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I bang on keyboards and write about leadership, pens, bikes, backpacks, and werewolves. Small Things, Done Well. Now available:

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‘If Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads’ — Listen to 'Borat' star…
Retweeted by randsThe Maker of Things: @rands just make sure it's down-ballot. the big races are drowning in cash that they have no effective way to spend
Retweeted by randsIf I were to believe the hourly emails arriving asking for money, I’d think that election fortunes were changing ho…
@EngineerJohnO 💯You are underestimating the compounding value of small acts of thoughtfulness.
@bikeonastick Yeah, that’s a legal thing.More than 223,000 people have died from coronavirus. Trump still doesn’t have a plan. We need a real leader in the…
Retweeted by randsIf the answer is always, “Let’s schedule a meeting,” there is a good chance they aren’t hearing or understanding the question.Happy people don’t leave jobs they love:
The Year’s Most Coveted Halloween Decoration: voted.
I’m not sure this has ever been done before...but as our national political dialogue continues to decline, my oppon…
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I am very pleased how The Metronome turned out and was received: @itorres @shanselman Also, humans have been complaining about this choice since 2002. They are wrong. 😬 @itorres @shanselman Correct. This is why I bury the date. People’s desire for fresh content is… problematic.
Yesterday, when Neven said, “the ballots are here!” I screamed and was filling mine out within minutes. I dropped t…
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Really. is the gosh darned best weather service out there. Stunning.Here's something: I'm starting a company with @gnezelocin and @wwayneee. ✨ We're Balsa, and we're building tools fo…
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The Words You Wear: @samhogg @rands Yep, they tear off very easily
Retweeted by randsLittle known fact. Lululemon - making a fine athleisure clothing - is actually a French word which roughly translat… @sdigre Mandatory at least sets expectations correctly.Vote: @rands Here are a few in that vein that I’ve enjoyed recently: Smack and Amy Miyu - “Like This” Tiësto, 7 Skies, an…
Retweeted by rands @jakesutton This is excellent.Tuesday morning music. Looking for more recommendations in the vein of this jam: (which is better than coffee) @ajkamel Equally bad signal. @rands Strong indication someone is going to reach out, touch base, and circle back
Retweeted by rands“Sync” is always a bad name for a meeting.
The Metronome: in swing states. Super curious what the media barrage is like. Do tell.
2020 an interview, I’m waiting for the first time you tell me a story because your stories tell me a bit about: what… is an amazing chart. Gallup.
Retweeted by randsPro productivity tip: Close every single open application before you start to build.
“Facebook, when it’s working as designed, is a natural accelerating force in the erosion of our shared reality and,…
We, as a species, are getting quite good at video conferencing.
Wait what? : deserve a starship break today: of Thieves – Advancing the Narrative:
The Slack Line (phrase): The moment a conversation in Slack is better served by a video conference call. (Usage: “U…, whatever gets us out of the next debate…. I’m good:
@rands The singing is great, no doubt, but that guitar is like nothing else.
Retweeted by randsSuper important end of day question. Sweet Child of O’ Mine. What is the more important artistic contribution: Slas…
@rands Only Ted Lasso can save us.
Retweeted by randsDonald Trump showed the country last night just how unfit he is to be president. If you weren't able to bear watchi…
Retweeted by randsRewatching Succession to restore my faith in humanity.
Honest Game Trailers | Among Us : @AlexMcCollister I am willing to be surprised, but it seems like a part of the device that is required to be reliab… Not once. Have I ever wanted my electronic device screen to fold.80% of Brooks’ Mythical Man Month still holds up (and has been relabeled with kitschy names). That + @rands work ha…
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I am 9 years old. I have paid more taxes than Donald Trump.
Retweeted by randsBe wary of the human who believes the most important thing in THIS meeting is the thing they heard was most important in the LAST meeting.When you say, “That’s why we make the big bucks” I hear, “I have no idea how to solve this impossible problem.”The moment they realize you respond significantly faster in Slack than in email.Wait, Trump lied about his finances, too?
@rands “Look around, find something that needs to be done, and do it.”
Retweeted by rands @rands “You are who you hang out with”. I hated this advice as I thought they were choosing my friends for me, but I totally get it now.
Retweeted by randsAdvice your parents gave you that you hated, but you now quote regularly. Mine: “It’s good to want things.”If your form to allow me to choose to not be tracked is ANYTHING other than DECLINE ALL checkbox then you are doing it wrong.
@webtwozero Writing about Sea of Thieves. The coffee is working.Good morning, Twitter. May your coffee turn into the most excellent writing this fine day.
My favorite power move is volunteering to call the big cross-departmental meeting. She who owns the meeting sets th…
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@rands Not showing up at all?
Retweeted by rands @rands Punctuality is the courtesy of kings.
Retweeted by rands @rands Reading the pre-read.
Retweeted by randsIs showing up on time or early the oldest power move in the book? If not, what is?Ask for favors in the morning when the spice^h^h^h^h^h coffee is flowing.
I am sad how well arbitrary deadlines work. @stopachka @patio11 I need to update that piece for 2020.
@rands All meetings are optional if you want them to be.
Retweeted by randsThankful for being marked optional in a meeting.
@taylanpince And in the meantime they schedule a crap ton of useless meetings. @taylanpince Very happy to read this, but I think this realization takes time percolate across the cultural consciousness of a company.The amount of work that used to happen in the hallways and is now jammed into a meeting is both my biggest lesson a… grandpa always said that a man is only as good as his word. Senator Graham, you have proven your word is worthle…
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Making coffee great again. tweet for pinning. Want 40 great candidates to donate to, right now? Here you go: State Slate Round 1:…
Retweeted by rands @rands SwingLeft has a “Swing The Senate” fund to donate to those all in once place (can customize):…
Retweeted by randsCompetitive and lesser known Senate candidates that could benefit the most from extra cash right now: Theresa Green… “The Art of Leadership“ by @rands. Got me after reading in the introduction “Leadership, like any complex s…
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see: everyone smirking when the meme in the private channel drops
Retweeted by rands @rands raise your hand if that back channel is made up entirely of gifs
Retweeted by randsIn COVID world, there is usually an ENTIRE OTHER back channel meeting going on behind the scenes in Slack, Messages… @rands John hates it and I'm like, "Dude, this is all never going to be cool. Just embrace it."
Retweeted by randsI’m getting onboard with the hang the mask from one ear when necessary as an efficiency move.
@ProductMorty @mariodgabriele @lennysan @can @johncutlefish @Alex_Danco @packyM I don’t tweetstorm. I find it very…
Because it is trivial to get distracted on a large video conference calls, I’ve taken to awkwardly starting stateme… @rands No, there’s also
Retweeted by rands @rands We must not forget Ted Lasso
Retweeted by randsIs this the only good thing that happened in 2020? most likely scenario estimates that Covid-19 will kill 410,450 people in the U.S. by Jan. 1 :
What do you mean I need to download the TikTok 1.8 Runtime Environment?
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Plan your escape from The Policeman-Giant: 2020: @NormanCheng You are correct, sir. Fixed.The Important Thing - The One About Charlotte :’t figure out why Pandemic Football feels more normal than Pandemic Basketball and Pandemic Hockey.Screw it. Turning on Christmas music. Let’s do this.