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I'm still agog at the fact this government are giving people who can afford to eat out £10 per meal in subsidies th…
Retweeted by Ralf Little @lulu_popplewell Betrothe, remove clothe, kill em after doing bothe?What idiot called it ‘shag, marry, murder’ instead of ‘bed, wed, dead’?
Retweeted by Ralf Little @JohanRob77 @JamesPurefoy I’ll happily take that. JP is one handsome devil.FINALLY! like if you would buy an audiobook. For this to be a financially viable project, this tweet will ideally get…
Retweeted by Ralf Little @BettyGranville @FergusCraig DoneNormalize buying @FergusCraig a coffee so that Dad’s crime novel can become a full audiobook.
Retweeted by Ralf Little @lulu_popplewell 🔥🔥🔥 @JimMFelton @SpillerOfTea Joyless folder padding.This Daily Mail caption reads like it’s being bundled into a police van.
Retweeted by Ralf LittleThe Importance of Free Speech @Ayishat_Akanbi
Retweeted by Ralf Little @paulfoxcroft @SaimaFerdows @lulu_popplewell I think you didn’t misread and she just can’t spell.Sunday : Clap for carers Monday : Blame for carers Wednesday : Car park charges for carers
Retweeted by Ralf LittleSnippet of an interrogation scene from Dad's crime novel.
Retweeted by Ralf Little @SpillerOfTea @JimMFelton “Padding out the folder” Max? Weird euphemism. Just say “doing a shit”.
@Mellor76 @originalkidda Jesus. I leave twitter for a couple of hours and... what happened??PODCAST NEWS: Our latest ep is a watch along of the 2 Pints Musical Episode. Here @Mellor76 explains where and how… when I start using cash again after lockdown
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@susan_wokoma Absolutely. Just oozes effortless understated class in everything. She came backstage after she saw a… the jaws open wide and there’s more jaws inside, that’s a Moray
Retweeted by Ralf Little @BobAustraliaUK @AXNMystery Can’t complain I have to admit! 😎🌴👍🏻 @SquidyUK Haha only if you fancy it. Truth be told... a lot of it’s dated, but with hindsight, some parts are much… @BrianMcshane8 No worries mate hope it’s all ok. Make sure you get to play the game... it’s astonishing. @Kayzee1000 No biggie. Just a thought I had after reading. 👍🏻 @SquidyUK Do it do it do it do it @Fruit_Bat17 hey mate would you mind deleting your comment about LOU2 after my tweet? Only because it’s a minor spo… @footprintsfh That’s grief for you. And what bold storytelling to portray it so uncompromisingly. @swchef10 @daraobriain What do you mean mate?Finally. be like... #BlackLivesMattter #YoureNotHelping
Retweeted by Ralf Little..... London-born twins face deportation to different countries
Retweeted by Ralf LittleLoving this watch along of the musical episode. Oh how i miss Two Pints! It was so good, never gets old!🍺🍺 Also I l…
Retweeted by Ralf Little @Kayzee1000 Can you delete your reply to me about LOU2 please mate. Don’t want people reading my tweet to come across any spoilers. @Chrisflaps76 hey mate would you mind deleting your comment about LOU2 after my tweet? Only because it’s a minor sp… @BobAustraliaUK @AXNMystery It’s all non studio. We shoot entirely on location in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean./ 🌴ミステリー in パラダイス シーズン9 7/11(土)夕方4時 日本独占初放送✨ \ マンチェスター🇬🇧からカリブ海の島🏖️にやってきた新しい刑事は、史上最強に変な奴⁉️南国で奮闘する英国刑事の姿が話題を呼んだ英BBCの…
Retweeted by Ralf Little @MarinaHyde @thandienewton Wow. What an interview that is. 🔥 @Beki_Goulding @FullFrameNinja Scenes @charlieoliver49 You ever got emotional about a book? Are you for real... it’s just pages. @BrianMcshane8 What exactly have I told you? Other than the the game is good?Dad is really starting to get very excited about his novel.
Retweeted by Ralf Little @FergusCraig @immarkosullivan @rufusjones1 Me too. 😬🔥🔥🔥 @jimmyogs I got the exact outcome I was hoping for.
I just finished The Last Of Us 2 and feel completely hollowed out. What an absolute masterpiece of relentless heart… @daraobriain I know the EXACT bit you mean.Hero goes undercover in Dad's crime novel.
