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Miranda Keefe @Randi_Greenwood Western Washington

I'm a boomer, leftist, divorced, woman with two cats.

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@SenorGreyGoose @mtracey @iamaraindogtoo @RussForUs2020 @Fiorella_im Thank you. He did sell it to Britain during his presidency. Thank you. @herd_not @aaronjmate @maddow @MSNBC No, she always was just a shill for the establishment DNC. @TerrenceMcNulty @kayrosef @TulsiGabbard @AOC @justinamash @PramilaJayapal @RoKhanna @AyannaPressley @JerryNadler @kayrosef @TerrenceMcNulty @TulsiGabbard @AOC @justinamash @PramilaJayapal @RoKhanna @AyannaPressley @JerryNadler @kayrosef @TerrenceMcNulty @TulsiGabbard @AOC @justinamash @PramilaJayapal @RoKhanna @AyannaPressley @JerryNadler @iamaraindogtoo @RussForUs2020 @Fiorella_im Washington was the richest man in the US in 1788. He didn't close down…
@Scottho89953417 @TulsiPress @RepEdCase I think you are confusing her with someone else. I don't recall Tulsi ever… @joeiavovella @TulsiPress @RepEdCase Please stop posting as you're a CIA plant. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the… @TulsiPress @RepEdCase So Tulsi introduces a bill. Easy Peasy War-Warren turns around and spouts some "plan" about… @RussForUs2020 @Fiorella_im Instead lets oppose his policies & seek for him to not be re-elected. Let's not yield… @RussForUs2020 @Fiorella_im All this emoluments nonsense is a way of those who oppose these silly RussiaGate and Uk… @RussForUs2020 @Fiorella_im It means receiving cash remunerations directly from a foreign government, state governm… @RussForUs2020 @Fiorella_im I am not a Trump supporter. But I tire of this nonsense that he is impeachable for Emo… request - does anybody have a text to speech program that they'd recommend based on personal experience? I have…
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@GH0ULD @katewillett @MickLWilliams Try this: was a great person. @Donatel47280565 @aaronjmate But he also said he knew it because he presumed it.
@vertuBA @ggreenwald @MSDNCNews Did you read it? @FrankK73333031 @ggreenwald @MSDNCNews So GG and the Clinton operatives?Tulsi is a dreamer, but she's not the only one. All you need is love. Power to the people. All we are saying is… @caitoz Americans, like Near a Tendon, are interfering in a U.K. election. I guess if Boris is re-elected he'll be a U.S. puppet? @AliceFromQueens @ggreenwald @MSDNCNews Right, plus Obama had to go to her mansion in New York, like a supplicant c… @FrankK73333031 @ggreenwald @MSDNCNews What people and what networks? "these" doesn't give me any clue who you are talking about. @vertuBA @ggreenwald @MSDNCNews Ukraine did meddle in the 2016 election. Read the following and see that it is a f…
@Cheese12987 Or use the real descriptive of DNC Loyalists. @Cheese12987 Good insight. But please jettison this wrong term Neoprogressive for the correct term Fauxprogressive.… @DavidSpuria PBS stands for "Prohibit Bernie Sanders." @newace9577 @MetcalfeMegan @Fiorella_im Sec. 303
@yopasta @YouTube Thanks, Pasta!It’s a shame to what happened to TYT. First rule about being progressive: DON’T TAKE KATZENBERG MONEY! Ana Kasp…
Retweeted by Miranda Keefe @newace9577 @MetcalfeMegan @Fiorella_im I didn’t hear it. I read an article on Medium, I forget who by. I was skept… @paul_leone But we'll do the best we can with this. @AdotSad @bwreed @Chris_arnade @ggreenwald He also said there were problems with the talking points, and Trumpsters… @AdotSad @bwreed @Chris_arnade @ggreenwald GG simply said those were talking points & that Dems if they don't deal… @newace9577 @MetcalfeMegan @Fiorella_im In Bernie's plan any doctor can opt out of MfA and take patients based on private contracts. @newace9577 @MetcalfeMegan @Fiorella_im Bernie's plan also has other payers. :( @paul_leone I wish our online friends were more real, you know? @AdotSad @bwreed @Chris_arnade @ggreenwald I'm talking about now. I have Trump supporter friends. I see their Soc…
Missing from @Maddow's recounting of Trump's "weak response" to Russia: he's nixed one major nuclear treaty (INF) &…
Retweeted by Miranda Keefe @DrJasonJohnson @nandorvila @ggreenwald Come on. He just verbally attacked a man as ‘fat’ for asking about it and t… @bwreed @Chris_arnade @ggreenwald You are wrong. The corporate Democratic media reports him and his campaign as you… @CullenYossarian @DNC Yesterday someone tweeted that the person polling them hung up on them when they said Tulsi…
Retweeted by Miranda KeefeAs Hillary Clinton and her backers move from Tulsi Gabbard to poisoning the 2020 primary for Bernie Sanders, it's w…
Retweeted by Miranda KeefeThe Marsupial Candidate @Sinclair_Tweets @Tjw78910Joe @mtracey He's now challenging audience members to push up contests if they ask him di… @propane_mann @mtracey As she ages her eyebrows get higher and higher. Eventually with enough face lifts they'll be on top of her head. @BigMondous @mtracey We must have those special sunglasses on! @kgosztola Cillizza is a creep. @paul_leone I care @shawna_burley @CmookieB Is Mike a 7th grader now with the weird capitalization? @newace9577 @MetcalfeMegan @Fiorella_im That interpretation of the clip was from David Doel and it was a wrong interpretation. @newace9577 @MetcalfeMegan @Fiorella_im Tulsi explained her Single Payer Plus does have mandatory enrollment. The…
