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Can’t sleep. Thinking of breaking into the Gershwin Theatre and doing Wicked by myself on Instagram Live. (Please d…
I thought we agreed “China-Virus” would be hyphenated and there’d be a little heart over the second ‘i’. Call me. what surprised me in today’s mail! Thanks for the afternoon tea, @MaryLTrump! I’ll pass the note to… @RandyRainbow Randy! We are selling masks to support the lovely work of Freedom Guide Dogs! Could you shower this t…
Retweeted by Randy RainbowI’m deleting this tweet because already some people think I’m serious and stupidity depresses me. Please enjoy it f… TULSI GABBARD DEBATE!!!Happy Birthday, @SteveMartinToGo! I love you goddammit.’s the smile that slowly turned into glorious hair mania for me.
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@davidslavick Because I made a self deprecating joke in 2013 about myself being cheap? Btw, that Chinese food deliv…’ve always wanted to be in a sexy shampoo commercial and now I finally can. 🙏🏻 @TheRealDratch Shut UP! Don’t tell me, I’m gonna find you.’ve been spending a lot of time with myself lately and that bitch is crazyGet you a president who cares as much about your country as this game show host cares about TV ratings. is good WiFi. 🙌🏻 @JessicaVosk ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Glad I caught *this* one. 😊♥️🙏🏻’all, it has been raining bots and borgs since yesterday! I’ve never received so much awkwardly worded hate from s…’ll let this slide if you let me use “Feeble Garbage” as the title of my next album. Birthday to one of my favorites, the divine, hilarious, glorious, magical, mystical @YNB! Gurl you are everyt… Pence trying hard to grow a pair of balls between now and November. This is what Rolf from SOUND OF MUSIC grew…
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2020 🥳🥳🥳 @FeldmanAdam Honey just sit back and relax.Loved some of your choices here! Let’s try one more take and maybe try sounding a little less like you’re shitting… @kevindavis338 Thanks for clearing that up, Kev.Sweetie you’re not supposed to read the stage directions out loud. 😊🙄’night, mom and dad. See you in the morning. ♥️ are gearing up for a Star-studded night of fun and you’re invited! Join us on Facebook Live as we stream this on…
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Wear a mask, footballs are dying!!!BREAKING: Donald Trump to soon announce which of Kamala’s ethnicities he plans to offend in upcoming nicknameI love that he used the iMovie app on his phone to edit this real quick. let me chaperone that vice presidential debate 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻HEY GURRRRRL!!!! 2020 campaign news. Biden has selected Senator Kamala Harris to be his vice presidential running mate.
Retweeted by Randy RainbowI don’t wanna spoil anything but I just received an Edible Arrangement from Joe Biden.Kylie Jenner’s cameo in the WAP video was completely unacceptable but I’m fully prepared to support her as our next vice president.I'd join this chorus, @RandyRainbow! @ChrisCuomo
Retweeted by Randy Rainbow @kathygriffin @CristinaCuomo @ChrisCuomo Gurl riiight?? 🥰 @YNB @ChrisCuomo I’ve already picked out an outfit! 🥳💖Loved this! When it’s MY birthday in TWO days, I’m gonna pretend I’m @ChrisCuomo and 50 then I’m gonna play this fo…
Retweeted by Randy RainbowI told you, I WANT TO DANCE!!!
You, @RandyRainbow, are 2020 laughing gas.
Retweeted by Randy Rainbow"I hope you like it. I don't usually do birthday parties."
