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@DJwhoknew888 You’re a nice person. 😘 @_daveharrison @JeremiahPassmo1 @thebuddahdave @thehill @RichmanMartin @LindseyGrahamSC Just like I said. Cute as fuck. 😘 @DebIsGone I love you Deb. 😘✌🏼👏🎸🤗❤️ @KindaSquirrelly @DebIsGone Instant follow. ✌🏼😘🤗🎸👏🤙 @DebIsGone ❤ it! Mine is MY GOD People what have you done? Locked Him in His golden cage Golden cage Made Him be…
Retweeted by Randy @JeremiahPassmo1 @thebuddahdave @thehill @RichmanMartin @_daveharrison @LindseyGrahamSC Lindsey’s.... cute. @Mel_Dutch @LL_Yankees I thought they were... striking.Men who make selfies staring out the window: stop.
Retweeted by Randy“The Eye of Artigas” - Natural polished Eye Agate from Artigas, Uruguay Photo: Marc Miterman #minerals #agate
Retweeted by RandyHope and love wrapped into one
Retweeted by Randy @RockNRollPics Blackmore’s such a swell guy.Deep Purple, 1969. 📷 Chris Walter.
Retweeted by RandySorry to post again but needed so much to tell you this When hubby saw this poem and painting I did tonight he loo…
Retweeted by Randy @BritishProg A bit in between. Northern California. ✌🏼😘Difficulties mastered are opportunities won. #Churchill #quote #opportunities
Retweeted by Randy @skanetos @Mel_Dutch Should’ve seen that disclaimer coming.... @DJwhoknew888 @LL_Yankees You too? 😘😉✌🏼🎸
@FiIigree I’m as flattered as I as Mystified. @CoolPurpleBass Cool. The other? @FiIigree 😘✌🏼🎸. You’re too kind. ThanksA man from Argentina planted a guitar-shaped forest of 7,000 trees, and more than 1km in length, in memory of his w…
Retweeted by RandyLooks like a Dingwall.Both. @CoolPurpleBass What kind of bass is that? It’s pretty.Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
Retweeted by Randy @AlwaysLovingLif @ar_el_ Oh jeeez. Way too late, eh.#SongsMoviesCelebsInTheUnderworld Where the Styx have no name
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My son and I are very different. It would never cross his mind to tell another person to go fuck themselves. @DaughenbaughJm 😘I’ve had the living shit kicked out of me more times than I can count. And I’m still typing.Taking an IQ test online says more about your IQ than the results.
Retweeted by Randy @randybruin8 If someone says "have a nice day" and you don't, can you sue them!
Retweeted by RandyWhat do you want from life? Well you can’t have that, but if you’re an American citizen you are entitled to....Hi Ho Hi Ho ✌❤
Retweeted by RandyLook on the bright side - Life of Brian is still available to book as a Private Watch Party at @Cinemark through Ap…
Retweeted by Randy @tielrex Actually, a very nice lady. Got a bad rap for some strange reasonOh my god Morgan Fairchild retweeted this😲
Retweeted by Randy @crockpics The one and only gig he played with Tull.Jethro Tull (with Tony Iommi – of Black Sabbath) Photo by Michael Randolph
Retweeted by Randy#JethroTull is just waiting for #Metallica to be nominated.#JethroTull Is trending. There IS a God and Ian’s not dead. A good day. 🤓🤙🎸✌🏼👏👏👏👏When Jethro Tull is trending you share the coolest Tull recording you own, which for me is this little 45 with wint…
Retweeted by Randy @MightAsWell20 I was there. 🤓"Jethro Tull" Concord Pavilion September 24, 1996
Retweeted by Randy @bhandel58 Instant followThe Trend scared the shit out of be to be honest. #JethroTull @tielrex I’ve been here 10. First time.In the 4 1/2 years I’ve been on here I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jethro Tull trend. So glad they’re getting some l…
Retweeted by RandyGlad to see Jethro Tull trending. My first concert!
Retweeted by RandyJethro Tull is trending, apparently due to a question about flute in pop songs. I will take this opportunity to sa…
Retweeted by Randy @JohnnyBlkshrt They’re waiting for Metallica to be nominated.Why isn’t Jethro Tull in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
Retweeted by RandyJethro Tull “My God” Live Isle Of Wight 1970
Retweeted by RandyThere's a Youtube series with a classically trained flautist "Discovering" Jethro Tull. It's a hoot.
