangelicals to have any influence over your society. T… @Ire_LGBAlliance Which wealthy American evangelicals are funding you? @Ire_LGBAlliance You're a hate group. You exist only to try to foment division within the LGBT community by pitting… @GravelInstitute I'm all for anti-constitutionalism. @Tonya_Song "Republicans are shit" goes without saying. @LakotaMan1 Indigenous = descendants of pre-colonial peoples in any country Native American = indigenous peoples o… @dumbmongreldog In Kazakhstan, only 1-1.5% of marriages are facilitated through non-consensual bride abduction, com…
@4ever_days No balut? That's even more hardcore than century eggs. @cyril0 @vexwerewolf @MayorDadler @Alex250175 @FuctupMike you sound like a Prager U video and it's sad @ctus0w who the fuck has a son these days lol what year is this smh @WestGotNuked @TransEquality Wow, she's got a really sharp but elegant way with words there. I'd be interested to… @NekroVEVO I have Raynaud's syndrome and the cold weather gives me bad circulation in my hands and feet. :( @mrgracemugabe "loves eating ass" is a ringing endorsement tho @ovenotter @palacebeast yeah she is the ringleader of a gang that specializes in the theft of priceless cultural antiquities. @Ventusic @ramisery a man whose job is to say no to self-evidently bad ideas @Neon_woof the numa numa kid just bought a $4 million house and here i am at the library trying to photocopy a fruit rollup @CBR Actual theory that makes sense: Broom Boy might as well have a neon sign strapped to his head that says "FOR Y… @aspacecadette @vexwerewolf New study shows cognitive benefits to discovering a hidden library behind a secret pass…
@charlesjholland @hughpearman The people who prattle about the "hypocrisy of the left" are full of self-contradicti… @modmice his widdle mind is so pure, no thoughts, only dream UwU @donleykogn same energy @GreenPartyJack @markjenkinsonmp @PhilipDaviesUK @SelaineSaxby Have you guys tried overthrowing the British governm… @vrf_rotondo @CaseyExplosion It's always been weird to me how people that claim to be "fluent in sarcasm" are usual… @keksdrache @FA_Notes I agree and I'm not sure why myself, but I kind of want to block and humiliate this little asshole. @Ilobmirt im skunk and i approve this message @pawpawchan48 I believe the souls of pets and owners get reincarnated in opposite roles from time to time. @Ilobmirt @the_nerd_skull burglars can't catch you in the shower if you never shower @strangeauthor no, sgetti @rreteKeterr My guess is orange line has stops in neighborhoods where it's cooked. @MALTSCHLITZMANN @jeremyoharris me rn
@Emberflux The thing I always liked about emo fashion is that it's all completely and deliberately unisex and andro… @craniatology where did you get those sunglasses I need those @KitOConnell @WorstYearPod To be perfectly fair, fash furries are a weird bunch because as much as the furries hate… @GeologyTime The cubic crystaline structure reminds me a lot of bismuth. @rin_rin_rin_owo @taylorswiftly93 @EnverVanHalen Don't you ever just wanna go apeshit?
@duane_moody @skrillexmidi oh fuck off @SpookyAlienClod I hate PragerU for popularizing this ahistorical and fundamentally broken view of political scienc… @dantydewolfy @SmolSammichOwO @NekroVEVO I find it easier to just shit on them right back. Get psychological with i… @NVIDIAGFN @KineticGame We can't grab holy water because Kinetic hasn't added it to Phasmophobia yet. @mattyglesias That is just absolutely and completely not true. @dantydewolfy @SmolSammichOwO @NekroVEVO Oh yeah, and if they get caught or called out, half the time they have som… @dantydewolfy @SmolSammichOwO @NekroVEVO That's unfortunately part of the reason they say it. It's become the #1 th… @kfgravy @_tasiams @AndrewBeckNYC You are actually exactly the right age to discover the lo-fi chillhop 24/7 beats… @LennyPunished @HugoThePinkCat @ItsmeChrisWade @the_nerd_skull @NuttyBlueRice @PelleCreepy Democrats aren't the left, dude.
@CalphPup look it's us stealing eggs from lesbians @hottytoddyreb04 @prageru ok @prageru @RubinReport @michaeljknowles The term "political correctness" is itself from a newspeak lexicon. @4GioGio4 Pokemon goes and I go with it. The other three can stay in this fucked up hellworld but me and Pokemon ar… @KateFlood This bitch out there stealing apples @hotmeat73 Australia has like six species of deer. @Fideel The copper used to make that pipe has reacted to the air and caused a buildup of copper oxide, which is tha…
@prageru Prager U is a big part of why my views shifted left, actually. @rockanrollphoto Lots of my favorite musicians have that, like Max Bemis from Say Anything. @AChillGhost @asstronic Goth chicks, despite their fearsome appearance, are some of the nicest, friendliest, most h… @spacetwinks so wrong
@Rizushi Cultural appropriation is an issue probably best felt out on a case-by-case basis. Native American tribes…
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Retweeted by Raine @discoscientist yeah plus Fillion being nice is offset by Adam Baldwin being a dick @discoscientist I met Nathan Fillion one time. idk much about Firefly but he was a super nice guy. @kanyewest Not until you start taking your mental health seriously. @pixelatedboat After the end of World War II, the Beach Boys were split into Wilson and Love. This marked the begin… @96fps Marx was a big fan of Lincoln's abolitionism. @ZacharyBaay @JudiMcBeeOCDS @kylegriffin1 Are you calling gay people liars?