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Historian of modern India, biographer of Gandhi. Retweets not necessarily endorsements.

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Much look forward to getting and reading this new book by Yogendra Yadav, one of the most insightful scholars of In…
"That our forefathers, three thousand years ago, had finished extracting all that was of value from the universe, i… August 5, It’s Hard for India’s Muslims to Not Feel Orphaned in their Motherland Sundar's 2004 article looks at schooling as part of the RSS' agenda to create certain notions of citizenshi…
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A year with no school: Mental health fears rise for Kashmir’s children India’s Economic Slowdown Men Do Not Build Nations, They Destroy Them My piece on what August 5 means for India via @thewire_in
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@tmkrishna @pbmehta Beautiful. from Kashmir: Inside India’s year-long crackdown was a moment that defined to humanity yet again the fatal error of confusing elections, even popular elections,…
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaIn Jammu and Kashmir, a year of loss and suffering Mander: With the Ayodhya ceremony, has the inclusive India of my dreams been lost forever?
Retweeted by Ramachandra Guha"This political transformation would not have been so easy without the willingness of the judiciary to look the oth… In Our Souls: a must-read piece on the Government of India's savage suppression of Kashmir and Kashmiris…
The Government’s actions in Kashmir over the past year must shame all Indians — regardless of religious faith or po… | Government's actions in #Kashmir mark a new low - by Ramachandra Guha (@Ram_Guha)
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaCentral Vista project worsens the urban conditions that make Delhi brutally unsafe for women Zargar Got Bail; But Questions On Legality Of Her Custody Remain #JusticeAnjanaPrakash in a beautifully arg…
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaStarcrossed Stargazers: Pinjra Tod’s Devangana Kalita And Natasha Narwal
व्यक्ति पूजा उस व्यक्ति के लिए भी सही नहीं है जिसके लिए की जाती है personality cult runs contrary to BJP’s own objections to worship of individuals: @Ram_Guha
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A brief history of personality cults from Stalin to Modi (via Mao and Indira): my column in @ttindia : Seshadri (1932-2020): World-class algebraic geometer, institution-builder and music lover via @scroll_in
On the 140th birth anniversary of the great Premchand, here's a delightful essay by @KShubhneet on his writings on…
Hope the SC will see this video, and haul up the government counsel for the lie in court.
Retweeted by Ramachandra Guha @jhasushant Thanks Sushant. Hope all is well @sepoy I will, Manan. When is your book on the idea of Hindustan out?Thanks for the thumbs-up. A clarification-- the New India Foundation promotes and encourages high-quality scholarly… @kiranshaw @kreauniversity Thanks, Kiran. @halleyji Thanks. I do hope to return to environmental research and writing.Will be speaking on the history of cricket in India (from a personal lens) at 4 pm today. The session will be live… literary historian Harish Trivedi wrote a brilliant introduction to an OUP India reprint of Edward Thompson’s b… pleased to be joining Krea University. Much look forward to working with its brilliant faculty and students. working on original non-fiction book projects on any aspect of Indian history since 1947, do apply for a New…
A century of education at the Bombay School of Economics"A Dominant Character" is out in the US today--and on cue, this astounding @nytimes rave for the book!…
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaEditors in Modi’s India have two choices — speak up or give in to intellectual slavery to the support of @thewire_in readers, we are now just Rs 4.67 lakhs short of our monthly target of Rs 30L,…
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaA fine tribute by @irfhabib to the patriot and pluralist Allah Baksh Sumroo (1900-43), whose life and legacy speaks… Indies have come to a country with one of the highest COVID-19 death rates in the world, and helped save Engli…
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Dadabhai Naoroji strove to be inclusive. Today’s majoritarian nationalism represents a betrayal of principles he be…
@urvish2020 @Aakar__Patel @saliltripathi @DilliDurAst @parthpunter @tjoseph0010 @ranjona @sushant_says @ReallySwara 100th daily video~ Thanks for RTs ❤ @Ram_Guha, @Aakar__Patel @saliltripathi (knew personally) @DilliDurAst
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaThe brilliant @KanakManiDixit combines satire and sociology as few others can. Do read: biggest accomplishment of the current regime is that that it has turned everything, both material & conceptual,…
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Very nice the lockdown and physical distancing have all but ended Delhi’s iconic used books market of Environment and Climate Change Govt of India: Spare Rajaji forests from Kumbh Mela 2021.... - Sign the…
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Report Flags Human Rights Violations During J&K Lockdown, Seeks End to Curbs“Economic, social and political impact of post Aug. 5 actions and their long duration of 11 months disastrous” - Th… as deeply contested heritage Article 370 lends new edge to China-Pakistan nexus against India, says rights forum
सच कहना अगर बगावत है तो समझो हम भी बागी हैं! आज देश में सच का नाम है प्रशांत भूषण। #StandWithPrashantBhushan
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaPrashant Bhushan speaks the truth. #StandWithPrashantBhushan
Retweeted by Ramachandra Guha#WATCH | "Narendra Modi is Indira Gandhi on steroids." @Ram_Guha and @khanumarfa dissect this claim, talking about…
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaThe bloody and divisive legacy of L. K. Advani: fine Mumbai historian pays tribute to another; Murali Ranganathan on the life and work of JV Naik:… in their dhoti creases
Secularism is hard. Pluralism is hard. Communalism is easy and uncomplicated. But wrong.
