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the best response I heard to a story of someone being rejected from [competitive award redacted] is: "Do you think…
@EvanOdinson thanks a lot!reading stories of people contracting the virus albeit having observed all the precautions, while seeing the house… @EvanOdinson hi, excellent work! may I use some of these images?
ayumi hamasaki's anniversary celebrations 10th (2008): East Asia tour 15th (2013): y'all hear sumn (just kidding,… some of my Asians back in O*xfor*d and one of the main takeaways is that they "feel so bad for coughing in p… back at all the groups, communities, and organisations that once rejected you and not feeling the slightest… @mememekanlirik @mememekanlirik
@pekerjalab if that wasn't a typo, kayaknya paradigmanya adalah Nga usa riset sendiry, susa; ntar sabskraib aja ke… @OtenkiameT thank you so much for your wonderful work in translating these lyrics ♥️ mean ...Sir? do we need anything? Sir.
@TalkinAndy @dinna_pratiwi guys.oh my g*d, "You are every song" can suck a bag of dicks because I can never -not- feel it every time I hear itI don't think I've properly venerated 道 as an Utada Hikaru song. it's the album opener after six(!) years of hiatus… @festivegrave @irnarale thank you for enabling this guys but astaghfir*ll*h @irnarale oh my god. @alandakariza my deepest condolences, Alanda
@simandoux sorry!my last two brain cells pretending to be surprised by how effective my procrastination gets in delaying my work, wi…
my procrastination dæmon catching up with me every other minute because I don't have space to keep my work and leis… @writerinthedark happiest of birthdays Uti! @keinesasih "[batuk rejans after ingesting undrinkable water] naruhodo ne" supremely samephoto from 2014(?) sometime after/during the Kelud(?) eruptionin principle, the more of my face is covered, the better I look @FajriMuhammadin we use it mainly for vet visit and taking them for baths. so useful but it's a Pain getting them in it.jokes on you this has *always* been a cat accountpictured: A HUMONGOUS BÆBY cats regularly come to our house for food but because our cat is A BIG BABY he always gets freaked out so the…
there should be a term in academia to describe the conviction you feel that the government bigwig you're interviewi…
@myumng aku pas tamat baca komiknya nggak bisa move on 🤡🧃 @bentarabumi eh iya mirip mukanya lebar sampe kabupaten sebelah ♥️he is approximately one (1) year old why are Men like thishe has no sense of self but has the audacity to believe he's a stud (which he is)
@shandya mayan Shandy, thank youin other aërial news the width of my cat's head has now approximated the width of his body and I don't know what it… hope I get to survive this pandemic intact so I could get back to worrying about dying from the climate crisis an… victories in a month of illnesses and growing collective anxieties • got my uni to buy two important books… think I've officially seen all of the slow-burn horreur f*lms ever released in the multiverse. all of them. liter… of my earliest causes of trauma: remember when Emperor Crisis invited Kotaro to join his ranks but Colonel Mari…'re just going to have to take my word for it but I'm *really* good at switching between Björk and Anohni in 'Th…
it's been six years and it's probably the quarantine talking but: what is a holla? what are the means through which… @bebasaktif but it's illegal to criticise the Monarch(y) because of lèse majesté @Rockintan it does! thanks Rocky!today's laundry tweet: why does a house where precisely one (1) woman lives have -this- many mukenas?
@myumng (mainly about him and how correct it perfectly seems.) @myumng I still can't stop thinking about this tweet. I don't think it's true for you but I can't stop thinking about it. @mememekanlirik @ebhepe Qasimin dan suami, selamat berbahagia yaaa @aerbe sebelum makan habis allohuma bariklana beginy dulu: dapat beasiswa tapi (/dan?) namanya Beasiswa Vibe Check. alhamdulillah and also what the fuck
I really miss working on my useless, non-practical, entirely self-serving PhD it feels like it's been so long I hop… @indaimanda that looks amazinggoogle your first name + apocalypse outfit and post the first image result. -definitely- going to die within the f…
why -wouldn't- we need a candelabra Mum!!!Day × of physical distancing/post-hospital recovery: I just asked Mum whether in this entire house there exists A C…
@keinesasih I'm so sorry about this Nes 😩 @raviopatra next thing we know he's going to claim that it's part of his myriad job descriptions to Look Like Thatalright y'all better stop circulating that photo of Belvedere Devedere(?) guy because his crazy eyes were in my dre… @yatapikan thank you Harits! @moodbergman I'm babey! thank you Tadathank you everyone. I'm out of the dark now. (for now.) @editor_in_chic thank you so much! @carnauval some great news indeed! ♥️ @jsamodra thanks Jhendra! @febnapple thank you Rima! @memedski thank youuu @tityhsb amin Ty. terima kasih yaaa @orasidoudan thank you! @racheat makasih Maaaat @Adriandhy thank you Ryan! @gitragitra thanks Mbaak @moodpecker I will be. thanks Imam! @zakky17_ I heard you in my dreams lol @greenxxblue thanks! @vavannisia thank you! @benitaamalina thank you my sweetumst @schvetlana thank you so much kak Lana. extra strength for you as well! @omnichirper thanks Agiee @keinesasih HE COULDN'T HAVE @ninaevayanti thank you so much Ninoon. please take care as well! @carnauval thank you kak Nauval! @sssugarette thank you! @irnarale thank you! @doggudoggu I will be. thanks Mei!
Petit Asian Got Double Penetration in Hospital Bed 720p HD WEBrip
the GoCar to take me to see the doctor finally arrived and he was decidedly playing fucking ebiet g fucking ade. th…
@myumng yes! ♥️ @keinesasih wow some of us really are pushing 40 aren't we (WE?) @FajriMuhammadin "tiangnya masih di prambanan" are they vandalising a World Heritage site for your WiFiwhat it feels like when the Indihome guy finally arrives @Afutami you most likely kenal though lolhi. nobody needs to know this but my friends are -this- awesome:
@myumng this tweet: usual caveats apply even for work from home: don't forgo self hygiene, keep some snacks around, and take a walk… @retnolaras truly the glue that unites a grieving collectiveone of my favourite parts about working from home is the unexpected visitors—sudden fits of ideas and inspiration t… from home is an exercise of self-discipline and an opportunity to take full control of your process and hon…