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It didn’t matter. The end.
@nflrums @2020_Hindsight_ @RajPC1 wow. you aren't slick deleting this tweet
Retweeted by Raj @Will44574743 TfSupports Medicare expansion in the same breath (to be clear, I support both policies but it’s sad how she picks and… didn't take long
Retweeted by Raj @DLO87 @klew24 Rapsheets of the world like it bc they think it’s theatre which is lame. But the rest of us like it… @cwilly57 Thanks dude!a hilarious stat that i just saw on nfl total access the jets had 1 TD and 3 interceptions on play action passes…
Retweeted by RajEnough Jets talk, driving up to Newport, RI for some vacation time. Any reccs? @TOAD__MODE 🌚 @Djbienaime Couple days doesn’t matter, couple weeks would. @TOAD__MODE I still like him tbh. At least dude interacts and has some fun on the TL.Unless this reaches Bosa levels, it doesn’t matter. Thx @BryanHoch Escorting an 84-year-old legend while unvaccinated, absolutely ridiculous.
Retweeted by RajJeter would never bills causally posted anti vax propaganda to their twitter account today and it wasn’t even the biggest story of the day
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@faygounchained @nflrums @2020_Hindsight_ Can confirm @RajPC1 I have confirmed through league sources that the #Jets have opened up trade talks with the #Texans. Per…
Retweeted by Raj @Will44574743 @Judetruth @fobbywobby @woodyjohnson4 Wyd @RajPC1 with @trustadium's track record we'd be foolish not to take it seriously
Retweeted by Raj @MannyFresco16 @actionjack69 Tagovailoa wildly overthrew a 10 yard out route to Jaylen Waddle and hit a fan in the face. The fan appears to…
Retweeted by RajThe amount of people actually upset/taking this tweet seriously is alarming.“Your country needs you, Raj. We’re bringing you out of retirement.” *bearded Raj swings his axe and chops firewoo…
Retweeted by RajI'm hearing from #sources close to the situation that the Zach Wilson contract situation could take weeks to resolv… @Will44574743 Moses for the dunes thing that confuses me is that Wilson posted a picture of him in a plane. Then the next day was in Cali saying…
Retweeted by Raj @Will44574743 you guys got follows??You'll always be with us, Coach Knapp.
Retweeted by RajIf 100,000 people retweet this my girlfriend said we can get a French Bull Dog and name it Pickle. This is not a drill.
Retweeted by RajProps to @jude_jets for having fun with the chaos that is JetsTwitter.
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@jl4590 🌚🌚“If the U.K. is turning the corner, it’s a pretty good indication that maybe we’re further into this than we think…
Retweeted by RajIf you cannot understand words, please understand this graphic. Look at what happens when mass populations vaccinat…
Retweeted by Rajwipipo @GaryTheNYer @Judetruth can't say i do, he'll sign at some pt @Will44574743 one is asking the serious questions. What’s Lady Jude looking like?
Retweeted by RajHIPPA violation
Retweeted by Raj @KyleTeichert @Will44574743 Manish DM’d me to say so @Will44574743 noYou and TJ when you join him:’s total JetsTwitter Madness
Retweeted by RajThe Fantastic Four of #JetsTwitter
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Retweeted by RajYou vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about
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Retweeted by Raj5% chance dude on the left would be a better FB than Wesco. to monitor if Zach ends up not being very good
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@actionjack69 Our love for Geno only exists in the vacuum where our hatred for Fitzpatrick is equal and opposite. remember king
Retweeted by RajKeelan Cole says whatsup ain’t going anywhere. Maybe jail or Denver but doubtful
Retweeted by RajJets have to hire Nick "Dante" Spano as Master of Whispers
Retweeted by Rajrecording badlands
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I kinda love Brady now that he’s not on the Patriots?
Retweeted by RajSame energy @Will44574743 @JetsTank @actionjack69 Lmaoooo
Crowder maybe net a 5 back? team doctors to Cole Beasley
Retweeted by Raj @BannedByP00rs @Judetruth Ahhh I completely understand now#BillsMafia 😭😭😭😭 explain SNKRS app to me, thxWhy do folks vigorously hate on every rebrand? It’s not the best, but it’s not that bad. are fans like this? 🤦🏻‍♂️
Retweeted by Raj @one_saad_g @Seth_Price10 @damienwoody Darnold
So sad and random. RIP is so incredibly sad, and such an unfortunate reminder to all of us to not take anything for granted in life,…
Retweeted by RajNFL is leveraging the fuck out of football culture to get players vaccinated. In a culture where guys who get shot…
Retweeted by Raj @DeAndreHopkins @NFL Man if u don’t get that damn shot
Retweeted by Raj This is how you apply pressure
Retweeted by RajAnd now it's time for the obligatory discussion about women, sports, and clothes.🤦 #EqualEverywhere
Retweeted by Raj @SamDarnoldShow @MJLJETS @DLO87 So @MJLJETS would love it thenSMH just like @DLO87 @TOAD__MODE @MJLJETS v sad, I absolutely woulda bought that jersey for his nephew if I lost @MJLJETS You lost a bet, tf?? @tanyadua can't wait for this feature rn was right @tanyadua Dishoom, Gymkhana after @MJLJETS burns the Darnold jersey on a twitterspace before Week 1*bleeding out on the ground in the year 2019* “No I can’t die…not before Sam Darnold breaks out this year” The guy…
Retweeted by RajAwesome. Also pls be vaccinated.
Whomever is the opposite of @MJLJETS. I’ll go with @Will44574743 0 clue @patrickeckhart good tbh, rather they find Mosley's eventual replacement in the draft a la Warner vs. paying him $100m lolRyan Fitzpatrick is White Privilege: the Musical
Retweeted by Raj17/19 on free throws. giannis blacked the hell out tonight. legend building night.
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Calvin Pryor Erasure @actionjack69 @Djbienaime prob referring to Hall. I think everyone doesn't care for most of the picks post Mims iwbh. @MJLJETS get it, king!
Retweeted by Raj @JetsTank @Will44574743 aren't a lot of things I think could make Trump much angrier than Brady and Biden yukking it up together at h…
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