@vespasian85 @aaronjmate I didn’t need to read this as the headline was enough to convince me. Thanks @vespasian85 @aaronjmate I appreciate you explaining to me even though you didn’t have to. I agree with you now he… @vespasian85 @aaronjmate Yep. He is against legal immigration. Mea culpa. @vespasian85 @aaronjmate That definitely shows he is racist- esp when he said whites created civilization- not true… @newace9577 @MetcalfeMegan @Fiorella_im Oh. Well Kyle repeated Doel’s misinformation on Tulsi’s health care plan. I… @vespasian85 @aaronjmate Well, I’d like to be friends with you. I had a Tiring super busy day and didn’t get to rea…
@vespasian85 @aaronjmate I admit not from being a target. Like I said I will study all you've shared. Thank you.… @vespasian85 @aaronjmate Rudy, I asked for evidence and you're flooding me! I need to go to bed. I promise tomorr… @salokinsekwah1 @aaronjmate You admit you've no evidence, can't even list a few bullet points that convinced you?… @vespasian85 @aaronjmate I understand it. @vespasian85 @aaronjmate But it doesn't make him a White Supremacist which is the argument in this thread against A… @vespasian85 @aaronjmate I understand if you are here & undocumented you don't want to state it. No, I'm not a per… @vespasian85 @aaronjmate This seems to support my contention that he is anti-illegal immigrants. I disagree with t… @vespasian85 @aaronjmate You don't know that I'm not a minority. You don't know what bigotry I face. But I am sta… @Dmilliganspeaks @kayrosef prove AOC isn't doing anything valid. I'd be happy to find out she is doing someth… @Dmilliganspeaks @kayrosef ...talking about if AOC is doing anything valid in this area. The original discussion w… @Dmilliganspeaks @kayrosef Several bills. Like what? I know about a resolution that they both wanted to declare a… @salokinsekwah1 @terieUSA @atoigue_marcy @aaronjmate The source;s irrelevant. That's why both appeal to authority… @salokinsekwah1 @aaronjmate So you now have said what I said to say. Ok. So how about sharing that evidence? Or… @salokinsekwah1 @terieUSA @atoigue_marcy @aaronjmate Nope. It's part of the ad hominem fallacy. It's the idea tha… @salokinsekwah1 @aaronjmate Nice side stepping. Do you do the electric slide too? I'm asking you to share evidenc… @Dan_March_ @traditionalhip @aaronjmate Well, if I don't do the bell but try to stay in the original thread, I can… @Dan_March_ @traditionalhip @aaronjmate Muted. Does that mean we don't get to continue our dialog? Also trying to… @Dan_March_ @traditionalhip @AnastasiaFennec @aaronjmate Yes, I do get to play it because the question is whether w… @Dan_March_ @traditionalhip @aaronjmate Well, that article quickly pivoted from Tucker to Trump. Tucker didn't say… @Dan_March_ @traditionalhip @AnastasiaFennec @aaronjmate But you're all right with the US in Iraq and Syria? Meanw… @Dan_March_ @traditionalhip @aaronjmate You got an actual receipt for that, Uncle Buck?Baby Yoda Rhapsody
Retweeted by Miranda Keefe @vespasian85 @aaronjmate Are you a citizen or legal resident? Then Tucker has NOT waged war on you. I disagree wi… @salokinsekwah1 @terieUSA @atoigue_marcy @aaronjmate The Attack the Source Fallacy. You get an F on your paper, I'm afraid. @salokinsekwah1 @aaronjmate Okay, share some of that evidence besides the non-evidence appeal to authority. (That… @OrganizingPower @aaronjmate When has Tucker attacked Blacks? When has Tucker attacked Latinos who are American citizens? @NeoliberalFed @aaronjmate You know who really is helping Trump? All these crazy Russophobes and CIA dupes attacki… @Dan_March_ @traditionalhip @AnastasiaFennec @aaronjmate Russia never invaded Ukraine. Ukraine had a coup with Naz… @Dan_March_ @traditionalhip @AnastasiaFennec @aaronjmate Ok, you got any receipts of him being racist against Afric… @AnastasiaFennec @aaronjmate You realize this is a smear? He's against illegal immigration. But calling him a Whi… @IdleOats @Pynchump216 @aaronjmate I bet you didn't care about immigration when Obama was the deporter in chief. @IdleOats @Pynchump216 @aaronjmate Yeah, let's just ignore the good topics because he speaks against illegal immigr… @emptywheel You are despicable, @emptywheel. You're CIA narrative has duped too many of my latte liberal friends f… @django_stiglitz @MetcalfeMegan @Fiorella_im But Kyle is too enamored with these types. I've watched him and he's… @newace9577 @MetcalfeMegan @Fiorella_im I bet you watch David Doel the Rational National videos? @MatthewGravel1 @killa_cam214 @sofiaxzaldivar @AnaKasparian But like Clinton, who Ana went full force for after the… @MatthewGravel1 @killa_cam214 @sofiaxzaldivar @AnaKasparian I'm afraid she knows exactly what she's doing. Her loy… @Karl_Cardona7 @mtracey You are confusing corporatists who go wacko on shallow identity politics with the far left.… @JulianCastro Yet you, @JulianCastro, attack a woman of color who stood against the DNC for their flawed formula f… @Dmilliganspeaks @kayrosef Bernie doesn't have a bill either. But he has a plan that's like the OFF Act, it's meas… @Dmilliganspeaks @kayrosef What bill? AOC doesn't have a bill. She had a resolution. A bill if enacted goes to t…