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'Raja Sen. That's S.E.N. I'm a writer. W.R.I.T.E.R.' | Film Critic, The Hindustan Times | Buy my book #TheBestBakerInTheWorld here:

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Best tweet ever. Liam fixes Britain. be. The @Criterion collection is releasing Meghe Dhaka Tara this September. @LeChiff92585747 Ah, but when you go in to watch A Human Centipede, you *know* what you’re in for. We were blindsided.Irreversible. We walked out, stunned and scarred, I walked her to her dorm, and we studiously avoided eye contact e… @JennieGow Consistency. And context. Why wasn’t Grosjean penalised for rejoining the race in Lap 1? Why wasn’t Hami…
Just cruisin’ corrected by many that Aryan Khan preciously voiced Dash in the Hindi version of The Incredibles. Sure. Again… is the lead. In the Hollywood version, Simba is being voiced by Donald Glover, the seething voice of a genera… | 'Chernobyl' vividly recreates time and place, but conjures up heroes for the erstwhile Soviet Union, for…
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@yooday Perfection.Haan, we would totally have given it a go back in the “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” era. But maan gay… Cup mein Pakistan ki baat hi kuchh aur hai. Hum saat-saat hain. (Aur woh zero-zero hain.)Thread! 😅 may delete Twitter just so I don’t have to see another tweet reading “He’s saying Ben Stokes”(when he’s clearly n…
Retweeted by Raja SenThanks to those sending in their own #IndoPak XIs. Some lovely selections. Miandad was an especially big miss, but… @bethlovesbolly No! Link? @notself @aiyyaar @bethlovesbolly The high point of that film is watching Tabu speak Bangla. @bethlovesbolly Indubitably. @bethlovesbolly Most of the Ray fanfic is written and directed by his son.An old favourite piece from an old favourite India-Pakistan World Cup encounter. @NaturesBasket We have visited the Bandra outlet and requested that the unsafe machine be shut down. Complaint regi… @NaturesBasket Here are the visit details. @saffrontrail @aninditaghose @NaturesBasket @GodrejGroup Exactly. Almost downed it.Love the freshly squeezed Valencia Orange juice from @NaturesBasket, but today we found three big glass shards in o… all-time #IndoPak ODI XI: Ganguly Afridi Tendulkar Inzamam Dhoni Imran Dev Wasim Kumble Waqar Saqlain What’s yours?Immense and immediate want.
Phenomenal Chinese poster for the great Spirited Away. Too beautiful. @humasqureshi On it : ) @humasqureshi Good luck, Huma. Looking forward to watching you in Leila.Monza. Because Monza. @iamkevins Can’t argue with that. That image will linger. And thank you.Did I think I would be comparing Soumitra Chatterjee and Stellan Skarsgård this weekend? Not at all. Yet here we ar…
#GameOver movie review by @RajaSen: @taapsee tries her best in this #BlackMirror wannabe
Retweeted by Raja Sen#Opinion | 'Chernobyl' vividly recreates time and place, but conjures up heroes for the erstwhile Soviet Union, for…
Retweeted by Raja SenSolemnness must not be mistaken for quality — that, ironically, sounds like a rather Soviet mistake. My…, my #review of Ashwin Saravanan's #GameOver. @htTweets @chhabs @htshowbiz With you, for you, always. <bows> @allVishal No no. I agree. 10,000 steps a day are a joke. Need at least twice that.
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Retweeted by Raja SenThe most dramatic #F1 moment of 2019 took place this Sunday -- and it wasn't on track. My #CanadianGP column for…😂“I feel so proud when india takes a wicket because each time they take a wicket, Virat Kohli takes my name. You ca…
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Well played, @ICC. Yuvi Forever., to be as happy as a croissant makes Dharmendra.
@sujoy_g <3 @RanvirShorey Best film. much thunder and lightning as I write that it feels wrong not to have an assistant named Igor.Nauseating to read British journalists justify the FIA penalty to Sebastian Vettel at the Canadian Grand Prix. Cham… headline, but, to be fair, there was only one actor in that film. giant has left us. Girish Karnad, playwright, director and actor with a stupendous voice, is no more. What a life, what creations. Salute.Happy birthday son!!! @realmikefox I am so proud of you ! Don’t sit in a parked car with a girl!
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This isn't over... #Vettel #F1 #CanadianGP #FIA't stop watching this. Viva Vettel. #F1 #CanadianGP"I don't think people should boo at Lewis." Vettel is just WINNING this race hard. #F1 #CanadianGPHamilton's car with the Number Two placard is the picture every F1 writer will want for their race review this week. #F1 #CanadianGPVettel switches the boards 🔀 #CanadianGP 🇨🇦 #F1
Retweeted by Raja SenWhoa. That [1] and [2] placard shuffle from Vettel. Moment of the year, come what may. Staking his claim. #F1 #CanadianGPOh, the applause for Seb. Bravissimo, Montreal. #F1 #CanadianGPDisappointing, graceless words from Hamilton. This is not how a true champion behaves. #F1 #CanadianGPWhat’s Seb supposed to do?Crazy ,the car stepped that point he was a passenger.
