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Super popular Illustrator/Concept Artist/Streamer/Gamedev who no one knows. I worked on many games and streams at RaphDee on Twitch.

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@ACrypticas wtf no you can't lol @devinScribbles They made her even better now I think!! :DI was a Katarina/Akali main back in the days, I remember I played midlane assassin the most. Got both of them in Ar… @Slasher I've been playing it since 2011 on and off and I'm still confused @LaynaLazar This is awesome! And terrifying!31. Crawl 👻🎃🐱🕸 #HappyHalloween ✨ #Inktober2020
Retweeted by Raphaëlle @mikaelji @axl99 Fuuuuuck @axl99 @mikaelji Like the box design? Oof :( @Sirhaian At least the avatar icon is free 😭 @mikaelji @axl99 You and I both, I mostly work on the early design phases. Even though I can do perfect renders I'm… @axl99 The reason I am super sad about not being able to show what I designed was because that entire research proc… a reminder that any AAA approved finalized concept art you see on artstation won't always have the nitty gritt…
Retweeted by RaphaëlleI love it when I match up with another person who has the KDA skin they are always super happy like "YAYYYY AKALI LETS GO!!!" Good moments @Marie_M_P It's rare for sure I got lucky with my apartment @AnTimNguyen Yeah now its awesome @CerealOwl Mine burns my ass if it at maximum @polygon_academy @PlayGodfall I got mine too! It's very cool!!Finally get to share the drones and environments I worked on for Watch Dogs Legion! have a look :)…
Retweeted by Raphaëlle @ga7ahad Thank you! @Roodbaerd It obviously does lol @KazeShini5 Its a great method! Thank you @Rods012 Thank you! @TheToj0 Thank you so much! @HillfortGames Oh I know. I was on 3 cancelled games before
@Abk_artwork Thank you, it's okay :) @jeffsimpsonkh LOL @MPenta01 Thank you! @KazeShini5 No it's not that at all. I am allowed to post it but the problem is that I did concept for the earlier… @LatvanyMate It's forever @JohnnyBlack1ce @ScarletHoodie @YBourykina YESSS @frankcernovsky Thank you!Y I K E S I E K K E I S E K I Yliterally all i've been able to think about
Retweeted by Raphaëlle @Pioldes Y I K E S I K E SI burn bridges because I can fly bitch @AEX3A @yahyagadiid no thats in the game I'm allowed. I removed whats NOT in the game. like actually 40 more concepts. @Remanance yeah because since most of my concept art was made during the exploration phase most of it isn't in the… @Take_Toch 🙄Fun fact: My BF did the 3D model you guys see in the game :) @kaxy_zzz Thank you! My BF did the 3D model in game btw :) @Sahil_Lala I'm very happy it did!Again, not 3D. Concept art. Hand drawn over a 3d perspective base and shadow passFuck it I'm posting it. It's in the game. Big Chungus sentry turret I worked on for weeks. >… @AEX3A @yahyagadiid Well I'm not wasting time sending them emails so I won't ever show my art 🤷‍♀️ @yahyagadiid It's like months of hard work down the drain. Months of stress and panic attacks for nothing. @ArcadiaMachine Oh its angry gamers not people mad at the art @ArcadiaMachine 2 and a half stars 😬👾👾👾👾 //
Retweeted by Raphaëlle @tat2kid714 I'm trying to move to blender since it's more versatile but I'm so bad with it @CptFlintlock idk @aaeriam hahahaa I don't think we can because it's ubisoft property @Clav1g3r I don't do 3D except for very rough base for perspectivePeople think the concepts I did for Watch Dogs Legions are 3D props lol This is how I make them look rendered: - V… it's not 3D it's hand drawn concept art. @SpunjFudge I drew it @nicolasalarcon Photoshop mostly But a rough block-in in 3ds max and a shadow pass in marmoset 3D @NiniDo_Art It's also very friendly and shy but the game doesn't tell you that @AkronymCLT Thank you!Here's a smoll drone design for Watch_Dogs Legion's very high-rezA literal wall I did for Watch_Dogs Legions of T'lantis (Endika's World), Imperia City. The Temple of Our Lady of Pain.
Retweeted by Raphaëlle @Thesixler rip @ScarletHoodie @YBourykina Wow cant believe they removed it. It was my favorite mode @YBourykina aram games are short, less toxic and super fun. Did they remove the 3v3 mode? In my memories there was a 3v3 mode @lucas27dark yes
@FrosAndT @HuginMgt Yeah I can get that, building a meta in games with multiple champs always has a balance issue.… @FrosAndT @HuginMgt The players make the game bad, if everyone was nice, LoL wouldn't have the bad rep it has. It's… @FrosAndT @HuginMgt why is the *game* bad? @HuginMgt Also it's not a trash game. Sit down. It's the gamers who decide to be toxic that ruin the experience. I… @HuginMgt Yeah. I did. for 6 years I haven't played LoL you really aren't giving me any special tip. I'm playing be… forced me to get lost in the woods I am so angryMy tweets from now on will just be me bitching about my terrible League of Legends experiences. I said I couldn't… @Stitched I want to call him a noob so bad @YBourykina We had the exact same K/D/A and Ahri wouldnt stop malding 😂"Stop KS Teemo" says Ahri, to me, in an Aram where the enemies step on my shrooms. I remember why I quit the game.💀💀💀
Retweeted by Raphaëlle치즈분수
Retweeted by Raphaëlle @paradeofzombies I seriously don't understand how anyone can be against abortion. It's so dumb. Forcing women to… @ED_Asterisk Yeah but when you open the tab the "hot republican girls" look like no-lips (I have no lips I can tota… @ffsmonty Its better by farEw why did I have to wake up to this. Twitter is so cringy today. think what is important to remember about this insane overreaction to cyberpunk being delayed is that it is only…
Retweeted by RaphaëlleCringe thread @chengeling Like for example a lot of streamers watched the American election debate and if the organisers of the d… @chengeling It's pretty fucked considering any music in a video you are viewing on stream as a react Andy can get y… @arvalis It happens everytime a new KDA video releases
@markypin Gamers who do this*It’s Monday and you know what that means?! Instead of some robots let’s go with some isometric room for this week.…
Retweeted by Raphaëlle @GarrettSavo yoooooo thats awesome @pikatl Yesssss!!!!I hope all of you who do this grow tf up, realize that what you are doing doesn't lead to anything except more stre… gamers, what will it be? Not long ago you all praised Miyamoto's quote saying delayed games are eventually good… want to address one thing in regards of the @CyberpunkGame delay. I understand you're feeling angry, disappointe…
Retweeted by Raphaëlle @JirouManga I didn't get it from spending money. It was a limited time event in 2011 where if you played 10 games i… only "Rare" skin in LoL wouldn't mind the Twitch forced ads if they didn't crash the stream I'm watching every 30 mins. @Thesixler good.goddess
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