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@RamblinUzu Rando: Try looking at it from a different perspective! Danni: lmao k--
Retweeted by Kelsey B UzuThe only thing I've managed today @Shindras_ I HAVE SEEN MANY A BULLY......... MANY OCS I WANT TO FIGHT BECAUSE OF IT @Shindras_ I have seen it myself
ADHD brain
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Be careful who you call ugly in middle school 💪🏹
Retweeted by Kelsey B Uzu @caster_die THIS PLAN- I LIKE ITI stop this thread here and just continue on with my tasks but Lol I just I know I'm gonna hear something about my… just to clarify to people- I havent actually threatened or started an actual fight- I just refuse to have a com… can feel my one coworker hardcore trying to smooth things out with me and make jokes and try to brush things unde… go from talking about dream boyfriends and then 5 minutes at work and I'm ready to fight an entire building. I n h a l e s Mmmmm....I swear one day I'm just gonna be walking around and then just SEE SOMEONE THAT IS THE MAN AND JUST SPIDERMAN POINT… @Boos_Haunted BIRTHDAY HAP!!!!!My dreams need to stop giving me mystery men to fall in love with- Cause it's killing me omg @AidanDiamondt LEARNED IT WHILE WE WERE GETTING CLOSE TO LEVELING TO 14 TOO.......When you find out that you apparently missed that your whole team has been level 13 for a while sO YOU'VE JUST BEEN…
@Birdiiielle 👀👌Cinderella
Retweeted by Kelsey B Uzu @AidanDiamondt Thank you! And nah, I just designed her fire to be green instead of standard fire colors because I… at work- Last time I ran Ghoul School; Natya, our resident dullahan and representative of Pride, got ve… IM GLAD U GUYS LIKE STAR GIRLdesignated choice for sad girl draws girl
@ShameBasement afdh rthfery r everyone loves him---Brothers and sister and just how Luvein looked when she was back home and mom have nothing new and am impatient so I'm going to share these characters that I drew around the beginning of the… @hragonart the loser that suddenly doesn't know how to read- @camicattweets i shriveled up and died instead lol
When you finally become free to draw whatever you want again and just- get overwhelmed by the possibilities and try…[oc] messy wedding doodle from last night before bed. with tippy toes!
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#aitsf mom said its my turn to draw the father daughter bonding time
Retweeted by Kelsey B Uzu @LulzyRobot Thank you!! ;v;/Ghoul School- The team finally met the other two Virtues and it was UH... STRESSFUL AND DRAMATIC. BUT ANYWAYS HERE…
@Ossarian2 WAAAAH- I'M GLAD!!! @StarrySiiren Of course!! ;v;/
@Jnerd__ Thank you ;v;/ @Frost__Warden ASDHGSRDFHGXF-It'll be a while till I open commissions again because I'm still clawing my way out of uuuuuh a time..... And I nee… @Frost__Warden Thank you!!AND LAST COMMISSION FINISHED \0/ Token commission of @Ossarian2 's FFXIV character! Wanted one to match… update: good news! Everyone in the house has tested negative! We all clear! 🙌
@Cinochecker OH MY GODN VFIJRHIUFNJKGHEIU @Cinochecker Oh no........... I love her O|-< @Cinochecker Yeeees 🙌 @Cinochecker Ooooohh!!! >:0 I'm very- Curious about her So if youd like to ever talk about her with someone......... 👀👌Thinking of my childhood makes me wanna watch Naruto because- Despite many story and character issues in it Naruto… a whiplash of thoughts of thinking of serious things and trying to find a good way to word them and suddenly j… has been a week with a lot of thinking and examining childhood trauma and realizing how deeply ingrained thing… @Cinochecker Is 8:07 the time she "died" @Cinochecker Ooooh I love her design!
