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Go Green! Fighting Rett Syndrome everyday with my Silent Angel, Emily. God’s gift to me. And have we fixed Flint Michigan’s water yet? Get it done.

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@ClifStudios @JuneSmith888 Love this Guy.
@MrKenRudulphTV Let’s look for a Giacomo type win today! @pick_six22 Asante waking up today. Regretting that D Green Tweet. Looking stupid on that one. But most important q… @liberalnotlefty Glad he is OK! And great job on even recognizing the signs of bloat. Many owners don’t even know what it is. @Emmyjewel Family. Just stay true to the word. No matter what.
@ClownsTriple @BritneyEurton @Rettsyndrome You are awesome Britney. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. @ClownsTriple @Rettsyndrome @BritneyEurton Any chance you can share this? My family and I would be forever grateful… @CNN @nischelleturner If this is true? It’s disgusting. I only say if it’s true because I can’t seem to trust anyth…
@mtarazr @Alex_Curry @Angels @FoxSportsWest @MLBONFOX This comment doesn’t represent a “sweet Mike” in any way, shape or form. @FrankCaliendo This is my first message from @FrankCaliendo. I’m cherishing this. @FrankCaliendo @FrankCaliendo has just performed the best Madden/Summerall possible. How do you do it? I was crying…
After hearing @Ramsfan19731 story about about his daughter, Emily, who is battling @Rettsyndrome. We have set up a…
Retweeted by Eric Barnard @JeffPlowman @CP_racer16 @hockeyfights @Ryan_Kesler “Whos”. 👍🏻 @ClownsTriple @Rettsyndrome Thanks so much. But thanks isn’t enough. @JeffPlowman @hockeyfights @Ryan_Kesler So you mean the first time, in a playoff game, that turned the entire seri… @Jim_Everett @JHekker @jimrome Great take @Jim_EverettThis was a lot of fun! The Twitter bots worked 😋😂 Thanks for having me!
Retweeted by Eric BarnardWe campaigned and won! @BritneyEurton joined us on our latest episode followed by the guy who helped start the camp…
Retweeted by Eric Barnard @ClownsTriple @BritneyEurton Thank you for the opportunity to talk about my families history re: woman in the sport… Emily Throw Back Thursday. “Going Home Day”. When we go to CHOC? Our goal is to go home. We celebrate every “G… @hockeyfights @Ryan_Kesler Freddy Beauchemin kicked Iginlas ass. @jgolden325 @EricDickerson The running style. The googles. The speed. Add @BarrySanders not long after? Those two were Picasso in pads. @larams47 @realDonaldTrump @larams47 Thankful to your Dad. My Dad was also in Vietnam. However the fact that the Co… In Peace @TulsaPolice Sgt Craig Johnson who died on 6/30/20 as a result of being shot on a traffic stop on 6/2…
Retweeted by Eric Barnard @realjuliasong @realDonaldTrump Great with Economy. Immature as hell on Twitter. The economy impact me more, so its a B from me. @FFToday Wendell Smallwood. Just to laugh at the name.
@ClownsTriple Last one. Here’s my grandmother at Hollywood Park. The writing styles have thankfully changed, but a… @ClownsTriple Thank you for the opportunity to be on your show. Getting my Grandmothers story out and having the ch…
@RexChapman Idiot motorcyclist. Runs the red at high speed. Hoping Karma gets him soon. @MrKenRudulphTV Awesome Job Mr Rudolph. But would not expect Anything less from you. @espn The Rams. @NBCSports Nachos. Jalapeño and Chili. @mgoblue_77 @Castellani2014 This is just wrong. It’s a Wolverine Wet Dream. @co_dhunt Jamal Wilkes. Lakers. He was awesome.
@blckriflecoffee @crispy11b Sinatra. @mrpierson39 @sav_says_ @emctsprime “For the mature and upscale party”. Not a real “mature” response here bro. Welc… are all about “facts”. Until the “facts” don’t support their narrative. @space_is_fizzy @CalebJHull @JackPosobiec @kevincorke
@TDDYMOND @Ryan_Kesler Thank you. It’s appreciated. @Curious_Aaron @Ryan_Kesler Fair statement. Believe me bud. I’m frustrated beyond belief at what’s going on. @Alex_Curry @JoseMota05 @Angels @MLB @jabbottum31 Looking forward to Alex Curry interviews with players after the g… @realjuliasong A Cure for Rett Syndrome. @Ryan_Kesler I appreciate athletes and their sacrifice. I’m a police officer. My body is banged up beyond belief. P…
@garis_daniel @JerryDunleavy @stclairashley No. What I mean is if you can’t understand why a noose should not be di… @jemelehill It’s pathetic. @stclairashley Ashley? Are you serious? You are allowed to back track and admit this isn’t something to joke about… @Heather90267000 @SportsCenter Proves you don’t “know” shit. Be better. @FluffCrypto @stclairashley Sure. “Nothing to see here. Just NASCAR being NASCAR”. Get serious. Be better than thi… @ChrisNeofryboy @FluffCrypto @stclairashley Want to re-think that? @garis_daniel @JerryDunleavy @stclairashley Yeah. Because acting like “men” and turning the other cheek to bullshit… @OfficialSwintt Shaq in a crushing defeat. @SequelAccount @JerryDunleavy @stclairashley Sorry. Replace has with had. Grammar police. Love them.
