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*PND is fucking up his own rollout .. lol
Retweeted by RandallLmfaooooo @ umbrellas add to the list of things men can’t do because it’s gay and/or only for women. So far we have: -Amazon Prim…
Retweeted by RandallYes, thats adult pricing KodakBiggest fight in 20 years ???? can’t identify a single thing in this picture. Am I having a fucking stroke?
Retweeted by RandallIts way too fucking hot for February, i’m so sick of Floridas bullshit @mareabell Thats different though we only get two parents so its understandable we put up with their shit 💀And i never seen women who are “actually” worthy enough of being taken care of join in these types of debates either
Retweeted by RandallWould just like to say, he called one of our female bartenders in the Silverado room a “cunt” and then proceeded to…
Retweeted by RandallYou people need to learn how to love yourselves and stand your ground when necessary. Tired of seeing yall go out sad lolWhen you zoom in you see the cutest kitten ever!!! Omg I cried :((
Retweeted by RandallI’ll never understand how people treat y’all like shit and you still keep doing for them lol. Thats some sucker shitIt’s actually so fucked that he had to come out and clear his name for his own brother death, I hate the internet…
Retweeted by RandallLove is such a beautiful thing.I can’t imagine my showers without you. I can’t imagine cooking without the second plate being for you. I can’t ima…
Retweeted by Randalllove is patient. love is kind. it does not envy.
Retweeted by Randall @TMZ @kid_odjo remember what we saidPop Smoke Murder Appeared to be Target Hit, Not Robbery
Retweeted by RandallFat girls be like "your big mad" Okay and your mad big tf
Retweeted by RandallTHE CHECK HAS CLEARED 🙌🏼💸 Thank Uncle @SnoopDogg guys cause if it wasn’t for him this would not be happening but y…
Retweeted by Randallain’t nobody buying no nut force ones
Retweeted by RandallU a celebrity?
Retweeted by RandallIm sore as fuckThis animal..........I don’t deserve him
Retweeted by RandallBrowns’ OT Greg Robinson was alleged to have 157 pounds - 157 pounds! - of marijuana in “several large duffle bags…
Retweeted by RandallA year ago today I walked into a detox center with no intent on getting sober. Today, I’m here to say this shit wor…
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Starting to have faith in millennials. Buy the hood.
Retweeted by Randall @Randy_1220 a glock w a dick
Retweeted by RandallLmfaoooo @NOCAPSETH Yeah i don’t want anything big, just enough to stop a threat if necessary @CardonaWilkin Nah never a high point i know that much 🤝 good looks wodie thank you @NOCAPSETH Both @Randy_1220 Man u gotta keep that shit on u fr even if u a felon u gotta keep that bitch on ya
Retweeted by RandallWhats a good option for a first time firearmThe way he stares at them after too 💀💀💀 don’t even look like he’d last 4 years in office in the condition he’s in @DGlizzy215 Facts, they get room temp its ova withChickfila fries are some hot garbage. They taste like cardboard if you don’t have sauceThey wont have any answers plays 1 game
Retweeted by RandallAlpha Indigo Romeo. Indigo Tango. Oscar Uniform Tango.
Retweeted by RandallLMFAO alright thats enough internet for today @RosKoMotah Lmfaoooooo he just got done whooping my ass dont worry i took my own advice too 😂Take yall bitch asses to the gym word to my nigga duncDoes Lauryn Hill know she's supposed to be there?
Retweeted by Randall @whoaitsyd He’s dope as hell. Im really glad he’s not in Kanye’s shadow anymore @whoaitsyd Abloh ?Life really doesn't make sense "Patient plays violin during surgery to preserve brain function for the skill"
Retweeted by RandallNow y’all see why DaBaby almost beat a nigga ass for posting the Hotel he was staying at with his daughter
Retweeted by Randall“Hey babe I’m finna got suck this man dick at 1 for $50 and I got another appointment at 6 to fuck this guy for $40…
Retweeted by RandallThis news just makes me realize i need to stop bullshitting and invest in a firearm. @ChrisleyBietch He’s in California, they’re 3 hours behind usPacific time Always Says TMZ Isn’t Credible But I Cant Remember A Time When They Were Wrong ...
Retweeted by Randallcomments on Pop Smoke friends Instagram after he posted a picture forgetting to blur the address out. crazy 😖
Retweeted by Randall @seagoat800 bruh posted the whole shabang 🤦🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by RandallYou can just tell who grew up believing that theres no such thing as a stupid questionLmfaooooo @kid_odjo i wouldnt be surprised if we get an update later that nothing was even taken @kid_odjo yeah nobody in their right mind pulling that off, this was some hating shit @kid_odjo bruh anyone who been to hollywood hills will tell you nobody is doing a home invasion on a regular ass wednesday 4:30 am2020 starting to feel like 2019.5Everyone please be safe today, I don’t care if you at the crib all day, just be safe.
Retweeted by Randall @ichasecats_ honestly bro i hear he was in his crib 4:30 am type shit them boys had to know he was dolo20 years old, thats way too young @ichasecats_ He just blew too, wouldn't doubt it was some niggas he knewDamn thats wild#BREAKING: Rapper Pop Smoke shot and killed in what appears to be a home invasion robbery
Retweeted by Randallidk whats more disturbing...this tweet or the fact you refer to yourself as a chocolate covered perc you niggas aggravate me, THERES PLANTAIN FOR A REASON
Retweeted by RandallNigga a whole weirdo lol Dwanye Wade taking parenting advice from an ex felon with 8 children who was in jail bottoming for packages…
Retweeted by RandallAnnnnnnd Im back
Retweeted by RandallI encourage a lot of people to do more research on sexual & gender fluidity. It really is an interesting subject it… were all these celebrities when T.I. was checking his daughter’s hymen ?
Retweeted by RandallPrayers up for Kyle Kuzma. Hope everything is okay after this car hit him🙏🙏
Retweeted by RandallWhen customers come in 6 hours before closing
Retweeted by Randall @iHateQuan Nvm
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Retweeted by RandallThat Backwood almost sent him to his maker 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by RandallNot anymore see people proud Palm Beach #9 on the most dangerous cities list... what the fuck is wrong with y’all??
Retweeted by RandallScrolling past things you don’t agree with >>>Lmfaoooooo Durant is looking healthy🔥
Retweeted by RandallBring this to miami tho, im tryna see sumn snow leopard’s incredible camouflage
Retweeted by RandallThis Tik Tok era is forced, vine just felt far more natural.
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@mmmelanim Yeah twitter has taught me a lot about the after effects & etc. it’s crazy to think thats such a normalized practiceMan sues L.A. hospital for wife’s death during botched C-section “Please look, my wife isn’t doing well” “Sir, yo…
Retweeted by RandallCircumsicion really is some sick shit when you think about it lolIm not crying..... yes. Yes I am.....
Retweeted by RandallRIP @MLB
Retweeted by RandallListen I know I don’t play baseball but I am in Sports and I know if someone cheated me out of winning the title an…
Retweeted by RandallSome of y'all don't love yourselves. I can tell by how you treat people.
Retweeted by RandallThe Lakers are going to regret not making any moves for the trade deadline when the playoffs hit smh.Im grateful for all the young successful black millionaires i follow on this app because i was thinking way too small before.