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Does *this* look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you? (bonus points for the look Stacie is giving me… for summers like this again someday. This was 2019. years ago tonight seeing the incomparable @bobmould. Just him, his voice, his guitar, and a catalog of music… father is one of the most affectionate and compassionate humans I’ve ever met. He kisses my brother and I like t…’s doing an interpretive dance to “When the Smoke Clears” and it is beautiful and simply everything I needed ton… BLESS THIS DUMBASS HELLSITE.
Retweeted by Ralph @LoganRogerss YuuupFact: Day-old Homemade Chili > Day-of Homemade Chili
@ErikaSwyler @AshleyEsqueda It's 2020. Probably. Still, rather live there than here this past year.Hey Siri, what do you call it when you have something that's already a piece of festering, moldy, hot garbage, and… Viola. What a force. Can't wait to see this one. @matt_maddox Right?!? Like, how dare she?! @AshleyEsqueda The mass hysterectomies also qualify:
Retweeted by RalphThis is genocide. The UN says this is genocide.
Retweeted by RalphAnd in this moment, @StephenAtHome is all of us."In the original shot, Luke was translucent (note the speeder visible through his helmet). The other speeders also…
Retweeted by RalphSo, other than the friendship thing (I’m very fortunate to have a small handful of very close friends) I feel *very… happier, less self-loathing news: we've just been introduced to @madcapcoffee Pitalito Columbia roast, and holy… see so many people with these horrible relationships with their parents in adulthood and that scares me to death… night, I snapped at my oldest, and she started crying. And though I apologized to her immediately, this mornin… @BriannaWu Whoa. That’s some uncanny valley level energy.Any other year I would have considered this extremely far-fetched and highly unlikely, but...(looks around)...well,… crisp fall night, chili and cornbread. (don’t judge the beans...I know, I know, but the spouse likes chili…
@chrisbrogan yuuuuup @Zadi I have to find the interview again (it's from a NUMBER of years ago - sometime around the Diamonds & Pearls e… 3 working with Kid 4 on their math while eating lunch. My kids are kinda cool and I like them a whole lot. @scottEmovienerd As if it’s not problematic enough, there’s someone playing “Mexican #1”... @Kyle_Kuest Check all the major sites: Best Buy, GameStop, etc., to see if they show any in stock.Thank you, racists. @descantforhope It is wild how far technology has come. Morty sits on my chest like a wee little baby mouse. I forg… spouse just finished his book, so we’ve decided to start bingeing the DCCU on @netflix. No...not the Snydervers… is my new little friend for the next 7 days. They will keep me company and listen to my heart, and I will love… are so, so weird.
I forgot how cool this park is. I known this was the chair they were going to have me sitting in during my visit, I would have worn my ascot an… cardiologist office has these little, nicely appointed cubicle things in the waiting room. Kinda nice. races. made it. for the next hayride. @gayinfluencer I’ve been in therapy for the past 2 years after we found out some devastating news. I would have nev… two youngest kids have a school outing at a pumpkin patch this morning, with masks required and social distanci… @BBW_BFF Seeing both LAKE MUNGO and HAPPY DEATH DAY on this list makes me happy.A change is coming. sense my heart doing the skippy thing again. Such a weird feeling. Hoping for some solid answers tomorrow.💯
PNW in full fall effect today. Preparing for it to look like this for the next 6 months. spouse just made us lunch that took me back to the 80s-90s Pizza Hut lunch buffet. pushing. Keep creating. Keep honing your craft. spouse and I wrapped up watching/binging @TimelessSPTV this past week. It was a thoroughly enjoyable show with… don't like it when people give minimum effort on something I'm collaborating with them on. I try and throw my ent… home from the store to the kids and spouse playing @BoldMadeGame, an excellent upgrade to the classic “Old Mai… @JonJLevesque Do it. Good for the soul.Oh, hello 3.5 hour-long nap I didn’t intend on taking this afternoon. Oops.