Retweeted by Kelsey B Uzu @camicattweets O|-< @Boos_Haunted big same my dudelil tokens made npc in that small game i'm doing to test a mechanic- Meet Sorrel! The group just saved her from the second circ…
art making is slow as i go through healing time from multiple things but in the meantime hey- lookit these surprisi… redacted explanation noises of void and abyss- -switches back to english- so anyways fuck it i'm going to j…
Another Update: my sister's results came back negative 🙏 It is especially a big relief to hear that regarding her…
My mom and I will still get tested of course, just in case. But my sister and dad are the biggest question cause of… yea, the girl got confirmed positive today. We've already cleaned around and now we wait for test results o… @Shindras_ HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM............ @J_Popsicles i wonder who....................................................................................
「Even as the eras change, human nature never does」 #HypnosisMic | #ヒプマイ ⚕️
Retweeted by Kelsey B Uzu @vasira96 Tieflings of every horn shape and color Make 👏 As 👏 Many 👏 As 👏 You 👏 Want 👏Never let them forget, never let yourself forget
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I love being given wrong information turns out it's not as direct as someone had wrongly explained. though it's st… am of the least concerns The ones that I'm more concerned for is my sister and parentssomeone who was at my house on thursday night has apparently tested positive for covid. so now i must go into the s… NOT DONE YET! To my fellow Georgians, we got to vote Raphael Warnock and Jon Osoff into Senate come January 5th!…
Retweeted by Kelsey B UzuJust Keep Moving
Here Comes The Sun ☀️❤️
Retweeted by Kelsey B Uzucries over being able to feel ok about at least ONE thing this week-The Oompa Loompa Is Defeated.Here’s a few seconds of the collective scream of joy all over New York City.
Retweeted by Kelsey B UzuLily of the valley(Convallaria majalis)is a woodland flowering plant with sweetly scented, pendent, bell-shaped whi…
Retweeted by Kelsey B Uzu @_KitchenGremlin Like All The two top rows of colors except for pinkBITCH YOU THOUGHT- i knew i was gonna end up jinxing myself with this one.... lately i've been only able to do thin…
Learning there's a place I can order from to get onigiri and I'm bout to cry like chihiro---????? Bed??? Bed Bed feelings Maybe I will be better enough today to draw after work??? Let us hopePlease Share on all platforms.
Retweeted by Kelsey B UzuWe should all be thanking Stacey Abrams for this close Georgia race. She's the reason Georgia may flip blue for Bid…
Retweeted by Kelsey B Uzuliving natives have BEEN telling you that gender was an imported colonial construct. you don’t need a scientific st…
Retweeted by Kelsey B UzuANYTIME is good for HOTPOT espeically the weather now🍲🔥💥 My full piece for @SenseiZine!!! They still have some lef…
Retweeted by Kelsey B UzuIf you're a teenager who lives in Georgia and you just barely missed the 18th birthday cutoff for voting in the pre…
Retweeted by Kelsey B UzuCommission for @RamblinUzu of Noella and Yasahiro~ 💖
Retweeted by Kelsey B UzuWhere is my romance comic life where I meet a mysterious man, fall in love, and he turns out to be the deity of rai… continues to be one of the biggest comforts of my life
winter veiled in gentle pink
Retweeted by Kelsey B Uzu @BITEGHOST_ I'm really mad at how somehow he can still give off the energy of wiping at his bloody mouth with a thu… @BITEGHOST_ HM MIGHT BE A CONVERSATION TO HAVE- @BITEGHOST_ What size shoe did you guys agree on again--- @BITEGHOST_ M W A H ♡♡♡♡♡ love this big lizard man So handsome @BITEGHOST_ Requesting consent to kiss Larry----Here are October's patron requests I got to do for the spooky month! For Brock, @GForceWorks, @RamblinUzu, and…
Retweeted by Kelsey B Uzu @AidanDiamondt I ended up resting instead but thank you!In Georgia there are 40k ballots sidelined due to signatures. voters have 3 days to verify their ballot. Biden is o…
Retweeted by Kelsey B Uzu @AidanDiamondt thanks- yea that was noooot fun but honestly it was for the best that i deleted it anyways. get rid…