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mar ˚。⋆ fatphobes dni @rainybIossoms ⋆。˚ bmi: ~17/18s ugw: 44 ˚。⋆

non edtwt/fatphobes dni ⋆ they/she ⋆ bi ⋆ 16 🇳🇱˚。⋆

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“im straight” “im gay” okay ??? ive been big ??? and small ?? and big ?? and small ??? and big ??? and small again ???
Retweeted by mar ˚。⋆ fatphobes dnibig boobs, a 🧵:
Retweeted by mar ˚。⋆ fatphobes dniOk but what actually is a calorie i need to be able to visualise my n1 enemy @bre4dst1ck I alr know ill be out in the first round but meee 🫶
Im an aspiring gymbro from now on my fatass would only cry myself to sleep i hav these at home but a little smaller and w green i love them sm @linobites Same i literally cant esp when someone buys or gives it to me i feelso bad rejecting and wasting it @c4tsc4ls HELPP My condolences 💀💀💀Will never forgive my old dance school for making me dance on the ugliest songs but when my little sister went on i… be telling myself im too busy w school to hav an ed as if itll just magically dissapear like some ppls eds on edttNow what if i make a stvdytwt acc it seems nice on there maybe ill get some motivation who knows
@ruentef Ikr i hav no idea why ig im just too lazy to write big 💀 @JiaCalss 💀💀 ok thats closer to what mine looks like on a test when i got like 5 mins left help @wamfbam I will when i get the chance hope his glasses break when i do 🙏🙏Can this weird homophobic racist fucking nerd infront of me stop talking to me wtfGirls are the most important part to the game in my life,, weird way to say it but so true so true @killjoy_kcalz /j dkdnjsdn ik ppl hate maths me included if i dont understand shitOk ill stop shitposting at school i gotta make homework ffsTw maths i wrote this kinda messy bc its rushed but the way these calculations look makes me so happy fsr outing my… abt the time where i made a maths test flawlessly BUT just because i forgot to add a few details with my c… nvm crisis averted other ppl started making hw for other subjects too im a trendsetter 🤩🤩🤩 bell went and the teacher isnt here yet omg can i turn invisible bc ppl can see me right away through the glass helpThis song makes me so happy plus now it makes my background pretty too setting myself up help the teacher locked the door too so if anyone comes back early before hes here im gna… @moonoftate Omg the perfect metab dayy i love doing metab on work days too bc i rly need the energy and ik ill burn… alone in class during break to make homework as the fucking loner i am @moonoftate Ahh i hate how menus dont hav that its so stressful,, i hope u enjoy tho without worrying too much ab it!<33Having this in my room would cure my depression in class rn btw my best ideas come to me when im bored asf ig the new update is kinda
Even by copying the equation in the answerbook i dont get the good answer im so annoyed i dont get iiitttttJustice for my ednos bitches ik you may feel invalidated on here but I see you and love you
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been awake for almost 36 hrs now in the middle of a normal schoolweek slayed @kmsorexic Yess ikik i love how winter looks but im so bad w cold weathersDude first lesson and i almost fell asleep my eyes keep drifting off n mf twitching even help what if i actually fa… bc rn i feel less tired then i do with sleep but i alr know that halfway through the day my energy will suddenly all be goneCan i go back to my having blue lips when i arrive at school bc its freezing outside arc it was kinda funnyHonestly if u think away my neck dying bc of how tired i am and how heavy my head feels this is so nice makeup rn for school its 3:30am 🥰🤩🤩Me when any minor inconvenience happens moms gna do this walking marathon thing next yr its abt 40km so if i can im gna sign up for it too and then we c… @cutiekittenpng 2 bingos >:D
I need mOney rnIve drank like 3 iced cappuccinos in the span of an hour im this close to having palpitations againAlive in my ia era bc school is absolutely steamrolling me alr not sleeping tonight so i can finish homework and catch up >:DMew
hello kitty girls are the best and sweetest girls