Up at 7. Out the door by 8-ish. Now home and already back in pajamas because I don’t feel like going anywhere else… yeah, if you pray, please send some up for my folks right now as well as their neighbors and friends, and the fi… my parents who live in Loveland, CO: “This fire is behind (west) of where we live. The lake is one block east…’ve suspected we misdiagnosed the problem with social media in 2016. From @doctorow ”...the problem isn’t that t…
Retweeted by RalphThis is what it sounds like... look speaks volumes about her personality.
made this for a friend yesterday - maybe other people might want it - i dunno furiosa “I voted”
Retweeted by RalphThis sweet kid. in a pandemic is hard, y’all. But I’m so glad I’m not alone and that so many people are sharing their exp… @Rusted_Skull How close are you to your SAG card? @Rusted_Skull The entire idea of “extras” right now is...weird to think about. Crowd shots in general are going to… Newman's "Road to Perdition" is also why it's been near impossible to book work. Sigh.And it's not just television/film. When I try explaining to my corporate & commercial clients the need/cost for an… @catesish Feels like 28 years ago.You ever have one of those days where you feel like you can't sigh hard enough? Today is already one of those days.Egg McMuffin at home hack: have someone in your family who used to be an owner-operator of a McDonald’s gift you on… @tvaziri Whyyyyyyyyy!!???Pretty much the first thing that makes a newborn baby truly smile is when they fart. I think that says a lot about the human species
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🎼 “Hello Seattle...” 🎶🎵 @AshleyEsqueda AMA 1: Is your stomach liking still even a thing? AMA 2: Is this survivable? AMA 3: Gas - how bad is… one on my new meds and staying faaaar away from doom-scrolling FB and Twitter. I have whittled down my list of… @matt_maddox Right?! Wait until you watch the “State of Grace” docuseries by @Refinery29 @GraceBaldridge on YouTube…
@AshleyEsqueda @jeffcannata What the f...Jesus!!! Ugh.For SICARIO, Roger Deakins and his team created this beautiful moment, one of the most amazing shots I've ever seen.
Retweeted by RalphMorning coffee, falling rain, prayers and meditation. The spouse went back to work today so I’m riding solo with th… I misspelled “Bon Appétit” but I don’t care considering the way they treated their POC talent.Sohla was the best part of Bon Apetit’s “Test Kitchen” and I’m so glad she’s getting these wonderful opportunities… this morning at our local coffee shop.
One of the things my doc recommended as they monitor my blood pressure and heart flutter over the next 2 weeks is t… @yoda Thank you, sir. Appreciate you. ❤️Following up with my PCP after my fun-filled weekend in the hospital. Yay 2020. don’t know who needs to see this today, but it was pure serotonin for my soul and helped my anxiety about going b… weren’t traumatized by the Kavanaugh hearings because they think the Supreme Court will save us; they were t…
Retweeted by Ralph @hayley_statema (pssst...if you have any questions, I got you, friend) @MaddoxErinn @matt_maddox Well that changes EVERYTHING! I want Beecher’s Mac & Cheese. And it’s 10:11. Jesus help me. @matt_maddox @tvaziri “The Good Place” was the source of soo many good and necessary ugly cries. It’s magnificent top to bottom:… @matt_maddox As long as you’re sticking your pinky out the entire time you’re eating and drinking, then that meal is classy AF.
I was reading Stephen King in 6th grade? “Christine” was the first book of his that I read, and then subsequently r… Indigenous People’s Day, I’d like to draw attention to the local Duwamish & Chinook Tribes, who are still seeki… @ErikaSwyler Taking breaks to love on my kids and pupper. Spreading some little bit of kindness to someone else who needs it.Introducing the oldest to one of the best movie trilogies of all time. people (I guess myself included) are more sensitive to it when it happens. I got home this afternoon and I’ll…’s what’s going on with my heart: The stress test came back totally normal. My heart is getting plenty of oxyg…