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William Barr is wholly unfit to be the nation's top law enforcement officer. Here’s why:
Retweeted by Ralph NaderNew on the @RalphNader Radio Hour, Ralph talks to Alan Hirsch, author of "Impeaching the President: Past, Present,…
Retweeted by Ralph NaderSee: Dream Center Schools Announce DeVos-Blessed Restructuring
Ice loss from Antarctica has sextupled since the 1970s, new research finds Analysis Shows Why Democrats Are Wrong to Fear Bold Embrace of Medicare for All - via @commondreamsSupreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. once said "I like to pay taxes. With them I buy civilization."
Retweeted by Ralph NaderRalph engages in a spirited debate with Constitutional scholar Alan Hirsch, author of “Impeaching the President: Pa…
Retweeted by Ralph NaderThe new book "Impeaching the President" by Alan Hirsch is a masterpiece for the masses. -R the interview with Nina Morrison, Innocence Project -- Senior Staff Attorney:
See John Nichols: Trump Got Rich by Screwing Over Workers—Of Course He’s Doing It Again as President via @thenation Trump administration wants to reclassify leaking nuclear waste to avoid cleaning it up, say officials Peter Dykstra: Of whales and men From Isolationism to a 2nd World Conflagration From Yellow Vests to the Green New Deal by Joseph E. Stiglitz @ProSyn
See: Push for Green New Deal Hindered by Silence of Corporate Media - via @commondreamsSee: As Disease Ravages Coral Reefs, Scientists Scramble for Solutions via @YaleE360See Thom Hartmann: Four reasons corporate media refuses to talk about things that matter — and how we can restore a…
See: In Detroit, one school leader’s reaction to lead in the water: Shut off the taps You've been buying back $100 billion of your stock. Totally unproductive. Doesn't create a job. Detroit… Turmoil at Dream Center Colleges Spills Open With Seattle "At-Risk" Designation Arctic ice is now pouring 14,000 tons of water per second into the ocean, scientists find DHS, EPA, FAA, and FDA. By deliberately violating his solemn constitutional oath to "faithfully execute" the l… is committing a major act of institutional insanity. He and accomplice Mike Pence should resign immediately.…
I'm not sure "declaring a state of emergency to divert funds away from Americans that *actually* experienced emerge…
Retweeted by Ralph NaderTune in to C-SPAN's Washington Journal on Friday January 11, 2019 at 7:00am to hear Representative Jamie Raskin… of urgency matter! We need a less benign phrase than "climate change" to convey the peril facing our planet.… in the Washington Post: Air passenger rights groups hope new Congress prods government… Rob Weissman, President of Public Citizen: Frightening Prospect If an Authoritarian Like Trump Declares State o…,000 government workers marched to the White House in the freezing cold today to express their outrage at the ongo…
Retweeted by Ralph Nader"Today we say to this president, 'Grow up, do your job, end this shutdown.'" #StopTheShutdown #TrumpShutdown #1u
Retweeted by Ralph NaderSee: A Commons Problem Public resources won't be adequately protected by those with private interests. By WIN MCCOR… Trump has been denying workers their paychecks for decades. Ripping off hardworking Americans is just how Tr…
Retweeted by Ralph NaderBreaking News: Scientists say the world’s oceans are heating up faster than previously thought, a finding with dire…
Retweeted by Ralph NaderFleecing taxpayers is as old as the hills. -R 2010 Citizens United SCOTUS decision was disastrous for our democracy - and that's something everyone is united…
Retweeted by Ralph NaderArticle II, Section 3. of the Constitution states that the President "shall take care that the laws be faithfully e… you today at 12 PM in front of our building! #StopTheShutdown #EndTheShutdown #1u
Retweeted by Ralph Nader
NEW REPORT: Under the #TrumpShutdown, nearly 50,000 federal employees have been furloughed at government agencies t…
Retweeted by Ralph Nader
Real national emergencies: - 1 in 5 Americans skip needed health care due to cost - 70,000 Americans died in 2017…
Retweeted by Ralph NaderSee: Networks Accused of 'Capitulating' to Deceitful President as #BoycottTrumpsAddress Surges - via @commondreams out in front of the White House while he's lying to the nation tonight and peacefully demonstrate. There's no t…
See: The Battle Over NAFTA 2.0 Has Just Begun via @thenation 'Time to Play Hardball': Progressives Pressure Senate Democrats to Stonewall All Bills That Don't End Trump Sh…"Sports, Politics, and the Lies of History" Ralph talks to @EdgeofSports and @JamesWLoewen on the latest Radio Hou… great episode! Dave Zirin and James W. Loewen! @EdgeofSports @JamesWLoewen We talk…
Retweeted by Ralph Nader
See: Ocasio-Cortez's "Not At All Outlandish" Proposal for 70% Tax Rate on Uber-Wealthy Could Raise $720 Billion Ove… National parks face years of damage from government shutdown via @NatGeo National Parks Struggle to Stay Open, Safe During Shutdown Trump's border wall demand is constitutionally illegitimate | Lawrence Lessig Democrats Must Slam the Revolving Door Shut via @thenation Scholars to Trump: No, You Cannot Declare Emergency to Build Wall That Public Doesn't Want and Isn't Needed -…
Joyous Herb Kelleher, starting from guts and vision, launched the nation's best airline. Workers, passengers and sh… are the large federal government employee unions on the Trump Shutdown? Protesting statements are not enough.… was recently interviewed by @jimmy_dore. Watch it here: Canada, simplicity leads to major savings in administrative costs and overhead. In the United States, under Obam… Canada, it is unheard of for anyone to go bankrupt due to health care costs. In the United States, health-care-d… Canada, costs are controlled. Canada pays 10 percent of its GDP for its health care system, covering everyone. I… Canada, there are no complex hospital or doctor bills. In fact, usually you don’t even see a bill. In the United… House Democrats today are far more ideologically and geographically cohesive than they were the last time Nanc…
@RalphNader Latest: It’s Your Congress, People! Make It Work for You!
