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@PrisonPlanet god sake comb your hair @paynus2 i’m doing homophobia actually
one party communist rule removes the incentive of making things as shitty as possible just sayin biden give me 3 covid checks and i’ll be a jeff tiedrich guyTHE joe biden said this?? @maxwells_daemon @ConnorSouthard the door, roose dying and winds of winter @maxwells_daemon @ConnorSouthard hardhome during 6 so it’s still good @DJ_GuerinT @ConnorSouthard thing that annoyed me most was entire armies traveling across the country in 10 minutes… @ConnorSouthard just going to assume you indeed mean after 6 so i don’t list a bunch of characters @ConnorSouthard does tywin count or do you mean after season 6 @Dawchestuh yeah the ufc gym @MagnifiKat_ST they were holding on to the handles @notdred they’re finally introducing earth
@TheAmitie it takes the patience of a monkmovie theaters are important bc it’s basically impossible not to look at your phone at home @hasanthehun how many vaccinations makes you like that @MatthewFerrari your baby doesn’t owe you anythinglin wood is a crazy weirdo but at least he believes iti like watching all these guys admit that they were just bullshitting about voter fraud @ConnorSouthard they lied lol. just kidding. good work @lukeoneil47 we have to keep paying cops so they can continue not solving thousands of murders
@ImNotOwned there was a swine flu vaccine? @crusherbort what reading too many posts does to a mfer @LakeEffectBro i think they could but won’twouldn’t worry about it if i was him lol what are dems going to do shouldn’t call it ‘defund the police’ it should be just look at how much of your city’s budget goes to police, just look @BobbyBigWheel hey elliott is it gay to suck your own dickme and the homies making a bunch of jokes about jacking off and balls in front of elliot page bc we’re allowed to now @bridgewindsoup @riobravoamgo @Fruchtikus yeah idk. can’t tell what his actual opinion on 230 is @riobravoamgo @Fruchtikus yeah they probably don’t. kind of my point about 230 @riobravoamgo @Insert_name27 not mutuals. i didn’t follow himdon’t know how section 230 became the ‘it’s ok to ban conservatives’ law in their minds when it’s the only reason t… @IdahoBones you’d like it @IdahoBones i like enchanted @GarlicCorgi he has the coolest accent on earth i think @RacismFactory team ‘lesbians aren’t real’ stay winning[me watching a tale of addiction, gender, obsession] she’s hotpeer pressured by reading too many posts into watching the lady chess showbodegas are cool bc sometimes you’re helping fund human trafficking @PhilanthropyGal yeah sure whatever @TheDemocrats will participate for 1200 dollars
where @ManBehindCurta1 @JesseKellyDC coincidence is not fraud @JesseKellyDC hey man can you name one confirmed case. just one. not done by a trump supporter @EoinHiggins_ lol her politics are barely even liberal @ByYourLogic he was only there to ask for directions on how to get away from therebro just give me a check. the corporations can purposefully infect us with covid i don’t even care anymore @AmusedBouge not to me!no check. to the garbage love getting a new debit card and waiting 3 weeks to update all the stuff i have to pay
@HawleyMO when you say ‘all the other warmed-up marxist gargabe’ what are you talking aboutSenator Online Buzzword Knower @EricBIsPresidnt what if bernie sanders was gay. and racistneera tanden will get fired when they find out she used to co host cum town @roun_sa_ville @LivPosting not reading the rest of that @GarlicCorgi he’ll say it like ‘we should never call people [hard r n word’ @SeanRMoorhead haven’t seen rushmore in a long time but kinda like that @InternetHippo what does she expect me to do @SeanRMoorhead it did feel hack posting it lol @SeanRMoorhead it shows she’s a go getter and she would unironically be better than bidenyou’ll get him next time kamala 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
@pattymo as a gesture of bipartisanship ian cheong energy secretarybiden hired someone from online @Books_Not_Wooks lol he’s so god dam badanthony lynn is the most clueless coach i have ever seen it’s like he’s never even watched a game before @stillgray how would someone becoming a us citizen and being subject to all labor laws make me lose my job @No_One_Who_Matt @MatthewFerrari also she unfollowed me @coolasf69 louder with crowder. his youtube show @No_One_Who_Matt @MatthewFerrari she’s hot. sorry but thats what i think @MatthewFerrari the bad part too @ConnorSouthard which ones did you vote inlooks like we have to send steven crowder to jail @JonIsAwesomest as many people see this work of art the better @Lubchansky really do be lookin like a swastika @SeanRMoorhead @parody_redacted @lib_crusher i think the suburbanites who swung for him in the general are actually… @InternetHippo what if biden rally grew out his mustache and dyed his hair like stalin @jaegervonkramer yeahhhhh loljoe has dementia also he pulled off the greatest crime in history @SeanRMoorhead @lib_crusher ok then how does he know they aren’t religious, who is he talking about @mtracey that’s correct @SeanRMoorhead @lib_crusher if that’s the case then it’s just generalizing 80 million people and dumb @lib_crusher republicans have been saying this for decades @SeanRMoorhead @BasedKashiBar harvest will be good this year @paynus2 a @Lubchansky @kept_simple also the Nickelodeon show Smart Guy and it worked then also @dylmdav doesn’t matter. we’re so starved for new there’s no theaters @DoctorHugePenis no. he likes to fish tho @BasedKashiBar @DongsMcKenzie that bitch is fine @Patrick53762437 i remember he had a black friend in high schoolmy brother tested positive for the coronavirus also he said the n word in the text telling me @HamboneMH lol @JennTheNerd @TimJDillon how’d blexit do to helping trump win the electionok candace owens, founder of blexit, former online name ‘redpillblack’ and wrote a book called ‘blackout’
@MatthewFerrari take hydroxychloriquine @misharipov sup dude wanna kill a dragoneverybody wants to hang out with this guythe mandalorian is really good at making new friends @JonasPerez001 yeah maybe if i had just heard of the guy today and didn’t know his schtick @IlhanMN so my posts could violate the logan act