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Retweeted by mar ˚。⋆ fatphobes dni
Retweeted by mar ˚。⋆ fatphobes dni"your morning skinny is someone's evening bloat"
Retweeted by mar ˚。⋆ fatphobes dniyou have pet the cat❄︎14 cal hot chocco recipe❄︎ 𝑰𝒏𝒈𝒓𝒆𝒅𝒊𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒔: • 1tsp cocoa powder (~4 cals) • 1tsp cornstarch (~10 cals) • sweetener (…
Retweeted by mar ˚。⋆ fatphobes dni @x_cinnamorollx Omg trying this the moment i get home frm work i lovee hot choco @thinsrexic PLSS IVE NEVER BEEN MORE GLAD TO NOT BE AROUND PPL RN I WOULDVE BEEN 💀💀 @thinsrexic OH MY FUCKGIN GOD IVE NEVER REGRETTED CLICKING SHOW MORE REPLIES THIS MUCH WTFI go from thinking im the hottest bitch alive to hating every inch of myself so fastWhat is up w my brain and wanting to do stuff untill i actually have the time to do it and all of a sudden i dont want to anymoreI think something is up w my eyelash curler bc this is the second day i a row where it fucking ripped out a lash wh… @starviving I lovee this clothingstyle sm free to dm me at any time as long as its not anything generic or a simple hi gimmie something to work w here
STOP IT I NEED THEM ALL when i get home from school @sourdoughkitty Easiest choice of my lifeIll stop being mentally ill on the tl now and act like im going to do something of importanceTurn soak into drown and im in that would be lovely 🥰🥰 @MoonchildSkyy @moonchild_sky HELP WHY DID THEY SUS U FOR THAT??? OMG THATS SO ANNOYINGGUYS MY MAIN @moonchild_sky GOT SUSSED FOR A WEEK BC OF THIS WTF PLS RT
Retweeted by mar ˚。⋆ fatphobes dniI need to buy gifts right now but i dont hav money nor a clue where to buy any nice gifts nearby but they deserve it so ill find a wayAaaaaäáæaaaaáåãâaaaa ãIf getting matching halloween costumes isnt love idk what isFsr trying to convince myself seeing es h doesnt make me feel uncomfy asf but it rly does idk im just a sensitive bitchWas almost gna leave this in the drafts but then remembered i do not care bc its mf edtwt everyone here alr knows im mentally ill anywayWant to learn how to draw only so i can draw the silly little ppl in my headAtp even makeup isnt helping me love the rain its so nice to come home after school change into something comfy and hear n see it pouring outside @cafespo Methinks ur so right @theanaprincess The toilet door at school thats missing the handle so i couldnt go in💀💀 @nagispo STOPP R WE LIVING THE SAME LIFE FKNSDIJBD @ryemiIk Meee🫶🫶Hairclips supremacyF6 or d4 if i throw almond milk in it @Yuesflowers IM SCARED OK IDK WAHT THEY GNA DO IF THEY FIND ME💀💀and listening to that shit ruined my day man single… @nagispo WHAT THE SAME JUST HAPPENE DTO ME AT SCHOOL TOO ON THE STAIRS NO WAY 💀💀Before i get doxxed taste is subjective and listening to that album right after waking up is gna make me sad for the rest of the dayFasting untill bp release a good song
@Yuesflowers if i knew what it was abt i wouldve ran straight to u to tell u abt it bc i know u will make me feel b… untill the electricity bills skyrocketed and i got a max of 5 mins warm water a day @momotomomospo Omg that sounds terrible :(( i rly hope he got better though id honestly be rly disturbed if anyone… @momotomomospo Help 💀💀 im so confused atp i dont even rly care anymore bc most ppls definition of how many cals is… @momotomomospo Ikrr i used to savour every little bite like it was my last @maricherri3 Your so kindd tysm for this 🫶🫶 ive calmed down a bit and did some breathing exercises so im feeling be… am so stressed out for no reason i need to calm tf down somehow bc i cant focus like this at allThis shit was my crack when i was younger omg suddenly craving one so bad @qucumberwater Yess for that reason i honestly love having sore muscles when the pain is manageable esp my abs @Yuesflowers Frfr i honestly wanna giv her a hug and tell her to gtfo of that school @Yuesflowers She probs is knowing my brothers school and if she wasnt alr now she def will get bullied by mavo jochies out of fear fksndksb @Yuesflowers Yes 💀💀 w a stenli mes what evenGreat day to live in the netherlands bc wtf