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaIt is A K Roy's first death anniversary today 21 July 2020
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaKeep your donations flowing to @thewire_in, dear readers. These are tough times financially and it doesn't help tha…
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaWatch this space for the release of @DinyarPatel’s book ‘Naoroji’ — a @Harvard_Press Publication & represented by…
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A lovely, uplifting, story on children making art in a bid to save the famous Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary in Tamil…"The helplessness and despair that I saw that night… I cannot put it into words." Dr. Anwar's Al Hind Hospital beca…
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaAnnounces its #NewBook #CitizenshipinaCastePolity by #JasonKeithFernandez. It studies the contestations around the…
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaBombay/Mumbai history lovers alert! Bombay Local History Society presents an online lecture by historian Prashant K…
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaThe India Forum is an independent, non-profit venture. We depend on you - the readers. Help us publish through your…
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वह फर्क क्या है जो न होता तो नरेंद्र मोदी और इंदिरा गांधी एक जैसे होते superb @ttindia editorial on the meaning and enduring relevance of Shaheen Bagh: "The women’s presence under the… Police claim that the riots were a result of a conspiracy. But where is the evidence? Police have so far rel…
Retweeted by Ramachandra Guha“नरेंद्र मोदी का कोई सलाहकार समूह नहीं है, सिर्फ़ चापलूसी समूह है” भारतीय लोकतंत्र की सेहत,पीएम मोदी के काम करने…
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A moving clip of the late, great, John Lewis speaking on non-violence as a way of life (via @adityakrishnabg): heard a beautiful interview with Ambassador Andrew Young, on the life and legacy of Congressman John Lewis. Yo… This Report Says The Delhi Riots Were A Pogrom column in @ttindia on the remarkable Scotsman who befriended both Vivekananda and Tagore: @kishalay Thanks, Kishalay, do read this essay too: Lewis, Towering Figure of Civil Rights Era, Dies at 80
2020 peace: India needs its own Pugwash moment with a difference
An important report on ecology and livelihoods in Rajasthan: Truth About Online Rape Threats contribute towards saving Trepan Chauhan....activist, scholar, writer, and ex-Chipko movement leader...…
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaEia 2020: modi govt blocks website campaigning against controversial draft green law Holding Around to Speak about Dehumanisation of Muslims | NewsClick think there’s a magic formula to predict who would defect from the Congress to the BJP. Just wait for whoever Guh…
Retweeted by Ramachandra Guha incisive and thoughtful commentary on contemporary issues sign up for our free newsletter. Don't forget to foll…
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A must watch : @Ram_Guha @sardesairajdeep
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaDavangare junior doctors protest outside the DC office after not being paid a stipend for 16 months.. will Karnatak…
Retweeted by Ramachandra Guha3 @UN Special Rapporteurs today released a letter, written to Centre on 12 May 2020, on “criminalization” of activi…
Retweeted by Ramachandra Guhavia @scroll_in Wednesdays will now be "Judgement Day" as @vmingoa starts a new column, turning his critical eye to…
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Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaMani Shankar Aiyar writes that to "stumble and collapse" is "the fate of those who walk out of the Congress". As a…
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaThe gutting of Indian democracy: my column in ⁦@ndtv⁩ :, please give generously to this fundraiser for Trepan Singh Chauhan, one of the most exceptional people I ha…
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If this is not about power but about principles, Sachin Pilot should form his own party
Retweeted by Ramachandra Guha#Opinion | Why I believe Modi is Indira Gandhi on steroids - by @Ram_Guha
Retweeted by Ramachandra GuhaIf Pilot falls for this BJP trap/lure he can write off his political future, just as Scindia would have to write of…
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