@Gil_Brandt @kurt13warner. He brought the Rams their first SB Title, is a HOF’er and his story is so relateable to… @Alex_Curry I mean this in the least creepy way possible. I’m just glad @Alex_Curry is back! @ChrisNeofryboy @FluffCrypto @stclairashley Sounds lovely. (Sarcasm) However it was the only pull down rope tied in… @FluffCrypto @stclairashley The FBI and NASCAR said it was the only one tied like that. What are you missing? @GeneralDilley @JuneSmith888 @BubbaWallace “Bro”. Another Tweeter not reading the facts that have come out Bubba Wa… @MrKenRudulphTV @Utbighair The highest compliment I can give you was that the first time I saw you on TVG I immedia… @JerryDunleavy @stclairashley Imagine if NASCAR has removed the only pull down tied in the shape of a noose in all… @Heather90267000 @SportsCenter Try reading. Maybe your “commom sense” will kick in. Because all you are showing is… @southysweet @stclairashley You do realize it was the only pull down tied in the shape of a noose? The only one of… @KaylaKane1 @SportsCenter Good info here. Brings it all together. @stclairashley @stclairashley Read this. It’s sad that it was there and not removed since 2019. It clearly wasn’t t… @stclairashley You should read up Ashley. FBI and NASCAR both said it was the only pull down tied in the shape of a… @KaylaKane1 @SportsCenter NASCAR and the FBI both said it was the only pull down rope tied in the shape of a noose.… @stclairashley Love your Twitter Feed @stclairashley, but this is an instance where people should take the high roa… @KaylaKane1 @SportsCenter He wasn’t the one reporting it. He never saw it. His team did. Assume much? @NBCSports @Reds
@SportsCenter Why isn’t the reply here, “Thankful it was an error”. Stop with the judgements. @MrKenRudulphTV Ken is one of the best. Period. @wypipo_h8 Wow. This is one tough dude. Do this to my wife? You are going to have to actually deal with something.…
@SportsCenter @Kaepernick7 Brett sounds like he’s back on them pain pills. @GHolmes810 @Emmyjewel I purchased her Abe Lincoln photo. It’s even more amazing in person. Well worth the $$$. @Emmyjewel @Castellani2014
@Castellani2014 He was a great and respected umpire. Consistent. Hitters and pitchers knew what he was going to cal…
@GavinNewsom @KSchwarzenegger Required because you said so? Shut up. Where were you when the protests were happenin…
@Rodger_Saffold Thank you. Why is this being done? @svhill11 @BelmontStakes @BritneyEurton @DraydenV I totally agree. Was more sarcastic than anything. However I am s… @TroyMcClainWWE @BlackJackBurner @rdickey249 @BritneyEurton @MrKenRudulphTV @LaffitPincayTV @HorseToWatch @ToddTVG
@rdickey249 @BritneyEurton @MrKenRudulphTV @TroyMcClainWWE @LaffitPincayTV @HorseToWatch @ToddTVG @Utbighair @TroyMcClainWWE @MrKenRudulphTV @LaffitPincayTV @HorseToWatch @ToddTVG @Utbighair @Hinesite @BlackJackBurner @EJXD2 @ChicoDSolo1 I have 4 daughters sir. Much respect from one father to another! @MissyElliott I love Dad at the end. “No you Don’t”. 😂😂😂😂😂 @Connormuldowney Where? @marklevinshow As a Conservative and having the Supreme Court Majority align with my political views, I appreciate… @FlRealtor941 @JuneSmith888 @paulsperry_ It’s breaking to the Country. We don’t get Atlanta DA updates. This and ot… District attorney who shockingly filed murder charges against an Atlanta police officer who used deadly f…
Retweeted by Eric Barnard @paulsperry_ Aaaand two weeks ago he stated in a press conference... “As we all know under Georgia law, a taser is a deadly weapon”
Retweeted by Eric Barnard @Jameswll1988 @Coach_mtucker @RexChapman @GHolmes810 @MilesBridges Agreed. But what did he do other than have a con… @Coach_mtucker @RexChapman I don’t like Rex Chapman. He’s a crook. He’s a Police Hater. Love Green and White. But h… @BelmontStakes @BritneyEurton I’ll take 9,5,4. @BelmontStakes @BritneyEurton What? Where are the Jockey’s? Where is Mike Smith? Where is Flavien Pratt? Where is T… @FFToday @FFToday @lightningstrk12 No doubt about it.
Just two weeks ago the same DA charged officers with aggravated assault for use of a Taser Today he says a Taser i…
Retweeted by Eric BarnardJust got this email from an Atlanta police officer: "Atlanta police officers are refusing to answer the radio and…
Retweeted by Eric Barnard
@michelletrevino please message me. @Seouljaa @K_G_1_2_ Turning and pointing the taser at police. Argue factual evidence. @jetlifejohnson @michelletrevino @mdtolliver @AttorneyCrump @Delawareblack What a great experience. Someone actuall…