Retweeted by RandyToday’s #RockSolidAlbumADay2021 Jethro Tull Heavy Horses, one of my favorite Tull albums, and the second album in t…
Retweeted by RandyMy son Fred was named after Ian Anderson. #JethroTull @Harringtonian As was my sonON THIS DAY: 1974. Jethro Tull rocker Ian Anderson launches his BBC1 flute prank show, Ian Anderson's Undercover Fl…
Retweeted by RandyJethro Tull is trending! This is probably my one and only opportunity to announce I was named after Ian Anderson.
Retweeted by RandyIs telling another human to go fuck themselves ever the correct course of action? Having a bit of a debate with my shit kid.
@JonTrevithick Oh, go and get a glass of water.It would be very difficult to love Mr. @NotTheTimCurry one bit more.It's my 75th birthday on 19th April 2021. I'm not trending because I'm dead. ⚠️PLEASE RT NOW TO PREVENT ANY AGEIST…
Retweeted by Randy @rebecca_ryder21 Scale is the length between the Head Nut and where the strings enter the bridge. @rebecca_ryder21 Cool. Glad to help. @rebecca_ryder21 Exactly midway between a 3/4 ( short scale) and full scale. If yoyve got smallish hands, it’s a gr… @rebecca_ryder21 Most underrated Guitar Company out there... look for a used one you like on EBay. @rebecca_ryder21 Out of 35 total, I’d guess 25 are Washburns. @rebecca_ryder21 Highly. The vast majority of mine are Washburn. If I had a spare acoustic, I’d send you one @dannykeanmusic Usually is tho. 😝 @randybruin8 @rebecca_ryder21 @_daveharrison @thebuddahdave @EricIdle I spent my time in the comfy chair!! I don't say dirty words no more.
Retweeted by RandyI'M GETTING THIS GUITAR WHEN I SAVE UP ENOUGH MTURK MONEY. Then technically it'll be 'free'. Unfortunately they don…
Retweeted by RandyWashburn, Baby!!!! @JeremiahPassmo1 @rebecca_ryder21 @_daveharrison @thebuddahdave @EricIdle You gotta be fucking kidding me. Who reported you?One of our favorite Movies. La Grande Bouffe. We would screen it.
Retweeted by RandyWait? You must have said this before you heard my lines 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Randy @TheLaughMakers Reminds me. I’ve had my eye on this Ivory Coffee Table for weeks now....Hey @maddow I’m not bothered at all about obscene language. The obscenity of an unarmed man being murdered by a pol…
Retweeted by RandyMay I please get 2 followers to copy and re-post this tweet? I'm trying to demonstrate that someone is always lis…
Retweeted by Randy @EricIdle 😘True.
Retweeted by Randy @rebecca_ryder21 @JeremiahPassmo1 @_daveharrison @thebuddahdave @EricIdle Are we still in the lifeboat? @randybruin8 @JeremiahPassmo1 @_daveharrison @thebuddahdave @EricIdle Don't know @JeremiahPassmo1 CONFESS!
Retweeted by Randy @dannykeanmusic Or hoop to it as the case may be. @dannykeanmusic That’s why it works. A bottle of laughs just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 😑😉 @1RoguePoet @DocAtCDI 😶 @rebecca_ryder21 @JeremiahPassmo1 @_daveharrison @thebuddahdave @EricIdle I still have no idea why he got banned th… @kevinghannah In heavy syrup.Dream One. #AddALetterToASong @ThisOneSayz 😘The time my 11 year old exclaimed, “Look mom, it’s Marty!” when she saw this pillow, made me realize I’m not that b…
Retweeted by Randy @V32951124 A girl’s gotta have standards. @_daveharrison @JeremiahPassmo1 @thebuddahdave @rebecca_ryder21 @EricIdle Obviously not enough for him to have learned his lesson. @ReturnofR Tal Bergman. @tal_bergmanCarl Sagan's letter to Chuck Berry
Retweeted by Randy @kevinghannah Love the Kevin. 😘🎸👏 @JeremiahPassmo1 @_daveharrison @thebuddahdave @rebecca_ryder21 @EricIdle Naughty tit. @kevinghannah Hey man.... I fit the suit.Too many humans lack humanity
Retweeted by Randy @uniquehawaii Cool! I think he got a little plastic trophy too. If you work hard and apply yourself, you can achieve anything! 🧖🏾‍♂️💁🏽🧟💩🤢🤑