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Bruh fuck y'all

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@KidDiabeetus @bitchrespecter feminism is equality and she’s getting treated the same as men so this is very feminism
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿Incredible W Rubi Rose gonna be on big time rush tout too or Em is travis’ best, people that say rodeo just wanna seem like real fans and can’t accept that someone’s newest… nowadays only know how to play genshin impact, believe in astrology and be bisexualAfter Hours is not top 3 Weeknd @___Nadav___ Lolsince fleets are gone these accounts should be twitters next targets
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿 @qaragozli What was the tweet? @___Nadav___ LolMy AOTY, play this shit at least 4x a week
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿today’s the only day you can rt this
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿i need them back in the mcu somehow!
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿What the fuck take + stream the goat @MaxiDonoso7 @JAYZTHEREALEST
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Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿Anyways stream Styles P
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿L
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿DMX & 50 & Styles P went crazy on this one, such a classic song
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿Em, Jay's discography is much better overall tho @___Nadav___ It's a generalization, obviously not every white rapper is like that but majority isshe's excited because she matches her new blankie
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿Comeback**(Freestyle) artists that will be on the #NBA2K22 in-game Soundtrack 🙌 Which is your favorite? 🎤
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿i just drove for 30 mins in GTA to cIear my mind 😂
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿 @ventiqx @StudentOfRap That i actually like* @ventiqx @StudentOfRap I don't usually hate on rappers, i can enjoy pretty much any rapper's music but mfs sometime… nobody talking about this?? way Fetty was carrying French💀 I manifested 50 Cent comeback now I'm gonna manifest Fetty Wap collab, let's see @OwenWithoutFear Books* @OwenWithoutFear U r dope, just saw your thread about where to buy comic boolsHoly shit this is fire daughter is still missing.. If you see something say something! Please share to get her face out there.
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿 @LOTRShill Knowing u it's probably a bait tho @LOTRShill All of your takes lately @StudentOfRap They hate every rapper ever except their Lord and savior Kendrick 💀 Permanently ruined his music for meBESY WAYS TO BUY COMICS/COLLECTED EDITIONS A Thread:
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿Ok i think I'm gonna shift away from hht because i hate y'all, Kendrick and Earl fans especially, I wanna be surrou… for Wayne like for Kanye
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿 @ventiqx @___Nadav___ Cry @___Nadav___ No i got a feeling it will be because people will definitely compare it to Arkham trilogy and there's nothing that… @___Nadav___ Lol nah🚨 BREAKING: Da Baby has just been dropped by Shen Yun.
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿 @___Nadav___ Cole over Kendrick as feature artist isn't even a hot takeL take I rarely see videos of Black ravers 🥺.
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿 @WowThatsHipHop Aight calm down Justin Laboy
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿Always love seeing the different Batsuits on display
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿No no he isn’t bi Y’all niggas need to stop assuming shit until it’s confirmed by the actual creator
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿still weeping at this
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿LMFAOOOO
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿DaVoice
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿She got finnesed 💀 @kathirrk303 Both deservedKanye is better than cole but 2014 fhd better than any kanye album
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿Only on Twitter.
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿 @kathirrk303 @waterisgreat_ Cole doesn't have anything better than mbdtf tho gotta admit @kathirrk303 @waterisgreat_ Would be top 3 at very leastWe all know how this one would go💀
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿I gave my PS4 to my little brother plus £60 gift card to get games on sale, and he sends me this: 😂😂🤣
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿 @RitaPopovich Aww come on😭If u intentionally hate on Eminem or 50 Cent, please unfollow meM @mosthiphop God Gave Me Style clear
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿 @mosthiphop God gave me style clear @dieg_guev7 The one on Jessie Reyez song i guess @FURI0USTYLES_ Lmao L @kathirrk303 Deactivate 😎
Em would wash Ye on a song lol, again
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿this ss really is crazy
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿 @PE_Shill Oh nvm i read itLove this app, so good for tracking new releases
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿GRODT did i think of this @PE_Shill Btw your header is sick, which comic is it from @PE_Shill Retweet please i need more comic book nerd mutuals I'm tired of hht, retweet this to help me find comic book nerd mutuals @PE_Shill Because people will always find ways to bitch about stuffLove this app, so good for tracking new releases favorite quote looks so weird to me nowOh shit fleets are goneRT to scare Jay Z
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿17 yr olds drafts the night before they turn 18
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿XVideo ass caption
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿Best tik tok ive ever seen
Retweeted by Napkin🇦🇿 @cxyxbxyx @OldMemeArchive ❄️ @lilweezy3k Anyway, rabbits was always wondering how mute girl would look like during sexEm fs