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@LILUZIVERT Same‼️JUST IN: Pop Smoke's killer will go to trial March 22nd‼️🙏 @pierrebourne What kind⁉️⁉️ @original4ofusIG It's rumored they have a track together‼️Do y'all need a collab from them⁉️RapTV Fact: Bobby Shmurda went to prison two years before Pop Smoke even started rapping‼️😔 @snuurid Just wanted to ask her who her favorite member was🥺 @snuurid Dang what's her #⁉️JUST IN: Lady Gaga's dog walker was shot in the chest this morning and Gaga's two dogs were stolen‼️🙏 She is offer… robot dog can climb stairs, search and examine potentially dangerous areas, and carry a small cargo if needed.… IN: NYPD is testing a new "robot dog" to help fight crime‼️🤯 The last time it was used to find a gunman who’d… these artists ‼️ Future Lil Uzi Vert Travis Scott Young Thug
Retweeted by RapTV @LILBTHEBASEDGOD ‼️ @guapdad4000 You ain’t rocking ⁉️Rank these artists ‼️ Future Lil Uzi Vert Travis Scott Young Thug @elonmusk GME POV‼️ @LILUZIVERT Forever Young🤎 @LilNasX Only a couple days late😪💫💫 IT OR KEEP IT⁉️⁉️Pop Smoke's new single "AP" is dropping Friday‼️💫 #WooWednesday @adinross 😪❤️Young Thug just made El Chapo's wife his profile picture‼️👀 @Nlechoppa1 You didn't even have to swing😭‼️6ix9ine wants to know if he drugged and robbed women would he be cancelled⁉️😳 Playboi CartiI miss rubbin on your butt‼️ @FreddieGibbs You're not rockin with trains⁉️😳
@torylanez NEED IT OR KEEP IT⁉️⁉️YNW Melly’s “Murder On My Mind” is now certified 5x platinum‼️💿 @aries_ix We rockin‼️‼️ @aries_ix NEED THAT‼️ @whoisaddison Y’all not rocking with must ⁉️⁉️Which one are you taking ⁉️⁉️ else did he miss⁉️⁉️Everything Bobby Shmurda missed since he was locked up: - Pop Smoke’s Career - Juice Wrld’s Career - XXXTentacion’… @LaflameScott @i_D They rockin with COVID⁉️⁉️What do y'all think about this⁉️JUST IN: Illinois lawmakers want to ban 'Grand Theft Auto' amid spike in carjackings‼️👀 Some of the carjacking su… he the GOAT⁉️⬇️Happy 44th Birthday to Floyd Mayweather‼️🎉 @Twitter We’ll follow back ♥️‼️Bobby Shmurda gained 2.3 million followers yesterday‼️🤯 @Ter0me Y’all not rocking with protection ⁉️⁉️ @pierrebourne Y’all rocking with TLOP5 ⁉️ @sza Sounding like @AyoDocc’s tutor ‼️‼️ @AyoDocc 😤‼️ years ago today, Future & Nav both dropped ‼️‼️ @mariojudah_ @playboicarti Carti watching this ‼️‼️ y'all pull up⁉️⁉️ @CrypticNoHoes Why not both ⁉️⁉️Travis Scott shutdown Fairfax today releasing a new collab‼️👀 Shmurda was welcomed home with plaques today‼️ Are you looking forward to his first day out👀⁉️
The New York Knicks welcome home Bobby Shmurda 🏀
Retweeted by RapTVHowever, Pagar alleges that DaBaby brought about 40 people to the home to shoot a music video, in violation of the terms of the lease.Gary Pagar states that DaBaby — whose legal name is Jonathan Kirk — rented the property on condition that no more t… IN: Da Baby has been sued for assault‼️👀 The property owner, Pagar went to the property to shut down an unaut… @Sadcrib You're not rockin with 2016⁉️⁉️2016 was a time for music ‼️💔 How many 10’s do you see? ⁉️⁉️ @21savage 2021 going crazy‼️🔥 @trvisXX uToPia @trvisXX You forgot Superhero‼️🦇 @trvisXX "Hurry up with that new album! The world needs it." "It’s coming. Coming soon. You can bet that." - Travis🚀‼️ @snuurid They should just follow your example‼️Correction: This is in NYC not LA‼️ @KimKardashian Kanye really rubbed off on her😪 @FaZeSway Why does not one thing in the picture make sense⁉️The L.A. Fire Department says Tiger Woods’ injuries from his car crash are “moderate to critical.Via The Hollywood FixTyler The Creator and Frank Ocean spotted in LA together today‼️👀 Woods sustained multiple leg injuries and is currently in surgery according to TMZ.Live look at the damage... Tiger is in our prayers. condition is unknown at this time, but the car sustained major damage.JUST IN: Golf star Tiger Woods was hospitalized after his vehicle rolled over in crash today🙏 He was extricated wi… @BlackySpeakz Just want to see anyone with good intentions and talent winning fr‼️‼️ @beatsbynav The $10 autotune presets hit different‼️😂 @IDK W‼️In the new interview Travis also revealed he is trying to create a new sound‼️ “I want to make a new sound”. Scott's just revealed that 'Utopia' is "Coming soon. You can bet that."‼️🔥 NEED IT OR KEEP IT⁉️⬇️Is this to far⁉️JUST IN: Kim Kardashian will document her $2.1 Billion divorce from Kanye West on her TV show "KUWTK"‼️👀 @vincestaples @JIDsv We’re down for a Vince x JID tape ‼️ @Akademiks Quavo real for all this‼️What is the most iconic rap photo of all time⁉️⬇️ @lildurk Fr‼️🙏 @AyoDocc Online tutoring can't save you‼️ @Kaughtin4k Shaq is rockin heavy with Meg‼️👀 @QuavoStuntin Need new friends ASAP‼️😪Quavo picked up Bobby Shmurda in a private jet‼️🔥 look at Bobby Shmurda since his release from prison‼️🙏 Shmurda's "Bobby B*tch" is now certified platinum‼️💿Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N*gga" is now certified 5x platinum‼️💿JUST IN: Bobby Shmurda has been released from prison‼️‼️Meek’s response 😔‼️ @MeekMill Bryant's wife Vanessa calls Meek Mill's verse "extremely insensitive"‼️👀 What do y'all think⁉️⬇️ comment amount has been changed to 100k half way through‼️😂 IT OR KEEP IT⁉️👀Young Thug is going to drop his album if his recent post gets 20k comments‼️👀 @adinross ♥️‼️