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The game I play on my phone the just updated and runs at 60fps now and its bugging me outMHA is pretty damn good. Lttp I know.
Midoriyas mom is the bestBeen getting back into hugely.Man it's been a big few weeks anime wise for me.Fuck. I wasnt expecting all these feels in episode one my hero @radjostein @GCDarkSideRob Hs also thinks that amazon and jeff Bezos and all the super rich pay a fair amount in taxes. @GCDarkSideRob There's a guy at my work who swears this is trump's good economy. He's older than me hy a good amoun… @damewitch I feel like she would go to a fountain and dump a bag of like 1 million gil in it @cwgabriel Its transfarring @Plankfan Should've started an onlyfans eboy @Plankfan Nah. I'm just gonna pirate them.
Dont think I've ever hated an anime antagonist as much as I do dio and ive only watched one episodeHoly shit dio really sucksAn animal crossing direct on my birthday?Starting JOJO'SGIVEAWAY TIME! We’re giving away a Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Collector’s Edition for the PS4! Just follow this accoun…
Retweeted by chicken wussI know its curt richy. I know this. For some reason though my brain reads @CurtRichyYT as curty rich.. @AniMiaOfficial @JohnBarrowman Long live captain Jack! @UglyGeezer Nothing like shrapnel to put a spring in your stride @xXAutumnIvyXx I've been contemplating the same journey. Glad yours worked out well for you. @RyanHigginsRyan Who would you say is more powerful than Darkseid? @nanami_bun Just let the man run his orphanage damnit! @MarkMan23 Gotta love the kamikazes @cristalmarie You're gonna make me check out a BL aren't youWow. @CurtRichyYT channel is super relatable and fun.
@nikitabauer98 @forexposure_txt There's an obvious question here lol @GameyMcTwat Yes. Every cload indeed @daquijey @sp00kynugget Its probably one of those things that miraculously makes everything a billion times better. Or... @nanami_bun Have you watched cells at work? @PadmaLakshmi I'd go so far as to say every patient deserves access. Full stop @biffstix Dark pizza @BrockSager @ChipotleTweets Delivery rather. @BrockSager @ChipotleTweets Driver must've gotten peckish during the delivrry
Using an unlimited minigun really trivializes combat @pursuitofloot You're no longer Fry but Soul of Fry @GCDarkSideRob @Musubi_Azeyma @Musubi_Azeyma @GCDarkSideRob @HeavyMetalYetii Sithis help any one who messes with his humans @Musubi_Azeyma @GCDarkSideRob Black Eagles obviously @nanami_bun I just started it so my emotions for it are very high @nanami_bun You're right. It's clearly show of the decade
We've got a problem.. first of all there is no we I'm detached from you completely @Plankfan Fuck frankie by marilyn MansonSomeone should slap me for not having watched this sooner holy shit. @cristalmarie @GetInTheRobotTV @lovelydorrie Just finished it actually. Well done you two. You should definitely do one for the villains @fiddlecub Mr. VanOrd , your repairs seem to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so handy?
This may replace FMA and Samurai Champloo on my all time list.. @Artifact911 I watched 2 episodes. Once I'm done with Demon Slayer I'll go back#NewProfilePic @HeavyMetalYetii Does part of my own tooth count?Checking out Mob Psycho 100 @Waylander101 Can't they see I'm white!??!! Let me through I'm white!!! @The1stMJC That would normally be our temp here to this time of year but not this year @SuperNintendad Vanilla ice only had one eyebrow
Yoooooo. Demon Slayer is legit @MitchyD Holy shit. This might be the dopest thing ever @Waylander101 Weird that. I swore it was us more liberal folk that had thin skin @Musubi_Azeyma It's a fucking joke man. This site and the people who run it wear their political alignments on their sleeves. @Musubi_Azeyma I mean I get it. I wasn't spewing hate or threats to POC or the LGBTQ community so I deserved to be banned. @Musubi_Azeyma One I said he should ingest a cleaning product and yesterday I stated what the punishment for treason used to be @Musubi_Azeyma YepJust got unbanned. Weird how the only 2 times I've been banned was for speaking out against the president and the GOP
Weird. I'm noticing that magical girl anime interest me more than most other types. Not sure what it means but okGonna be an unpopular opinion but I think Samurai Champloo is better than Cowboy Bebop. By like miles
I think I want to watch Cardcaptor Sakura.Love watching @ProfessorDoye get all passionate about Demon Slayer. Glad I found the @GetInTheRobotTV channel @Retr0J The Giraffe
Confession time. I've never watched one Studio Ghibli movie @paulithonnew I love those games but have a very clear and definite wall in each of them. @paulithonnew Then I died a bunch and got mad @paulithonnew I just redownloaded those and code vein because watching breaking brad on giant bomb play demons souls gave me an itch lolBecause of all of YOU, we managed to fund a 4th episode, and swerve demonetization just a bit. 🙏 Check it out here:…
Retweeted by chicken wussGet in the Robots a pretty good YouTube channelBeen on a anime YouTube kick today for whatever reason
@AcesHigh291 FMA is the anime that got me into anime for sure. It's still got a special place in my heart @cheryll I probably wear them. Not much different from some of the LA Gear hightops I had back in the day lolAnyone got a groakie or sobble they would be willing to trade?#PokemonSwordShield #NintendoSwitch @Darkestfrost How will you cope with not being able to communicate with such a sharp bright mind? @AdamRichman Probably worth it though holy shitHow did I never realize @LauraBaileyVO voiced Lust..Ah shit.. nina. FMA Brotherhood. @JohnVignocchi @dudettecolette Then again I ain't brad Pitt so what do I know @JohnVignocchi @dudettecolette That dont impress me much @GCDarkSideRob If you want to play an early 360/ps3 game sure @gimmethefife I was just thinking if rereading Sunstone yesterday @GCDarkSideRob They do kinda complete each other. @scottjohnson I stopped watching after series 2 because I had to cancel netflix but I loved what I saw @GCDarkSideRob I thought I suddenly felt like I was in a relationship after watching the show. It all makes sense now @GCDarkSideRob Walt.. does he think he's dating me then? @brianklaas @TheJohnDiMaggio And AOC danced once. I mean clearly the left will ruin everything ever and turn our ch… playing episode ArdynNope. It's not for me. That sucks.I don't think I like PSO2 @Waylander101 Crazy right seemingly the sanity is fleeing our collective populations