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@pnjaban how’s that cringe or whatever @PlatoMachiaveli ‘one of’??? who cares @davidanagy3 @jeanlucpeakhard already know the raiders are going to pay him big time @jeanlucpeakhard how about mike williams man. does make me sad we won’t have him after this year @TinyTrumpPics my fantasy team is ok with itmike williams and herbert tooo good at scoring may actually cost them to lose @goddamnitzack my fantasy mvpchargers oh my godwondering why the chargers db didn’t run after the int then remembering mccree @JohnGalvano how are the cardinals so unprepared for that exact scenario @doulbedoink not comfortable even a tiny bit @hasanthehun that’s right go chargerswhy are they goal line running on 2nd down cmon mandon’t know if i can watch joe lombardi play calling an entire season @cowlonfull a very movable force vs an easily stopped object @cowlonfull as long as the chiefs can stop 50 yrd tds they could be fine bc our red zone o sucks ass @the_y0sh he’s been good between the 1 and the 1 @doulbedoink i was like what the lol @doulbedoink you bet them to win straight up?when they go down by 14 i’ll go get my car washedchargers probably going to lose today. it’s alright tho @jacobdotgov sweeney todd
@cityafreaks lol yeah if i stepped out of a time machine i’d think that too @cityafreaks don’t think anyone can say ‘opposite’ anymore
@lib_crusher like cmon lol @lib_crusher also florida is lying about their covid deaths. they’ll say like 9 a day often @Srirachachau reminds me of cindy running in Scary Movie @chrischristers @mtracey what’s unlikely @mtracey he probably wanted it bc his dad died of covid @stclairashley how would someone know if you’re not vaccinatedkinda seems like you are in fact making this up
@BCryptofash it’s ok to just call yourself a republican @PrebenReal they train our copsim fine with the chris pratt casting as mario as long as it’s extremely offensive and nintendo has to issue an apol… honestly rather pay for govt issued juvenile crack at this pointcongrats to israel on getting more of my money you guys earned it @Srirachachau seth rogen donkey kong huh @jacobdotgov i believe hereveryone: why don’t you guys say anything about the measles and mumps vaccine mandates huh??? republicans: ok we’l… @kath_krueger i just don’t think it’s only ‘libs’ @CarlBeijer the hell i do @neuroaristocrat if a kid talked to me like that i might cry @InternetHippo lol what kind of doctor @Cruller19 idk last i saw dare it was a suicide prevention thing @jaegervonkramer thought he had an easy win‘if this was 200 years ago i’d fuck you up’ lmao @debdrens so did she have 2 different daughters @libsoftiktok what’s more important, being stubborn about the vaccine or your kids being able to see the doctor @republicstate1 @ByYourLogic realized i’ve spent my entire life assuming anthrax was just a poisonous powder lol @ByYourLogic didn’t know there was an anthrax vaccinehas this guy ever talked to an actual not just trad online catholic in his entire life i’m being serious
the professor is right
@danielrpopper great decision over tyron johnson @MCares37 so the 49ers need a corner in case one of theirs has an injury history @theblanketparty bah!asante samuel jr actually good4 penalties in one drive and they score. ultimate chargers fan experiencemy fantasy team sucks every year it’s ok i’ll keep playing that garbage @hasanthehun time to get a new back @doulbedoink i do not know how lol @doulbedoink maybe it’s a good thing i can’t do this in california but fuck i wish i could @InternetHippo newsom wins and all of a sudden it’s cold @ConceptualJames weak as hell @InternetHippo have to wear a jacket for like 30 minutes in the morning. what’s this shit @lib_crusher at least they’re realizing that the herman cain awards subreddit is reali think it would be funny if you know a trump supporter who finally gets the vaccine because of mandates to make fun of them really hardi accepted eating alone in a restaurant is cool when the driver from drive did it
@Hegelbon why did the car blow up like that
@galyphyrine what’s the hypocrisy here @saved_bi__grace yeah fine with me im vaccinated @IrateMaxwell elder’s ads all mentioned the time newsom went to a restaurant @ImNotOwned i can go to literally any bar here maskless if i want @TandenNeera idk probably a ton of mayors did for some reason @trevcampbell6 @TheMarieOakes what rulesare we still pretending there are restrictions of any kind in this country @debdrens the worst part of covid is all the stuff covid does to you
@GarlicCorgi there’s a guy who replies to me sometimes who does this. he’s nice tho so i don’t give him any shitgreenwald on here declaring with severe earnestness that saying the vaccine causes your testicles to swell up is ju… @Timcast @NICKIMINAJ from what @MoonsHaunted5 just sitting in my glove compartment stillpretty weird framing, most people support these types of vaccine mandates and especially in LA. republicans always… minaj doing the dumb person thing of saying something stupid but actually no they’re just asking questions. pretty embarrassing @jacobdotgov i like this one. desantis won by less than 1 percent uhh yeah you would think so but that’s exactly what every republican is doing. this is just lampshading for rig…
@Lee_Lo24 @Timcast more republicans live in california than any other state @NumbersMuncher they are tho. multi billion dollar surplus @refucktionist what’s this got to do with what i saidwhites voted to keep newsom. dumbass. don’t know shit about california. jd vance pays this guy $15k to shill for him @fermunation must not have been very worried loldidn’t even vote for newsom because i didn’t get my 600 dollars yetdamn how did elder lose elder was out here campaigning with fuckin dave rubin. cmon man
@cityafreaks republicans always thinking they’re 80% of the country
@doulbedoink do the bears dbs know the rules
@JackColbert stuck with this guy!guess it should have been more obvious not to have aaron rodgers be my fantasy qb @Durango_Savage yeah happy for him @doulbedoink @jeanlucpeakhard idk heinicke was playing better than fitzpatrick @cityafreaks just cuz he doesn’t win enough @ryryoflats 3rd down passing while up in the fourth? anthony lynn is having a heart attack