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taking the bus to times square
@charles_kinbote the spider almost makes sense next to branagh’s performance @awomanskwarned @whorevidal im still mad they got rid of the free trail mix @awomanskwarned Venus in Furbsthis is just pandering to her core supporters best part of listening to House Music is when someone says “House Music” in the House Music voice
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@sophieyanow @alexnpress @pareene de palma going “what is this nonsense, let me rewrite it for you” when he saw the original opening crawl is pure Cinema[madonna voice] you could be my klobucharnot sure where the editorial board is going with this @daniel_m_lavery Daniel McNuggets Laveryme waiting for my song at karaoke
[collecting free samples at sephora] thrifty use of resources by the new kremlin monarcha dorian gray reboot called Bad Representation @crispinoblong george at 8:03 AM
I co-founded the July Revolution. Now I’m headed to slaughter the Paris Commune. Why? @alexnpress the taco truck to finland stationtold someone i was "going to enforce boundaries" and they thought it was the name of a club
Retweeted by chris randlewhat does it mean that i keep forgetting bernie is six feet tall
i love how biden’s tangled synapses inverted “he is dead and he is going to die” @MarissaBrostoff “towards a leninism of the centre” @MarissaBrostoff the number of arch-blairites who began their political careers as avowed communists is unnervingthe final stage of capitalism @frynaomifry @JamesUrbaniak i adore the B-52s, but i’m also one of the five millennials who like REM
je suis marxiste, tendance bimbo @onihcinimkcin fortunately the politician in question is just from a working-class irish background and not some weird tradcath convert loli see we’ve reached the “left-wing woman hates women and is also secretly a papist” phase of the labour leadership electionsanders & warren being friends who hate each other is queer @20000TinyJars gaelic football supremo james joyce @davidgross_man i wonder what 100 geckos sound like
@CharoShane i keep thinking about that jane bowles letter where she mentioned staring at her writing materials as if they were “nazis” @McCaineNL chaotic neutral muscle slut @CharoShane maybe the ones who burned their own worklosing my mind over some couple describing themselves as “ethical muscle sluts” (unlike the sluts who use their muscles for evil) @lenaruthsolow @crispinoblong @crispinoblong @lenaruthsolow can’t resist that disdainful sneer!!ray liotta goodfellas voiceover @_grendan he did say in his last interview that he liked rebecca long bailey @Knibbs also one of the labour party leadership candidates went to school with him lol @Knibbs still a perfect single pete buttigieg sees a CIA front candidate will commit to keeping the LRB archive freeheightening the contradictions @sashageffen a secret history of the male bimbo @ninehundreds “progressive conservative,” one of the most canadian phrasesonly real debate heads will remember this one @alexnpress in my experience he’s about to say “why don’t you write for them?”in its pitiful tweeness the big ben thing actually resembles some of the dumber Continuity Remain stunts. now that’s tragicomedy!
@jeremydlarson 🎶 i was sick of america and her screaming decay 🎶 @MammonMachine a word redolent of grim british sex comediesme accepting my fate stamp in teorema...tweet concludes here
@TobiHaslett @snubpollard pedro almodovar’s DEVLIN WAUGH @charles_kinbote @EmmaSpecter @kathrynfiona the shock of the moocongrats to jonathan pryce, the celebrity who most resembles my dadThe most intensely challenging, daunting role that any actor can play is that of the clown who fights Batman.
Retweeted by chris randle @onihcinimkcin lol he actually plays a different character in this one (the rare cad/bounder role)“she’s found the bisexuals” crispin whispers as an ascot-wearing painter shows upwatching the movie where kate hepburn is forced to become a boy with @crispinoblongroger scruton has a new chance to appreciate classical hell @RaxKingIsDead that was how they set up the first clandestine disco parties in the ‘70s (but everyone also brought tons of drugs)
disco to bring you to tears, rare
Retweeted by chris randle @request_healing yeah...yeah!
@MilesKlee jean genet liked this @clevack they were talking about meDo you think I care about being "cool" in a YouTube comment section?
Retweeted by chris randleperfect soundtrack toothe boyfriend’s elusively posh drawl in the souvenir drove me insane, as i think joanna hogg intended @davidgross_man did you ever hear the pet shop boys cover of him’m a hot girl, i’m a king, i’m max level and my hp is 9999, i have a public library card, i got a nice haircut, i’…
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@davidgross_man “ornette coleman created punk” gazing upon my mentions spotlight! this man will be chained up and tortured forever in hell to look as hot as possible for my bernie sanders endorsement @MarissaBrostoff @alexnpress @merrittk the father, the son, & the holy toad“my queer therapist roommate...” yes it is once again branded karaoke
@davidgross_man my amazing presidential candidate, who lives in canadaapparently this dog was named “topsy” @awomanskwarned picture of the dog my parents want to adopt looks like some band’s press photo
@dirtbagg“hotel california” but it’s a parc ex warehouse showgrimes announcing she’s pregnant via arty thirst trap is the most mcgill university thing I can think ofmy nana always said that cows lie down when it’s going to rain. i hope this is a plot point in the kelly reichardt film @EmmaSpecter timofeet shoelamet @frynaomifry
every frame i see from that dolittle movie makes me feel like i’m inside a COINTELPRO operation @HNewlevant oh yeah there’s a LOT of enchantments in this set @sophieyanow @alexnpress dozens of podcast guys vying to become bernie’s ramon mercaderlove the flavor of this, like, somebody collapsing in defeat after you quote nietzsche at them