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senior cloud engineer. partially blind. oldest osu! gamer, very gamer swole. Founder, Online Abuse Prevention Initiative. I hate systemd. gaming: @grandma_kj

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i guess it's time to find someone else's example code on how this works/best practices because every single bit of…, plans have to manage their own output i guess? sort of? but not all of it. because it still prints out some stu… @SirOpsALot salt is one of the few that i haven't used at all :Pme> this is json bolt> and? me> human format is default & i've got it specified in the config file just because.… @angwe i go off on code tangents all the time, and i know my limits. that much flexibility would give me too many i… @angwe i haven't spent nearly as much time with ansible as i've spent with puppet, but ansible felt to me like it w… of this just so i could run yum update on 40 hosts. i could have done this with a for loop easily enough, but i… @angwe ehhhhh, ansible isn't really a replacement for puppet, though. ansible is great for deploy, no doubt about i… is bolt reminding me of a project boyfriendbolt> i'm not gonna continue running because there was an error me> what host had the error bolt> i'm just gonna…> fine, i'll just check the debug file me> wait bolt> surprise me> this file is only 79 lines. it is over 1.5…> running a command on 25 hosts. 8 years pass. bolt> all authorization methods failed me> what host? bolt>… get that especially in command line programs that have commands and sub-commands and options for those commands,… have spent all day fighting with bolt and the thought of digging through the documentation again to figure out so… be clear, i really do love puppet a lot. i think it's a great tool, and it's my preferred automation environment… could have manually typed 7 hostnames in 22 seconds /rantto list 7 hosts it took 22 seconds ALSO WHY when i'm like bolt show --targets <group_name> and i've got a bunch of groups in my inventory file… @mart_brooks i really love puppet! i've used it quite a while, and i've got few complaints (although foreman is kin… have just used ansible.I WANT THE HOUR OF MY LIFE THAT I SPENT ON THIS BACKbefore i only bitched about bolt because the documentation was literally the worst i've ever seen from a software p… ok i know this sounds crazy, but ops tools should be relatively stable and config files should not have brea… is taking everything i have in me to not tag the person responsible for this on twitter but let it be known that i have restraint.*deep breath* this is an ops tool. is it too much to ask that there are reasonable error messages like "oh hey we… i go to use bolt for the first time in a while (docs make me want to slam my head into a wall repeatedly) but s… I’ve managed to save a small mountain of money to build a new gaming PC (my old CPU is dragging) and I’ve got n… intel - nvidia both for not releasing their new stuff by next month which is when i was originally planning on b… @seanmasn because i have 2 usb-c cables here but zero usb-c keyboards.things that have made me mad this morning: - git for windows - outlook - usb-c - micro usb - keurig - git for wind… you write a piece of software and it automatically opens a webpage after installing, please jump off of a very tall cliff. @EricaJoy just in case you're considering it, i know a lot of folks are getting smart washer/dryers - i'm personall…, stop asking me to descale or if i want to change the filter at 6 am before i've had my first cup of coffee…
@itgrrl Accurate image of my home automation >.>sometimes i want to push air the opposite direction, so i've got one of those rotating disc things that people usua…'ve got a tuya-enabled fan that turns on to push air through a hallway to keep air well circulated. it oscillates,…'ve got a few humidifiers. one is the switchbot humidifier, and i love it. it's not ugly. it works really well, an… cheap smart outlets that don't require power monitoring, i still use tuya/smartlife based outlets. the homeassi… aren't many options for wifi based outlets that allow for power monitoring outside of their specific app. i'v… wifi smartthings outlets are *okay* - but the homeassistant integration is sketch. i keep having to reauthent… double outlets, i like zooz the best, but it's kind of chatty. you have to do an OTA update to get firmware to… power outlets with monitoring capabilities, i've got a few favourites. for single outlets, the older zigbee sm… air purifiers use remotes. These work great, too - I control them with a Logitech harmony, also monitoring pow…, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a non-internet connected air purifier smart. Using a smart outlet, you ca… have been asking about my experiences in trying to improve air quality, and I regret to say that I have foun… @RadioFreeTom I'm approaching 40. I'm in tech, and I've almost always had a good job, despite growing up poor/lower… @RadioFreeTom tom have you ever even talked to a young person that wasn't brought up in an environment of privilege?hulu please stop recommending these shows to me. if i wanted to watch men get applauded for doing basic life tasks… have there been so many dumb tv shows about men that end up single fathers but get the help of other men in the… footage of a full grown man losing to plastic. @timthetatman
