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Jaana Dogan @rakyll San Francisco, CA

Engineer. I work at Google on Spanner. I keep things boring. This account is my personal opinions. Dogan-Dalgaard; she/her

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This channel is where I repeat opinions that I believe to be obviously known. But everyday, I'm learning obviously… design mistakes is a part of the job. There are so many unknowns getting in the way that it is almost imposs… @ThatMightBePaul > "it's like postgres, but specialized for timeseries data" than a page full of meaningless adject… @ThatMightBePaul The landing pages often contain very few pointers to what actually product does, how it differenti… don't know who are designing landing pages of cloud infrastructure products but most of the time those pages don't help anyone at all. @davidfowl True, when we are depending on L7 protocols, it doesn't mean we drop all our knowledge about L4. But try… are L3, Kubernetes is L4 of cloud computing. If you only have L7 problems, obviously these are not the… are two hard problems in computer science: locks and state. (They are actually the same problem and you are…
Thanks much for listening to my health updates in the previous weeks. It was so useful to be able to talk about it to deal with anxiety. @mattetti One more thing that worked for me was at some point, I started to think it is ok not to overthink about t… @mattetti I had similar symptoms for over three weeks (and they are gone now). We monitored my fever and breathing.… people who believe DBAs can't do their jobs if they can't ssh into db nodes are the ones who believe ops can't… @maria_fibonacci Highly appreciated 😅 @grkn By "managed", I mean databases where you don't maintain the nodes, e.g. Dynomo or Spanner. Most of the DBA re… @apc_lee > It takes a lot to keep a db peformant even if managed Ditto. And most managed services don't provide/ca… new comers, there is a misconception that DBA role is becoming absolute with managed databases. DBA role is s… you are coming from a traditional DBA background, what happened to your role when your company migrated to managed databases? @juanpabloaj They went bankrupt.I've spent two hours debugging a transaction consistency issue (questioning my sanity) because I was not seeing som… frequency of random seeds between 0 and 1000 on github (data from
Retweeted by Jaana DoganI have to block a ton of people on Twitter because (a) they are attacking my followers, (b) they are challenging pe…'ve been using the social networks since the beginning of the dawn. To me, the best abuse system is: - Block an a… @pdaures No, if there was, what would I call it a facepalm? Async or sync are not superior to one or the other. The… @fimbault I'm talking about 10 years ago, a company that is pretty backwards in terms on their stack and how they w… @fimbault protobuf was not popular back in 2008 among small companies across the Atlantic Ocean.Every practitioner should watch Gil Tene's "How NOT to Measure Latency". This talk have been a core reference that… best way to learn more about a completely new stack is to discover and play with its debugging tools. @__zkg I finally am feeling pretty good in weeks and have been running some benchmarks so had a ton of free time :PWe all make design mistakes, revise and learn. Design mistakes are a part of engineering things. @joncalhoun GoTime is not a meeting, it is an INSTITUTION! 😄Some days: "Why am I excluded from this meeting?" Some other days: "Why am I even in this meeting?" Rarely: "I'm gl… @IanMLewis 😄 @theavalkyrie Lovely! @mattklein123 @bryanl @jbeda I was expecting you to take the lead as the committee chair 😄 @QuinnyPig /subscribe
@hashtang__ Go2 has to find the right set of new features not to alienate itself from Go1 and should be careful abo…'ve been asking native English speakers to record themselves in a secondary or tertiary language and compare how k… @basus Go is already one of the best language for things I do. All languages have limitations and strengths. But a… @maria_fibonacci People commenting on this type of stuff with tips is as annoying as the sirens.I really want Go++ to be a theoretical thing. A playground where we can brainstorm about what we might want from Go… @Johann_vanlindt For example, for performance, cross-fleet telemetry collection and analysis helps a lot to identif… @JuliettePretot @Google Welcome!!! @_stevefenton Appreciated!I want to take a moment and applaud all the people who are working on various aspects of our infrastructure that ma… optimizations is often a signal that individuals don't have authority to work on bigger picture problems. @PavelASamsonov 💯 Product and UI people are often excluded from system design discussions even though their input i… @vrandezo I think all problems contributed to the problem: sizing, lack of consistency, operational issues, organizational issues.Designers, THIS is when you need to get involved. Drive communication, establish empathy, do what you gotta to befo…
