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Ray @ramboray Dallas, Texas

@DallasEmpire Head Coach/GM. Winning is teaching, losing is learning. Golf fanatic, regional bowler, dog lover🇨🇦 #StormNation #VISE

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@MayessCM Not currently. @Blaayn For me, they’re not all that different motion wise except RST hooks a little more overall. All that could b… @ChrisVia_ @RyanCiminelli Agreed haha @Blaayn It does. What ball do you do that with currently? @ChrisVia_ @RyanCiminelli Lmao what was the context of the dance?
@Blaayn What’s your rev rate like? Send me a video of you tossing the rock and I can point you in the right direction @bowlinbob No doubt will happen in the future man 👍🏻 @Jay_hoffy I’m still waiting for my proton physix to get to my door 😍 @Mrteck211 Ohh gotcha. Not entirely sure what the schedule looks like next year. The only tournament I’m planning o… @Mrteck211 I’m not following you? Play together? @bowlinbob Probably will when ever Covid goes away @Blaayn Ball works best in oily conditions. If your ball speed is high it would be useable on dry but probably only fresh @Jboogiee6 Much love man. Comeback tomorrow and let’s talk! @brend0nm do we think of my new bowling jersey? 👀#stormnation #buildanempire @shaytbutler @shaytbutler 🌽 @FaM0uS_dM @Potthoff Phil and Barkley got this.👀🔥
@KeviSkillz How have I never seen this lmao
@Rickgolfstx Yeah my golf buddies we're saying to avoid it. Good to know they're making it better! @Rickgolfstx Is this TOur 18? @JustJRTv No sir.
@WhiskeyNeon @mellyfoo13Gotta go get swabbed again for the second time tomorrow for safety measures of an organized get together... 2020 is something else -___-The tornado warning for Dallas County has been CANCELED. A severe thunderstorm warning remains until 9:45PM. Damagi…
Retweeted by Ray @tisch47 We good broski @NotPegasus What event was this?!
- @CODLeague Champion - @CODLeague MVP - @esportsawards Console Rookie of the Year - @esportsawards Console Player…
Retweeted by RayCan someone link me to the best/quickest dual pc setup video they've used before? @Tommey @totinos @SimpXO @SlasheR_AL I’d be down if you guys are looking for someone 👍🏻
@napoellis Thanks for joining man, was fun! @Class Absolute top tier performance. Baffled that the man couldn't guess that hahaha @xolazahh accept and j up @Venway_ accept and join upNeed 3 pub lords to play some Firestorm with. @ me with your ATVI @Bill_ONeill to play something competitive! Anybody running 8s or need one for some challs? Looking for the good ams to l… @Envy_Nifty @acvisual_ @Envy Happy bday broski, hope your day is as good as the day you pieced Kap for the W :P @mtl514hustla @VonderhaarElite's officially hoodie season. Happy time! @JamesCrowder @oreeeo @AvaGG @queensgg I think @mellyfoo13 would understand :D @oreeeo @AvaGG @queensgg @Brice_Butler Lmk! ill be fitting in some early morning week rounds when i can 👍
First cold war scrim vs Toronto. @The_Haawk You're a beast, thank you! @MackMelts Happy bday Mack! Hope the day was a good one👍 @Methodz Can't say i've ever been a fan of the super soft cheese spread. Based on the quality of food you had, i'm… @Methodz That prosciutto looks like what's missing in my life.Holy hell the big 30 for the man @NICKMERCS !!! Welcome to the club my friend. Hope the day is everything you expec… @hutchinson @CouRageJD What app do you play on? I've been using lichess @hutchinson @CouRageJD Definitely play jack! And Hutch we need to play my man! @J4XLive GG man. @J4XLive I am... not very well... but i'm trying :) Take it easy on meh :DAbsolute unit on the map. Guy is only getting started!
@JeremyStuD @SpaceLy @NAMELESS I’ll play some in a bit if you guys are still on. About to each lunch and hanging with the lady a bit 👍🏻 @SpaceLy @NAMELESS Might take part on this action if there’s a spot for the old man 👀 @SnakeBiteFPS @Royal2 I need in on this today 👍🏻 @WorIdStarComedy @mellyfoo13 😂Need another for some FireSquad, any friends wanna get some games in?
@MichaelCondrey Much appreciated words Mike, hope you and the fam are doing well! @KCmlg @Blizzard_Ent @Activision Sad to see you go KC, good luck in your next endeavors!Watching the @esportsawards live @Brice_Butler Or come out to Dallas and use this Cowboys gc round for 2 i got 👀 haha we’ll have to get a round in w…
@RespawnTwitch @TGCTours That's gotta be the best shot ever hit in PGA2k... @Rickgolfstx Just moved here in March. Looking forward to it 👍🏻 @Rickgolfstx Looks sweet! Would love to get out and play if you’re ever in need of a playing partner 👍🏻
Pretty cool stuff to get nominated for "Best Esports Coach" by @thegameawards Go cast some votes for myself and the… this episode of…. No one can tell what the other is drawing. 😂 @RamboRay, @KabooseCS, @EnvyJayne, and @Avast_o
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@tisch47 Was about to joke on you carrying me in a pub caused this... but blue screens suck ass. Hope you get it resolved man 👍🏻Team @Crimsix @BobbyPoff @JJacks_44 @Censor Team @Huke @JoeDeLuca @Pamaj @JackClarke09 Team @Shotzzy @MVS__11
Retweeted by RayThe Battle of the Throne \\ Tomorrow 12pm CT // Tune in: #TakeTheThrone
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@JamesCrowder How the F are you grinding through these so fast. Absolute unit @Rickgolfstx Woah that was close 😮 @Chambies It’s a custom version of master difficulty @CanadiensMTL @adidashockey @NHL 😍Back to back Ws! Moved into the Platinum Tour with all the big players 🙌🏻 @JPKrez Kinda want to buy the nordiques one tbh.
Huge congrats to that man. Dude has experienced so much heart break in majors through the years. Well deserved W! is an absolute UNIT! @jumped_gun You started your response with "As someone who is interested heavy into game development" to someone wh… @jumped_gun @scump @TTinyy_ @scump @TTinyy_ I too want Ranked play, but "Copy paste" isn't really a reality in game development. <3 @Kappejoj he got to -19 but made bogey on 18 @Kappejoj Jordan finished at -18. I was predicting dj to get to -20 and hold it. @Heywod Silky smooth. Effortless power and control @JamesCrowder Do they exist? Feel like i need to drop 80 every map to have a chance to rank up quickly lol @Tran @gchorba lololDJ about to break -20 under at the masters.... breaking the previous scoring record of -18... Do we feel like it's attributed to: @DKarma You're good at video games... like real good... @RickShielsPGA With the pins and his decision making, don't see a scenario where he drops 3 shots in 4 holes @RickShielsPGA @Fwiz, looks like sunday at the masters is going to be wayyy more exciting than anticipated :D Still hope DJ pulls this one out
@Nadeshot Me and @JPKrez both agree that the BO2 Pre-Patch PDW was far and above the MP.Prob the realest #1 player in the world since Tiger. (By realest i mean he's playing like one every time he laces t… @FoTw_Maatty7 if he would of shot the field average on day one he'd be 5 strokes better right now lol @bbourget300 thats so wrong, but funny lol @stnapirrem If i got paid the same amount playing golf, prob be golf for the long run factors