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sean @rameswaram dc sleeps alone tonight

i make @today_explained / sean at vox dot com / you can’t be a friendly neighborhood spider-man if there’s no neighborhood

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Me on a short break from daily podcasting after this year’s forty seven month news cycle
What if he becomes an opinion columnist at the New York Times @EdwardNorton loved you in roundersWhat if he joins OnlyFansWhat if he goes to Substack
Mooj forgot about Gritty Thursdays @today_explained
Today’s show is a tale of how two states are handling Covid very differently, but it ends with a tribute to ⁦… twitter stories turn this app into something for pretty people I’m going to be pissed. this app is for jokes and lies
Retweeted by seanI haven’t been doing much of anything lately but I did string together a bunch of clips where Bernie Sanders thanks…
Retweeted by seancc @DollyParton @JadAbumrad @Jadsdad if he starts a podcastIronic then that the boss got fired for not doing his @timdonnelly 695 💊 Two weeks ago, while everyone was focused on the presidential election, many more states decriminali…
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Retweeted by sean @DaneRegnier i blew itMy man Mack made some travel fan fiction for your subdued holidays.
A weekend of protests, violence, and enmity in DC revealed what Trump has planned post-presidency. @debbietruong w… today's show we're gonna talk about how President Trump's election lies turned violent in DC this weekend. But… this article last week on why we need to be cautious about vaccine results delivered via press release. Holds…
Retweeted by sean @lindaholmes bezos doesn’t need your pezos
@jeremyisafarmer @theearlynov no doubtSunday are being beaten bloody in my town right now. The president has done countless objectively bad things, but…
Friday the 13th cursed @KUNC Morning Edition host @maxinespeier this morning. Her car did this at 4:15am. And lis…
Retweeted by seanEPISODE 693 🏡🏫 - Covid-19 is surging (again) - Schools are closing (again) - Kids are learning online (again) - P…
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@arwenn shouts to @katlwells @alissamarie maybe we can convince @mattyglesias to make this his final vox takeI'm seeing many articles on what Dems and the GOP need to do in 2024 and zero about how desperately we need shorter elections.The Fact that Kamala Dated Montel and it seems like no one remembers lol
Retweeted by sean @arwenn good. @arwenn floodlines @sullydish r u serious @ohheybrittany lol @ohheybrittany brittany they aren't distanced thoughWas going through some old stuff and was reminded that people hated 2016
"We didn't start the fire" for just 2020 would be 42 minutes long.
Retweeted by seanCool cool cool cool cool I'll come back later obsessed with Leta Powell Drake, the greatest interviewer of all time.
Retweeted by sean @ornge13 @RadioIke sinhalese 😬
Cable news networks -- even @FoxNews -- have started cutting away from the Trump administration when it's spreading… a great episode featuring one of my favorite people on twitter @zeynep about just how we're seeing blatant aut…
Retweeted by sean @thechitra mom @RadioIke i'm only half like kamala auntyTrump is trying to overturn the election results. I doubt he’ll be successful. But I don’t know it for sure. In th…
Retweeted by seanOn today’s show we’re gonna talk about how Fox News finally kinda broke up with President Trump. first episode of DECODER is live - ⁦@mcuban⁩ and I talked about everything from 5G to the future of sports on T…
Retweeted by seanIs this a coup? Will he ever go? Why aren’t Republicans speaking up? Does this end when he leaves? Is American dem…
The problem here isn't Donald Trump. If he were ranting alone, none of this would matter. The problem is the Republ…
Retweeted by seanThis just happened on @craigmelvin @MSNBC and it is perfect in every way...🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by seanOn today's show I'm going to speak with @zeynep about the slip 'n slide to authoritarianism the United States appea… lost. But if 70 percent of Republicans don't think the election was free and fair he also won. Seems like n… pandemic had a big Monday: - U.S. hit 10 million confirmed cases - Pence decided to take a vacation - Biden a… this one in the time capsule
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Time to revive my personal conspiracy theory that Biden coronavirus task force leader Vivek Murthy is actually Ezra…
Retweeted by seanThe country just hit 10 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 and the guy in charge of the White House's Coronavirus… today's show we're going to talk about what President-elect Biden plans to do about Covid-19.
It’s a sign news better be fire tonight.It would appear Covid-19 has won the game.This college football game delaying Chappelle’s Show is Biden’s first failure as president. @AlexWardVox @aNateScott what if the cold open happens tomorrow? nate said this football game might never end. @aNateScott i’m just waiting for dave this is hell❤️ hurray to rescue dogs, I have two .
Retweeted by seanAnyone else just see Jill tell Hunter to put his mask back on?Shout outs to interracial couples.
Also let's retire the term "fake news."
Retweeted by sean2008? Joe and Kamala outside the White House at BLM Plaza block north of the White House at Black Lives Matter Plaza blocks north of the White House are ending the week @today_explained with a winner: Biden and Harris, based on @DecisionDeskHQ's call.…
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We are ending the week @today_explained with a winner: Biden and Harris, based on @DecisionDeskHQ's call.… is the moment our universe shifts to the cars cinematic universe
Retweeted by seanThis is how the last one-term president conceded:
Retweeted by seanHere's why @voxdotcom has called the race for Biden:
Retweeted by sean @radiosmith We've seen enough.On today's show we're going to talk about President Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris @samanthajgross But also he did!
Great time to remind everyone President Trump votes by mail.We thought while everyone's waiting around for presidential results, what the heck, why not talk to @ella_nilsen ab… length of today's episode about results in Congress (or as @butteronabiskit @today_explained calls it, "Cong"): get some water @HrishiHirway is on fire PA counted all the jawns yet
Retweeted by seanMy friend’s 3 year old daughter asked her mom when she will stop watching the “map show”
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congrats to drugs winning the war on drugs btw, underappreciated result
Retweeted by seanlol isn't this the guy from borat @tuckwoodstock @today_explained shouts to @nhassenfeld on the 1s and 2sThe U.S. urged leaders in Ivory Coast to stick to a "democratic" election process hours after President Trump prema…
Retweeted by sean @Gabyseeeta it's @nhassenfeld !On today's show we're going to talk about the election results.
Felt like a good day to remind everyone that in Australia voting is mandatory, as much as 95% of the country shows…
@connerrohwer @voxdotcom rip phoneThere are six states that really matter. But then there are those other eight or nine. And there's always the poss… palms are sweaty Knees weak Arms are heavy There's vomit on his sweater already Joe's spaghetti Rotterdam Metro went off the rails and was stopped by a sculpture. Two pieces of publicly funded infrastructure…
Retweeted by sean @AlanaLlama *all*On today's show we're going to talk about all the scenarios.
Amazing to see Texas's turnout soar now that it's a presidential swing state. Here's an idea... what if we made t…
Retweeted by seanThe world has enough tote bags. Contribute to Vox and get yourself VIP access to watch The Weeds LIVE virtually on…
Trump's presidency has been unforgettable AND impossible to recollect in its totality so I thought we should rememb…