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@SweetJeneeJones Love you 😘 @SweetJeneeJones Okay! He can read and read you @HarlemJ11 I run my parents’ roomba damn near everyday. It’s great! @SweetJeneeJones 😂😂😂Puh-cahn. The correct way😌
Retweeted by Anthony’s Tale @aj_heart88 😂I'm mad as hell I pronounced 3 different ways!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by Anthony’s Tale @NorryBLove @aj_heart88 Happy Birthday 🎈🎊 @vibaby @jermainsmom I’m just going through today. I’ve gone from happy to sad to frustrated in the last 4 hours. T…’t tell someone who’s grieving the death of anyone that “they’re in a better place” Fuck you.There are few things that give me as much joy as hearing “puh-cone pie” did I read this Tweet the way it was supposed to be read?
Retweeted by Anthony’s Tale... I think I say the third one. every now and then I realize there’s words I only know to say with an accent. the…
Retweeted by Anthony’s Tale @pb87_03_27 Bc you’re cultured lolI’m not sitting through any meetings this week and they’ll just have to deal @vibaby @Azari_Azul Y’all so country 😂PUHCAWN!
Retweeted by Anthony’s Tale @dakeauxtah Country!Pecan and yes I pronounced it three different ways 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Retweeted by Anthony’s TaleI hate English 😂
Retweeted by Anthony’s Tale @_VirgoKing Someone else from the country!Puck-cone 😭
Retweeted by Anthony’s Tale @Daisy5730 The 3rd one @ShaquilleWild Aht aht!I’m legit reading this 3 different ways 😂
Retweeted by Anthony’s Tale @urban_elegance @lazysexycooI y’all say pecan, pecan or pecan? @IntellectNFlux LOL...yes! My lease isn’t up until December and hopefully I’ll be licensed by March and get my big bump @IntellectNFlux I really want something cheap that I can flip into my dream house but ain’t nothing cheap in Atlanta 🥴 @LandoGoesWest I mean, I already knew I was poor but damn @iscream27 @renz876 I hate it here 🤦🏾‍♂️ @IntellectNFlux No, the realtor sent me options in what I think will be my price range. Submitted the pre-qualifica… @HarlemJ11 Hello @HarlemJ11 I do and the new federal first time homebuyers program. Hopefully they can be used together @HarlemJ11 First homeThe probation officer turned architect agrees with this. @OfCedric @Daisy5730 And some of these yt hosts look high and their designs are ugly @JaytotheB_ 😂😂😂😂 just clarifying @JaytotheB_ Wait...does this mean you want him broke orrr.... @MrCollins07 Yes and typically like their designs. I’m watching this Fords show thinking they’re crackheadsWhy don’t the black home flipping shows ever make it on HGTV? I only have Flip or Flop Nashville and Fort Worth for… are painting over the wood ceiling ok Home Again with the Fords and I wanna slap them through the tv. I think it’s meth... @renz876 😩 @iBen_jam_in I’m just a fan @iBen_jam_in @iBen_jam_in How to be a stalkerDay 1 with a realtor and these options.... Am I really THIS poor? @urban_elegance @garcoxgang @_BrandonRashad They pulled the budget and never let Joan get married @Daisy5730 @GrapeRipple You know they did! @iBen_jam_in Oh...I’m supposed to stare back? 🤨 no wonder I never meet anyone 😩I think we can all agree that Teyonah Parris 💕
Retweeted by Anthony’s TaleYou got it = I disagree with everything you just said but I dont feel like arguing
Retweeted by Anthony’s Tale @_WilsonsWorld Aht! All these streaming services add up @_WilsonsWorld AT&T 😔 @_WilsonsWorld So you have it? 🧐 @Yurmajesty (I’m waiting for my mom to get it and use her login) Work w/ my faves @chloexhalle. creative direction: yours truly
Retweeted by Anthony’s TaleHGTV has been running these Discovery + commercials all day and I feel personally attacked bc now I want Discovery… @Daisy5730 I thought he was just a storyline. I didn’t think they were still together
@ghettoOPRAH_ Started the episode off defining freak hoe....but we all freak hoes 🤷🏾‍♂️ @ghettoOPRAH_ We collectively didn’t care what kenya was peddling @writefromBK @chloexhalle Whaaatt? That’s major!!I feel like the strippergate drama didn’t take off the way Bravo expected....or there’s more footage or something @iscream27 Yea, they can’t be on the show together. Sheree forgets how to spread the mess equally.So you’re saying she’ll be back next season... @KyriacosONYX Happy Birthday 🎁🎂Bone•Apple•Tea 🥴
Retweeted by Anthony’s Tale @Sayonical @HarlemJ11 It’s great on fabrics. @HarlemJ11 I bought some for my sister when she got a new Tahoe. Not sure she even used it looking at the seats now @HarlemJ11 I want a big green, plush sectional @vibaby 😂 I’ve avoided alcohol on purpose @TerrySi16587751 Ohh nothing 😌 @MindofLoki We are sick of seeing it(So do I) @manmanatl I love John. Who talking about him? @RandomlyAnt I was looking like 🙄🙄🙄
Retweeted by Anthony’s Tale @kev_lu_ 😂😂😂 YES! @vibaby Yea, they’re barely gonna get any work out of me this week. I can’t focus. I’m reducing my scheduleDon’t RT or like that GQ article on this TL, please. I haven’t rolled my eyes that hard in long time @vibaby Well I work from home so I can stay here as long as needed. @vibaby Lol I’m headed home from the gym actually. It’s day 2. Yesterday was useless. I actually had a decent workout today. @vibaby They’re doing alright. It’s hard. I think we’re all trying to push ourselves @_iamKristianC I’d need to see the work 🧐 @BraxtonLeBron I love it! It’s not as extreme looking from this angle @Rob_IAm Well it’s big 🤷🏾‍♂️Think I’m just gonna start working around 10 CST. I’m moving so slow this morning“I’m an introvert. I’m just different. That’s all. I’m so sorry. I have no gun.” SAY HIS NAME Elijah McClain I s…
Retweeted by Anthony’s TaleY’all wasn’t there
Retweeted by Anthony’s TaleWhere is my $1400? @Gregs_Anatomy I used to watch that around the clock @HarlemJ11 I’m not surprised. Most designers try to fit as much high dollar design in as possible before the value engineering starts @HarlemJ11 Yea, we don’t like giving up our power lolI can’t believe they used these angled roof planes for this house with no clerestory. I’m watching 100 Day Dream Ho… @shawnallenlive How much does cable cost in Cali? @RaytedG
@Daisy5730 @verbly_uninhbtd I don’t like fish sandwiches. I do like spicy food. The spice overpowers the chicken @themrwest Drier than the biscuits @JustPlainCamm Reality tv characters are usually polarizing so people either feel one way or another and that has a…