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@shinobi602 Ah damn. Its magic gate sticks all over again. @Lilrtfam @Valiek Probably told Trump to harm himself like I did when I suggested he should ingest bleach @i_shaddix Not bad @DanAmrich @AGTURBO9000 Damn. Well I tried @DanAmrich @AGTURBO9000 Vs . @shinobi602 Its beyond just if Obama said this or that. Its to the point of imagine if any other politician in America's history said that.Crazy to think that there are people who are ok with what the wannabe dictator said.Its a shame this beer isn't very good.
@yuretaO**If you live in the North East of England, I need your help My dad has gone missing and now 10 hours in, we don't…
Retweeted by rampage198 @scottjohnson But I guess we pay for the liquids we drink that become pee so.. @scottjohnson I hope you didn't pay for your own pee..It’s #BiVisibilityDay. Uplift your bisexual friends and family 24/7/365. 💖 Bisexuality isn’t defined by who you’r…
Retweeted by rampage198 @Symposium56 And you just need to wall mount the XSX when it arrives @GarnettLee But the only responsibilities a GOP judge has right now is felliate the president
@GreyDeLisle Just sitting there like what the actual fuck people? @DanielJRourke_ @Symposium56 @Symposium56 Lol. Only I reason I haven't pulled the trigger is im looking to move soon. @Symposium56 Weird. I could've sworn not even a week ago you were saying you don't need one day one etc. You'll wait like a year probably @DanielJRourke_ Local brewery. I forgot the name of it but the beers called i am froot its a sour raspberryTaking a page from @DanielJRourke_ page and picked up a sour beer for after work
@MasterAnatek Always been a fan of Nightcrawler myself. @MasterAnatek So knowing what his power actually is proves just more than just a cursory knowledge @MasterAnatek Fair point. I'd also say it works because even as the defacto leader he's next to no ones favorite @MasterAnatek Interesting choice of mutant to set the bar at. @Artifact911 On Nintendo systems
Over under on Trump trying to put himself in the SC?Mario Galaxy is still really cool#SuperMario3DAllStars #NintendoSwitch
@marvelzombie616 Quit taking candid photos of me and post them online. @icklenellierose @johnneh @Wizards_DnD And they said puns won't take a person far in life @RichieM_ Actually I cleaned the toilet right before you woke up.
@Ltz349 I see your point competition is a good thing but people always take it yo far.So all that talk about 100's of games working was crap? @mattcundy Lol yeah. The sunrise and Nathan's joke reminded me of that mission @mattcundy LENNY!? YNNEL!?Piss me off rather.Hmm seeing people in their 20's talking about being to old to do stuff is starting to pass me off. Does that mean… the president put out an executive order for a Hitler youth program in our country? We learned nothing from WW2 @Plankfan Anytime. What are friends for after all @Plankfan I'm not even trying to download anything and you can go fuck yourself. So there.
@agentbizzle I read that as 3d party games play them on Xbox. Was thinking you'd be mighty bored in that category. @RyanHigginsRyan Scalpers need to fall in a pit of glass @GCDarkSideRob I take umbrage with your implications of switch not being able proper platform sir @Matsmashed @NokkonWud @Xer0Signal Boomerang controller. Giant enemy crabs @Matsmashed @NokkonWud @Xer0Signal 600 us dollars @fiddlecub I read that 3 times as Geek vacation @HeavyMetalYetii BRÖÖTAL @Nory1884 Sadly I'd say the same for my side. People would rather have others die than not eat at a restaurant @Jedi_Beats_Tank Surprised at that. I thought the days of the uk being burned on dates was done. Damn you brexitHas it been said if Mario 3d Allstars at least replaces the button promptsI want to make someone’s Xmas 2020 a little better. I just pre-ordered the PS5 and will give it away to someone who…
Retweeted by rampage198Why am I starting ME2. Again.Follow CAG & Retweet for a Chance to Win a PS5 w/ Disc Drive. Ends Nov. 12th at 9PM ET. USA Only.
Retweeted by rampage198Sony: pre orders go live tomorrow :) Retailers:
Retweeted by rampage198 @backtowinnipeg I really just hope they put me2 controls in the first one. @backtowinnipeg A broken clock.. please just be fucking real! @GCDarkSideRob You'd hope. The white is just kinda gaudy. I mean the whole design is but the colors make it even worse
@GNT_Slugga @GnTrobby1051 The app too. @Jedi_Beats_Tank Seems suspect. They could easily say you don't exist. @GNT_Slugga They must have asked cable companies to be their delivery guys v @GNT_Slugga Yeah its pretty mind blowing. Is target just not doing launch day this time? Or have they never @GCDarkSideRob He said knowing he's full of shit. @GCDarkSideRob I'm thinking ill just get a 3070 or 3080 and wait until an all black ps5 comes out. @GNT_Slugga Makes me wonder how many will actually be available.Firefighters: literally fight fire Also firefighters: fighting conspiracy theories on TikTok
Retweeted by rampage198 @GameyMcTwat Nah. I'm telling myself I'm holding out for an all black one. @CTWatters @TomMcShea You challenge the moon for gravitational supremacy! @GameyMcTwat The inly reason I haven't preorderd one is Walmart sold out already.I never got into spelunky. I want to play spelunky 2 though.. @GameyMcTwat Are you at least 3 years old sir? Otherwise you'd better cancel that. @DanDawkins Wow. @backtowinnipeg That said my consoles are glorified youtube machines as of late. @Musubi_Azeyma Good luck on it not being canceled sir. @DanDawkins I'm hoping for a less early 2000 looking ps5 as well.Totally normal and not at all evil leadership @nanami_bun Its no fun but with how much they cost to make now a days I get it. Plus when I was growing up eith sne… @backtowinnipeg I'd imagine to play gamesThanks to my @RockedNet video binge I'm on a DotN trip. @megturney Honest question. Does it hurt more if they're unaware or if they deny it? @Symposium56 @Jedi_Beats_Tank I remember buying the halo 3 themed 360 because mine had just red ringed for the 4th… @CDawgVA That I said I think the world is finally ready to accept man Kermit love @MJMcKean Thats unfair to rats. @Symposium56 @Jedi_Beats_Tank Halo 3 wasn't launch though was it?? @hilgoldstein Halo infiniteThis community can be so great. @ShirleyScurry Love your screen shots. Hope you have a great one @101Facts1 @Jedi_Beats_Tank Changes to ps now to make it like xcloud? @Ltz349 I hit 12 years a few weeks ago. Time flies. @Ltz349 Lol I figured it was something like that. @Ltz349 ? @Wikiparaz The killer of the brain? @NonTrotski I only know if jingle bell time is a swell time. Sorry friend
@JakeBaldino Insomnia? @HeavyMetalYetii I think for ke it has a lot to do with how young I was when I saw it. Also it didn't seem as hokey as other horror movies. @HeavyMetalYetii Probably The Exorcist. @Jedi_Beats_Tank you and your best friend finally have the swimming pool to yourselves... #RAW
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