Retweeted by Randy RainbowHow in heck does @RandyRainbow make songs this funny AND this beautifully sung? ❤ CNN needs to investigate, but mea…
Retweeted by Randy RainbowGreat birthday tribute to my brother-in-law @ChrisCuomo from my fellow #cuomosexual @RandyRainbow
Retweeted by Randy RainbowHappy 50th to @ChrisCuomo A great serenade from @RandyRainbow .. re-working/re-phrasing ‘#BeautySchoolDropout’ from…
Retweeted by Randy RainbowMy sister wife @CristinaCuomo invited me to serenade our husband for his big 50th celebration. (Don’t tell Andy.) H…
@michelechollow Thank you. My punchline was funnier though.I’m trying this new diet where I lose weight and then realize I can’t really go anywhere so I eat a bunch of pizza…
2020“The Coronuuuuhhhhh...” He doesn’t know what it’s fucking called.Please help 3 of my former students ensure that everyone is represented by asking @Bitmoji and @Facebook Avatars to…
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@SteveMartinToGo Oh my 💀.These executive orders were “coincidentally” signed hours after TikTok verified my profile WHY IS NO ONE REPORTING THIS? @RandyRainbow When will this maniacal messiah complex pass? We hereby order Trump to get his head out of his ass..…
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According to 23andMe I’m 16.9% Thighlandian Yo-Semite.Trump rollin up with a vaccine at 8am on Election Day
Yup. which one?? He wrote me like 9 today. 🤦🏻
Yo, Semites! 🙋🏻‍♂️ yes she can! Thank you @USPS for a good mail day. Can’t wait to dig in, @JewdyGold! 📖🙌🏻🤣💖 Swan hardcore ripping off my act here 😳🤔😏🤨😯 my new mask @RandyRainbow
Retweeted by Randy Rainbow @thatpeterfox Cutest! 💖💖💖
Yes, I’m Ellen now. Please update your records accordingly.
Probably the same thing that’s prevented me from changing my printer cartridge for the last 2 months, I’m a lazy PO… “pre-2016” great or just “able to leave our homes again” great? Trying to plan my week.
My agent will be contacting you about this billing.’ve got an idea for an app where it’s only bad news all day but to make it fun we get your favorite celebrities to… for constantly reminding me we’re all in this together, the problem is I don’t like any of you. 🖤
Sweetie... wish I could bottle Jim Jordan’s energy because I’ve always wanted a bottle shaped like a tiny penis.Please stop referring to him as “former President Barack Obama”. He had to go away for a little while BUT HE’S COMING BACK FOR ME!!!!!
♥️ #JohnLewisRIP a made-up holiday, especially when it's for the good of democracy! Make today the day you request a…
Retweeted by Randy Rainbow"When he spoke, people listened. When he led, people followed." -Speaker Nancy Pelosi honoring #JohnLewis. "We al…
Retweeted by Randy RainbowDonald Trump wants to delay the election – 9 vote-winning responses
Retweeted by Randy RainbowWho needs leadership when we’ve got Long Island pizza commercials 😐 Graham on President Trump’s call to delay the election: feel you, gurl. I hate packing too. @TracyBldwn @BroadwayWorld @StMartinsPress 🙄
LOL, I love when he says “Enjoy!” like he’s already working at Applebee’s 😂 COAST🗣💬 We’ll see you at 1pm for “The Talk@Home” with @Chris_Meloni and @RandyRainbow!
Retweeted by Randy Rainbow.@RandyRainbow announced today that he plans to release his first memoir next year! @StMartinsPress
Retweeted by Randy Rainbow.@RandyRainbow memoir -- "Playing With Myself" -- to be released in late 2021:
Retweeted by Randy RainbowThanks, @AP! (Watch out, Mary Trump💋.) #PlayingWithMyself #2021 you, ladies! So happy to share it with you! 💖📖 makes his big announcement up next on 'The Talk@Home!'
Retweeted by Randy RainbowEAST COAST🗣💬 We’re all new at 2pm for “The Talk@Home” with @Chris_Meloni and @RandyRainbow!
Retweeted by Randy RainbowTune in! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 #TheTalk welcomes @Chris_Meloni + @RandyRainbow makes his daytime TV debut and shares a big announcement!
Retweeted by Randy RainbowMaking my daytime talk debut and a fun announcement (no, Joe Biden hasn’t asked me yet) on @thetalkcbs today at 2pm…’t wait! 💖 @hwinkler4real Thank you, my friend. ♥️♥️♥️ @YNB @TelevisionAcad @jimmykimmel @latelateshow @iamsambee @galifianakisz Thanks, lady. ❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️Tune in tomorrow!
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At 8 p.m., @SethRudetsky and @JamesWesleyNYC welcome a cavalcade of names to @StarsInTheHouse in honor of the…
Retweeted by Randy Rainbow @XtinaBianco1 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ @kathygriffin @TelevisionAcad @jimmykimmel @latelateshow @iamsambee @galifianakisz Thanks Kath ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️