Retweeted by Raja Sen"Is he going to boycott the podium?" "Where is Sebastian?" Crazy scenes here. #F1 #CanadianGPI don't know the procedure for appealing a penalty, but this one deserves to be overturned. Ridiculous. Making a mo… stuff from Vettel. Great drive, great pole, great race. Driver of the day, no question. #F1 #CanadianGP"Where the hell am I supposed to go?" Can feel Vettel's pain here. "I am focussed, but they are stealing the race from us." #F1 #CanadianGPHorrible, horrible decision from the FIA. Penalising Vettel sets a very wrong message. All he did was control his car! #F1 #CanadianGPThe Red Bull resurgence might have been exaggerated. Verstappen is on new Medium tyres but is nowhere near the top… consistently faster than Vettel ahead. Reeling him in. This should be interesting. #F1 #CanadianGPStunning lap from Hamilton. (Still hasn't matched the reds in Sector 3, though.) #F1 #CanadianGP Ferrari really does look mighty in the third sector. #F1 #CanadianGP! Vettel hammering out a lap straight out of the gate. Perfect, when needed most. #F1 #CanadianGPLap 24. The top 3 separated by 4.5 seconds now as the pitstop window tantalisingly beckons. #F1 #CanadianGPLeClerc turning up the wick. It'll take a few fastest laps to catch Hamilton, though. #F1 #CanadianGPLap 19. Purple sectors from Sainz and Hulkenberg. The hard tyres are coming into their own now. #F1 #CanadianGPLeClerc needs to close the gap on Hamilton for the next 2-3 laps and then pit, forcing Mercedes to react. #F1 #CanadianGPThe Ferrari medium tyres are two laps older than the ones the Mercedes boys are wearing. Not that the laptimes show it. #F1 #CanadianGPGasly looking very shoddy on the hard tyres. Stopping this early is clearly not the right call... #F1 #CanadianGPCompelling battle. Verstappen looking very handy indeed. (Vettel would call him handsome.) #F1 #CanadianGPVerstappen chasing Bottas should give us a clear picture of how much that Red Bull can do on this power circuit. #F1 #CanadianGPThis is a good test for LeClerc. Can he put the heat on Hamilton ahead? Make him the meat in a Ferrari sandwich? #F1 #CanadianGPSolid start from Vettel, but Hamilton keeping pace behind him. Look to Verstappen for the drama, though. Here comes… Canada. Give us a helluva race. #F1 #CanadianGP<3 Full-on commentator love. Listen. #F1 @s3rioussam Dammit, Sharma. Gotta buy now.Chanced upon this gorgeous poster for Black Swan. Doesn’t have Aronofsky’s name but feels signed. happy birthday, @sonamakapoor. May the year be full of surprise.“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcr…
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What. A. Lap. Jawdropping stuff from Vettel. He’s singing now, and deserves all celebration. We’re in for a solid r… What’s the car lacking Kimi? Kimi: uhhhhhhhh laptime Me: *notes for future interviews*
Retweeted by Raja SenWhat a weird crash from Magnusson. Can’t wait to catch it on the Netflix episode. (What a surreal thing to type.)… BE LIKE THIS IN Q3
Retweeted by Raja SenTwitter is fun because you get to be like, “Ducks are good” and someone in your mentions will go, “Um, I’m sorry bu…
Retweeted by Raja SenBased on this description, clicked on the image expecting to see our Prime Minister. What bull! No, not this Raja Sen anyway. pleased with the print headline for my #GoodOmens review, out in today’s @Mint_Lounge. Here’s the link:…“We don’t want to tread water just because the water is so warm and pleasant.” #TheGoodPlace, the cleverest show on…
“Sir, Mr Spode desires -“ “Dash it! Oh, fuck Mr Spode, Jeeves!” “Very good, sir.” | Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman collaborated on the 1990 novel the show’s based on. Gaiman is the showrunn…
Retweeted by Raja SenNobody‘s gone as well with clay since Cassius. Bravo, Rafa. Today stands for savagery, not rhyme. #Fedal39 #FrenchOpenAw, man. These two... #Fedal39 #FrenchOpen could be a quick game. Nadal absolutely seizing it. Federer needs to slow it down. #FEDAL39 #FrenchOpenRoger. Rafa. 🎾 Clay be with you, gentlemen.