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One more stop: NBA Finals
Retweeted by RandallLeBron James 38 points 16 rebounds 10 assists Advancing to the NBA Finals for the 10th time in his career🔥
Retweeted by Randall4 more games, finish the job !KING JAMESLets go LA
@FingersLiberace @OffTheeWall 😂😂😂 @TheNBACentral Crazy, every time @paulpierce34 mentions King James’ name this all I can think of
Retweeted by RandallLebron had more 40 point playoff games in TD Garden than Paul Pierce did
Retweeted by RandallY’all getting really weird about this tory & meg thing. Please take a moment to remember these people don’t even know you exist.Going to her side of the house and stealing all her expensive skin care & body washes >>> brother reminder
Retweeted by RandallPaul Pierce: "My era is out the league, we weren’t afraid of LeBron." Also Paul Pierce:
Retweeted by Randall @xxtinez AmazonWomen look so peaceful when they’re asleep and not getting on your nervesThese birria tacos getting smashed on sightLMFAOO????
Retweeted by RandallNo team has milked 1 ring for clout more in sports history
Retweeted by RandallVice presidential nominee Kamala Harris names 2Pac as the 'best rapper alive.'
Retweeted by RandallCentaur with a bow obviously
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Retweeted by RandallAnyone considering becoming a US citizen fees are going up 81% fees are $640 right now and will go up to $1,160 st…
Retweeted by RandallGriselda - Fire In The Booth via @YouTubeRent is due again next week????? For the love of God.
Retweeted by RandallOh man. @Andre really did something with these “Vice” Kobe 5 PEs. 🤯 🏝
Retweeted by RandallBoy fuck Tory and Meg.
Retweeted by Randall
Women that defend this coke head are so strange to me lol @Maine_561 They bout to be sick when they see what the real one cost 🤣Berner got tired of yall smoking mids out those fake cookies bags and came to save florida lmaoFacts, cookies good in my book anyday 🤝 remixing my passwords and then forgetting which remix I used.
Retweeted by RandallWhat Tory has done might be the sickest shit I've ever seen
Retweeted by Randall** disingenuous democrats lost the general election to donald trump by stealing the nomination from bernard sanders
Retweeted by RandallWhy do Americans actually dress like this? A bra and leggings???
Retweeted by RandallThis nigga Tory on some other shit 😭Yes, man got bangers time AD hit the ground it’s like dropping your phone with no case
Retweeted by RandallKuzma when he falls for MPJ’s pump fake
Retweeted by RandallJokic plays some of the most swaggerless basketball i have ever seenwhat do you call cops that shoot no threat citizens
Retweeted by RandallIm so use to doing nice things for myself i wouldnt know how to act if someone did some nice shit for me for no reasonthis headache acting like i won’t take us both tf out
Retweeted by RandallIf AD dont get his soft ass in that paint and grab some boardsWhat a lay up omg
Soflo photographer IG@shotswithjey
Retweeted by RandallWhen she sliding my Fenty Men boxers off
Retweeted by RandallThis a trick question cause you do both.
Retweeted by RandallTory better learn how to weld or something. His music career is over.
Retweeted by RandallNigga we watching the Lakers game tonight foh Snowden is an american hero😂😂😂😂😂 Mike Breen hit that BANG! and its against your team its the most demoralizing shit in the world.
Retweeted by RandallIts a genetics thing, some people just genuinely can’t grow it @DGlizzy215 You could flip those and cop you some real heat if you really want a personal pair of some shit @DGlizzy215 Sell
Retweeted by RandallLmfaooo was ready to hoop at any moment
Retweeted by RandallPeople so damn weird these days getting cooked by Eleven from Stranger Things
Retweeted by RandallMan when flip phones was around hangin up on a nigga was so fun. Used to slam that mf shut like BITCH
Retweeted by RandallWe are a sad generation with happy pictures.
Retweeted by RandallWorld going to absolute shit and this nigga Kanye on twitter crying bout clothing brands @newscotti He was a CI, way too valuable to have him in there with general poulationIts just going to go to the defense budget, stop crying & get a bag is some weirdo shit, please don’t get your feelings hurt lol this money, is God playing a joke on me ?Crunchtime by Robb Bank$ on #SoundCloud talk shit better than rio & mike on a track save my Celtic pack for tomorrow to mix with the nuggets pack
Retweeted by RandallWhat a stupid ruleExtra yelling in the locker room tonight @celtics
Retweeted by RandallOhh that’s heat ball Scott Foster
Retweeted by RandallMan... Future really gave us both these classic albums in a 7 day span 🐐
Retweeted by RandallJust let Herro cook and get out the way tbh
Retweeted by RandallTyler Herro is a pure hooperThat hot dab tatum took before the game wore off 😂Tatum picked a horrible game to go missing @kid_odjo Im shocked they still have yet to adapt @andresm1357_ Lmaooo he high as hell out there rnThe Celtics don’t handle zone well at allPs5 secured
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Amazon is really the most well oiled machine in America
Retweeted by RandallHeal and move on. You have things to do, you cannot continue living in your past.
Retweeted by RandallReminder: Nancy Pelosi is against Medicare For All.
Retweeted by RandallPlease keep buying these expensive ass durags. I love seeing her win
Retweeted by RandallOur legal code is so complex its literally next to impossible to go one day without breaking a lawTwitter the only place I seent folks stir macaroni and cheese when it’s done
Retweeted by RandallCubans for Trump tho right???? lol
Retweeted by Randalllmaoooooooo reforming this
Retweeted by RandallFuck the patriot actThe the way they try guilt tripping you into buying into a system that clearly has never worked is hilarious doesn’t understand how good his salads are
Retweeted by RandallThese police not gonna feel our pain until they start dying too sadlyDon’t understand how everyone isn’t a morning person. Any day you get to wake up should be enough reason to be happy
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