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Honestly it’s mostly a Jets account. Opinions mine and mine only.

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@BannedByPoors @Judetruth Won’t be the first time Jude doesn’t tip
Retweeted by raj, @jetsdraftscout I think Browns would do that in a heartbeat tbh @puneetsingh Man let’s just pretend for half a dayAdams for Njoku and OBJ. Score all the points. #Jets mad at all @NYJG4L0178 @actionjack69 Still would take him over Perriman without thinking tbhOur king not being on this garbage website is a true virtue of his. @actionjack69 Oh he got missed a ton and they really should’ve kept him but I still love this. @NYJ_Matt Why were some guys kneeling? @NYJ_Matt This is a crazy pic. What’s the contextMy god this is so petty but I kind of love it. funny is this fucking guy
Retweeted by raj,Jets fans are the most sensitive fans in the world
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anyone who thinks this is real is a complete fucking rube. This awful family has been angling for a reality show fo…
Retweeted by raj,Washington Boaty McBoatfaces @_Tj_official Lmao he’s just spitting facts at you. @Playlikeajet1 Probably shouldn’t but where’s the fun in that @wholesickcru Who among us has never thrown penis shaped gummy candy?!
@ACaseOnline One scores points the other is a safety.The #Jets should sign AB or trade for AJ Green. That is all.What if the virus is happening bc Timmy Turner wished that school would never happen again
Retweeted by raj,This deserves 49.3k RTs. @surajpatelnyc Good luck, hope you pull it off. @waikikiwill1 I promise I will RT @waikikiwill1 I chose to believe you. @waikikiwill1 Why yes, yes I would.My gym just went bankrupt. Who's the quitter now?
Retweeted by raj,This is an overused phrase but inject this shit directly into my veins. @surajpatelnyc Did you win? @wholesickcru And a mask under the shield! Masks are vital but let’s be practical! @waikikiwill1 Idk why I picture you as this kid after reading this tweet, but I do. @wholesickcru I can get people getting pissed at like crowded streets/bars but this one seems like a bridge too far… @folkhealer The server has heavy PPE and is appropriately distanced.Hollywood Video. @puneetsingh A new game not being in stock at toysrus meant an immediate trip to KB. Same goes for renting at block… @SamDarnoldShow Like I get it, wearing one is important and proven to reduce spread but the server is wearing some…, myself included, will wear masks until we sit down. As long as you’re wearing one when you leave the table or… @_Tj_official Allowance*Darnold looks like shit she searched ‘barstool nigger podcast’
Retweeted by raj, @nycsports3 Good Luck bud! @theStevenRuiz @Donosaur73 @MurderDeathKiIl @JetsOpinion think it’s pretty dope Manish uses @Michael_Nania’s stats and credits him. More of the #Jets beat should.
Maybe it’s just me but the idea of moving on from Darnold after year three and drafting another QB without fixing t…
Retweeted by raj,Bold take, Thomas Friedman. @Judetruth @actionjack69 you and Jude align 👀 @KyleTeichert @_Tj_official TJ didn’t attend virtual arithmetic class over the last 3 months... @_Tj_official Making up for months of lost timeMakes sense RT:@_Tj_official puberty who from this list actually fits? @theStevenRuizTimely tweet. @waaadingo @actionjack69 @Niwona_ He does have some v ugly tape from last year and I’m sure his stats put him in ou… feel bad RTing this but I have to. @TrxppeBosstar Good lord @actionjack69 @Niwona_ I’m not a film guy and I really should read that Ruiz article but I can’t not believe what my eyes tell me. @_Tj_official @stephonk83 @actionjack69 Fair play on D but his offensive line has been tits and outside of Hopkins, his skill pla… @Niwona_ Idk what he is yet but I’m comfortable saying with almost 100% certainty he’s worth a second contract. @actionjack69 I can accept Watson here.Y’all gotta point to some historical comps who’ve actually transcended bottom-5 talent over the last decade? Luck m… @actionjack69 @actionjack69 I bought an Adams jersey last year. 😐 @actionjack69 @_Tj_official @Panthers @ShaqThompson_7 @CurtisSamuel4__ this is not robby anderson, try again
@Davidacosta1980 Yeah he has no idea what he’s doing lolTwitter fingers be honest bruh, I'm built different !
Retweeted by raj,i’m built for this.
Retweeted by raj,“Culture” beats strategy.
Retweeted by raj,On a mission tryna shift the culture. #President
Retweeted by raj,Built Different!!
Retweeted by raj, @waikikiwill1 prefer he wears 15 tbh. Bmarsh vibes @waikikiwill1 that would actually be reverse racism @waikikiwill1 shit, LT was still electric at this point. lord man @DannyBagsZ still think favored odds would be him re-signing next year. @DannyBagsZ don't think any of these leaks have been beneficial per least in terms of garnering fan support… Ryan Clarke @wholesickcru Haha Deff a feature😂 Belichick already told him stop texting in Egyptian hieroglyphs lmfaoo
Retweeted by raj,GOLDMAN SACHS: "We find a national [facemask] mandate could ... cut the daily growth rate of confirmed cases by 1.0…
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@KyleTeichert appointments to the supreme court should start at birth. the president has to pick a newborn and hope for the best.
Retweeted by raj, @_Tj_official He’s right tho 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by raj,Pats fans now that they have to root for a black QB
Retweeted by raj,Fuckkkkkk
@delbenz Shit! Had no idea @delbenz Ct gyms opening?BREAKING: Tomi Lahren will no longer voice the character of Candace Owens.
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The video of Portnoy saying the n-word will barely move the needle bc the ones most mad will be those who have alre…
Retweeted by raj,Yall should be ashamed of youselves lol @NYJets @Giants
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It’s week 16, Joe Flacco hits Gore in stride as Demaryius Thomas is lead blocking for him as he gets into the endzo…
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