Retweeted by Skadi's Thighstho people relatively close to me would probably consider me like... idk, 2.7. @DanJLage @jasoneady i don't think you know how to interpret women's facial expressions very well..@SlickWraps is moderating comments on the post they made about being hacked. it looks like they aren't allowing an…
it smells nice and applies well, but holy crap my skin was so dry afterwords. most of the dudes i've known loved bu… really bad for men rn after trying art of shaving lavender shaving cream. y'all think this stuff is good?the only good thing about being sick is sleeping 14 hours. @spencerseung it probably is for most people, but that's not why i bought it. :P i have normal filtered water in my fridge. @spencerseung just a distiller, idk. it makes 4 liters in 4 hours, i mostly got it for my plants & humidifiers. @Popehat @jbarro this needs to become a twitch emote. @davegraham idk, one of the ones off amazon. i just got one of the recommended ones by them since i didn't care tha… got a countertop water distiller and i've probably never been so excited about something so dull in my entire life
Don’t project your experience with violent people onto a political figure you don’t even know personally. You don’…
Retweeted by Skadi's ThighsI grew up in a very Jewish area and went to schools with large Jewish populations from kindergarten through college…
Retweeted by Skadi's Thighs @chimeracoder Everyone should be yelling and mad imoRemember that time some anonymous shitposter on 4chan’s /sci/ solved an equation that stumped mathematicians for de…
Retweeted by Skadi's Thighs @waynejwerner @Chime @simple I used simple for something like 4-5 years, I think @waynejwerner @Chime @simple I got in early. It didn’t matter. Their policies changed. I’m not the first person to get screwed by them. @waynejwerner @Chime @simple this is why I don’t use simple anymore. Although given my luck… @waynejwerner @Chime @simple Simple is garbage. They tried to get me to send them a photo in front of my apartment.… @Chime You’re kinda missing the point. Text communication isn’t efficient. @ChalicothereX @GavinAyling @aokap_price @ewarren What America definitely doesn’t need is another man in office. Y’… @Chime tfw there’s no way to contact my bank directly for support and I have to wait 4 hours for an email when it’s 2 wake up hot and nauseated. i am so tired pls. @EricaJoy oh no :(when you start to run strace against python, you know it's all gone to shit. @scarynetworkguy i really like arlo. their app is pretty nice, and it allows for local storage, but you are forced… my home assistant config so badly that i had to do a git hard reset because i couldn't figure out wtf was goi… @chimeracoder i'm more and more convinced that some of these ppl are kids that aren't even old enough to vote, beca… @chimeracoder the irony of bernie bros complaining to u that i'm being mean to them is not lost on me. lmao
2 things can be bad
Retweeted by Skadi's ThighsA new app will help you identify IoT-connected devices around you, and tell you what data they’re collecting…
Retweeted by Skadi's Thighs @nickblack i also think the fairly normalized tech mindset of "work at least 50 hours a week salaried or you'll nev… @nickblack ehhhh. i think that's easy for some to say. my mom was the only woman at her steel mill. hard labour, wh… @TenshiHime13 no, it doesn't. this is the "not all men" of the current political conversation. you're welcome to unfollow if it bothers you. @CALMicC I do. I actually got 2 of them when I was sleeping poorly and found out my CO2 was spiking to really unhea… @XenoPhage and everything tastest kind of metallic. which doesn't seem like a good sign. @CALMicC the air distribution is weird. it's mostly baseboard heating, but the living room has one of those weird h… @CALMicC I don't smell anything weird at all - and I'm really sensitive to smell. I thought it might be paint, too,… @XenoPhage Wouldn't PM2.5 be high if it was dust tho? That's what is really puzzling me. Dust would be understandab… @CafeChatNoir That's what I'm guessing >.< Even more weird, humidity has dropped in my apartment dramatically durin… first symptom is always this weird flushed feeling. Maybe it's just dust allergies? But pm2.5 is staying low. o… is spiking within minutes of the construction noises downstairs. I don't see how this couldn't all be related.… have a predicament. The apartment below mine is getting renovated. During this entire time, I've felt off. Yest… @jonrosenberg I’d be pretty ok with this. They would be a good team.Listen, some pundits may say that it was unsporting for Elizabeth Warren to kick off this debate by ripping Mike Bl…
Retweeted by Skadi's Thighs @Slasher stale meta tbh
@GregWildSmith my time is valuable and i bill hourly. why waste it on them? @GregWildSmith weird how i can't see any of that :P haha