Retweeted by Ralph NaderRalph talks with clinical professor and independent health consultant, Dr. Fred Hyde, who gives the lowdown on how… Canada, the health care system is funded by income, sales and corporate taxes that, combined, are much lower tha… the latest from David Halperin: Career Education Corp., Tied to DeVos Aides, Pays Millions to Settle State Clai… column: It’s your Congress, people! Make it work for you! Canada, you can freely choose your doctors and hospitals and keep them. There are no lists of “in-network” vendo… Canada, health care coverage stays with you for your entire life. In the United States, for tens of millions of… Angry California truck drivers are slamming a new rule that requires them to take unpaid rest breaks, one call… Canada, coverage is not tied to a job or dependent on your income – rich and poor are in the same system, the b… Canada, the health system is designed to put people, not profits, first. In the United States, Obamacare has don… Canada, everyone is covered automatically at birth – everybody in, nobody out. In the United States, under Obama… is the time for Medicare for All/Single-payer. Here are some reasons why Canada's system is better than our current system. (Thread)Scoop: House Dems will hold hearings on the Medicare for All bill, something that, amazingly, has never happened be…
Retweeted by Ralph Nader“Half the country’s population is poor. Forget all the other statistics.” @ralphnader gives the closing talk at the…
Retweeted by Ralph NaderSee: 'Ajit Pai Won't Be Laughing Long,' Say Internet Defenders, After FCC Chair Applauds Death of Net Neutrality -… How Blue States Can Pave the Way for Medicare for All - In These Times: David Helvarg: Organize U.S. military to respond to natural disasters
Ralph talks to author Ronald R. Fraser about his book “America, Democracy, and You: Where Have All The Citizens Gon…
See: The New Year will mean more money in the pockets of millions of U.S. employees. via @HuffPostSee the natural world we are destroying | Philip Hoare Noam Chomsky: Members of Migrant Caravan Are Fleeing from Misery & Horrors Created by the U.S.… How the trash industry worked overtime trying to thwart New York City’s reform plans Chris Hedges: Resistance Is the Supreme Act of Faith Cover of Shutdown, Trump Admin Quietly Moves to Deprive 'American People of Their Right to Know What Governme…
The Indian Law Resource Center generates justice and safety for Indigenous Peoples. They fend off the Trump Adminis… Galvanize Local Push for Medicare for All in 2019, Nurses' Union Organizing Nationwide 'Barnstorms' -… you gather with loved ones to celebrate, please take a moment to support our work and help provide a spark o…
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See: A Black Man Called His Mom From a Hotel Lobby. Then He Was Kicked Out. Wheelchair, founded by Ralf Hotchkiss, helps people in less developed countries construct sturdy, inexpe… 'A kick in the stomach': massive GM layoffs leave workers distraught – and angry Chris Hedges piece about Seymour Hersh: Banishing Truth Center for Auto Safety has been the guardian angel of American motorists and consumers: With no oil cleanup in sight, Amazon tribes harvest rain for clean water via @MongabayReport on President's Environmental Record So Far 'Reminds Us That Trump Soap Opera Has Dire Real-World Consequence… From Alaska to New York: These states are raising minimum wages in 2019 via @usatodaySee Elizabeth Drew: The Inevitability of Impeachment And for more details see: Impeaching t…
See Ellen Brown: Universal Basic Income Is Easier Than It Looks David Halperin: If We Took Corporate Crime Seriously, Trump Would Never Have Been Elected
The Pension Rights Center is dedicated to reforming pension policies, unfair regulations and protecting and promoti…