Retweeted by Jaana DoganTIL: There is a WebRTC implementation in #golang. Would it be the year I finally learn about WebRTC?… @ashleymcnamara This looks more productive than our pandemic 😄 Congrats!!! @SoormallyAhmet This looks pretty cool, would you be interested in contributing it under a flag to hey? @maria_fibonacci @abbyfuller @copyconstruct +2There is no indefinite autoscaling, your scale is always bounded by the scalability of your dependencies, especiall… need to have a basic understanding of how your service scales. Is it by the number of users? Is it by the numbe… scary part of relying on autoscaling is they don't know how their dependencies are going to scale. "If I replic… need smarter autoscaling (tailored for your own scaling necessities) when you are working with unpredictable gr… stable establishments don't really need complex auto scaling solutions. They know how many replicas they need…, each team discovered the joy of ownership and how much authority opportunities there are. Microservices start… was absolutely no visibility into the critical path. We were grepping a bunch of logs here and there to see w… said there was no consensus on the RPC protocol, right? Some were too smart and started add message queues in bet… was a mess. There was not an easy way to discover the existing services. There was no easy way to discover what'… and similar were not available back then. And we didn't have resources to designate a single RPC standard… assumed sizing things small without understanding their impact on the organization and operation was the best pr… worked on several migration projects from SOAP services to microservices back in 2007-2010. We have done a lot of… biggest misconception is to assume monoliths mean one binary for the whole company. @ScribblingOn 😄I'm still waiting for the time my types will be called nanoclasses because I'm a Go developer and my abstractions are small and simple.I stopped calling services micro, nano, monoliths almost 10 years ago. They are services. If you are not sizing the… of the time you don't/can't start with a single monolith but 2 or 3. There are jobs you want to deploy/schedul… of the small companies I worked had 2-4 monoliths per project that split into 5-15 micro services as the proje… week in a long time without headaches, runny nose, congestion and fatigue 🙌✨I’m back on the job market!✨ 🌟Senior+ SRE/Infra/Systems 🌟Years of experience on large platforms & pipelines 🌟Con…
Retweeted by Jaana Dogan @hugelgupf Amex has this and they are super fast.I'm live streaming my late night hacking, feel free to join. @glaforge Yup, these are LUT files. You can apply them as a transformation to any video source on OBS.I published my color grading profiles for OBS on GitHub: @DSPonFPGA We don't order much but if we do, we sterilize everything by heating them up again to a certain temperature.You have to be rich in San Francisco to have a designated office at your home. @francesc IT IS SO SATISFYING TO FREE THOSE POOR PORES!!!!!!!!!! @francesc Wait until I turn them into black heads 🤢I think I officially lost my mind and bought myself a white head extraction toy for stress relief. @justkelly_ok This is so satisfying!!! Thanks for sharing. @basharatw Yea, I was writing it as a response to this guy's bs: @brianhatfield More about this is coming soon. @kmbannerman <3 I had the exact same for three weeks. Since last Friday, I'm feeling almost normal again.Wait until Go to Go++ migrations. @basharatw Strong reads goes to replicas, then replica ask the leader whether data is ok to read. Otherwise, reads… is almost no way to significantly contribute to architectural design decisions of customers without understan… @eriktweets It currently has very limited coverage for read/write transactions but it is in the roadmap if anyone f… started another side project for query benchmarking for Spanner. We have a similar tool internally and I want to… @TheAmyCode Yay! Congrats again :))) @lenadroid Thanks so much!I've spent last week learning about Spanner's transactions and their isolation characteristics. Here are my notes o…
@maria_fibonacci Said no to everything until 2021. @maria_fibonacci 😢With today's many abstractions and many buzzwords, we have to skip a ton of layers to function as a developer. We d… have background in electronics and this method is more commonly used than you think in electronics. It doesn't sc… @dbentley Oh noes :( Get better.I have to understand (at least briefly) all the lower level abstraction layers something depends on all the way dow… tech companies: we've gotta do layoffs b/c pandemic 😭 cloud infra companies: 👀👀👀
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