Retweeted by Ralf LittleAll the Roger LeCarre extracts in one place. Let the publishing bidding war begin.
Retweeted by Ralf Little @Beki_Goulding @FullFrameNinja (And only 17 proper ones👀) @immarkosullivan @FergusCraig @rufusjones1 Huh yeah I’ve heard a few people saying this to be fair. It’s not for me… @Beki_Goulding @FullFrameNinja I only counted 23...? @FergusCraig @rufusjones1 Me too. They’re a fact of life but... hate them. Also “make sure it’s well lit and framed… this is crazy. I didn’t expect him to just tweet it and not do it. That’s wild,
Retweeted by Ralf Little @lulu_popplewell 🙌🏻
Never has a profile pic gone better with a tweet.
Retweeted by Ralf LittleName me a tweet format more annoying than this one. I'll wait.
Retweeted by Ralf LittleNow that the pubs are open... @rickygervais @DavidBrentMovie #theoffice
Retweeted by Ralf LittleTwitter is something else. Even trying to garner a little support for people whose livelihoods are in great jeopard…
Retweeted by Ralf Little @simonblackwell The beautiful and rarely played 3rd verse. @GerardChick 🙌🏻Yeah, we weren't bad. Had some pretty good tunes. But the record companies nowadays, they just want bleepy bleepy r…
Retweeted by Ralf Little @GerardChick Devon! @david_hollas My mum’s new house in Devon!
@ColinD66 Isn’t he the sweetest? @MelissaMorrigan Bullied her into it. @REBBrain All. Day.So this was my weekend. How was yours? city of San Diego accidentally setting off all the fireworks at once will always be funny to me
Retweeted by Ralf LittleSad to see our local theatres @LyricHammer and @bushtheatre still locked down today. Many other governments are sup…
Retweeted by Ralf Little @Muttthenut @Mellor76 No that is me actually. See you later.I've just emailed my MP asking them to call on the government to Save Theatre in the UK. Join me:
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A viral Facebook post claims it is "100% proven" that Bill Gates’ polio vaccine permanently disabled 47,000 childre…
Retweeted by Ralf Little @del_usory @Mellor76 Paypalled to you already. @GordonRef @PKendrickWIG @georgeyboy @ashtontownafc @EmmersonBoyce I only remember your goal and my assist… @Mellor76 Wait, so yesterday when you confessed you’ve always been deeply in love with me and I sent you £5000... @gigiwalshy 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻Barbers have reopened today in the UK and... 😂😂
Retweeted by Ralf LittleAnyone else getting a haircut today!?😳
Retweeted by Ralf Little @gigiwalshy (Grey at the top...?)
Detective Roger LeCarre at the morgue. (Dad's crime novel)
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@lulu_popplewell @JozNorris Don’t you dare Joz.
@simonblackwell @nickmurftweets “Maybe try and”... @Mellor76 @antony_28 @NetflixUK @BBCOne I have crossed everything I can think of. Tied a knot and everything.Dad's crime novel introduces us to the marriage of Detective Roger LeCarre.
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My favorite views of our planet that capture the boundary between night and day.
Retweeted by Ralf LittleWhen nan decides to take a dip 😂😂
Retweeted by Ralf Little @SpillerOfTea Just coming up with original and brilliant non formulaic observations. Don’t tell me someone’s already made a press up joke? @SpillerOfTea Something something press ups.These daughters pulled the best prank on their mum. You'll never guess what was in the box 😂🥑
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Wherever you are, whoever you love, celebrate with Pride and let’s try our best to understand one another.…
Retweeted by Ralf LittleWhat? This is an actual problem? Why should it be anyone’s business to make men feel manly? Wear a mask because it…
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@simonjonesLDN No it did not @PlayStation @Naughty_Dog 👀
⚡️ “Dad” - Best Moments.
Retweeted by Ralf Little @jodamiromanov Haha I get you now! Fair enough. @jodamiromanov What is Parler?Appalled to discover that if you go to a dermatologist and ask why the ointment doesn’t work if you wipe it off qui… @zoeIqbal @BeckyWant Ooof old school. Lovely to speak to you Zoe. XFriday, and Lord Sugar visits an industrial estate in Basingstoke. Sadly it’s not Lord Sugar the entrepreneur, but…
Retweeted by Ralf LittlePopped my head into the Grey Street bakery and told a socially distanced joke about cream horns that left the girls…
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