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Blonde Demon of Efficiency at @Bungie. Prev. at @JamCityHQ & @FoxNextGames. Rawr. Video Game-y Stuff. Opinions are my own.

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@AnTimNguyen I know An-Tim. Let me know if there is any way I can help! @AnTimNguyen Save them for next year?Hey young game devs! There will come a time in your career when you’re no longer insecure & confident in your skill…
Retweeted by Rachel Levine ☕ 🕶️I've got a kitty blanket. #CatsOfTwitter hospitals are charging Americans exposed to the Corona virus for their mandatory quarantine. Combine this with…
Retweeted by Rachel Levine ☕ 🕶️Many developers have spent a significant amount of money on travel, hotel, & visas to go to a cancelled GDC.…
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@EmilyMeganX Ohhh, Tokyo Ghoul! You have such an amazing style. :) @Anim8der It looks like LA 👏 VA 👏. (...,and tasty). successfully I̶ ̶w̶a̶s̶ ̶t̶o̶t̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶c̶a̶r̶r̶i̶e̶d̶ ran #Scourge with folks during work today. Y'all,… can pet the hologram chicken in Destiny 2
Retweeted by Rachel Levine ☕ 🕶️Growing up I loved the hype and stress leading up to a huge game. I get that same feeling now from my job each ti…
Retweeted by Rachel Levine ☕ 🕶️Season of Dawn art share of all the content I’ve worked on coming soon 👀
Retweeted by Rachel Levine ☕ 🕶️ @SadMadJolly The following shows alllssssooo exist. - Mean Girls - Beetlejuice - Legally Blonde
@SadMadJolly Forever on repeat now. @Neleimour (Satire helps me deal with the realities. But yep, fully agree. :( ) @AnTimNguyen @emilybuckshot Look at this!!! @AnTimNguyen @emilybuckshot Yo. You're magic. @emilybuckshot My team. They're so inspirational and amazing at what they do. I'm glad I get to help support thei… @elliottgray This feel so "on brand" for you. @JustinDazet @knowsworthy @bthorne @QTrainCobb This makes me unreasonably happy. @KatCAWalker has bequeathed me a shirt. Weeeee! Having now been to a couple @defyNW #Wrestling matches, I've earne…
Noice. @Squiddiez We haven't cancelled ours yet. We're planning end of March, early April. We're keeping an eye out but, w… @knowsworthy @bthorne @JustinDazet @QTrainCobb Justin. Please. @heytred Joiiiin usssssssTrials, y'all? #Destiny2 Foundation Stage 7: COMPLETE
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@tha_rami DM'ed ya and thanks! @tha_rami Would you recommend Health Travel Insurance when travelling from the US to other countries? As someone w… @alex_frostwolf I don't know how to makeup. So, makeup artists are magical and glorious in my mind. I don't know… @cgbarrett Um.
@Juleshortstuff @Witdarkstar, I need a new ring. @LitvacArt What. I - what. @MichelleMHyde I meant to play it at one point. :P
@nevebelle Kingdom Hearts. I have it on PS2, PS3, and PS4. Because I felt like I needed it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I genuinely loved… @drjclau We looked for it too! It needs to be available considering how catchy it is!We're a little over a month away from our trip to Japan. Final Planning day with these beautiful people! @Level_1_Warrior Hey, you're an amazing person. I'm so glad you were able to get out of that situation. ♥️I am preparing for a drugged kitty. This #Caturday, @Witdarkstar and I need to clip Moochi's nails. We have to dr… @Jayce_Face @danjamin Omg yesssssssssssssssFinally got a chance to see #BirdsOfPrey and loved every second of it! Go seeeee it!
@JoeyKansas0125 Gris!Brutal Legend + Edgar Wright Sly Cooper + Wes Anderson @A_dmg04 @Ravenousrandy @defyNW Yo. He won!
I’m temporarily breaking my twitter hiatus to share a gamedev mystery. Behold, this weird lil post it. It appeared…
Retweeted by Rachel Levine ☕ 🕶️ @Josh_Hamrick Will of the Wispssssss! @qorquiq
Students, ignore what your lecturers are telling you in trying to “connect” with as many developers in the games in…
Retweeted by Rachel Levine ☕ 🕶️ @DamJess I'm sure you did an amazing job, @DamJess! You amazing at everything you do. But also yes! @Nesskimos @glennwinters @BryanRenno @lars_bakken So sorry for your loss, friend. <3 @bexbassell @CatFarinas @MadeleineCTate @rachel_sima @MoniWahids @DeckNine_Mal @Stephanie_Rucci @ashhufnagle1 @realwillhummel I feel like @lizaledwards would appreciate this post.
@travisschgaming Oh! He's totally fine - we're working with a Cardiologist and he's going to jump on some new meds. :)My dad went home today. Final diagnosis - Mild Congestive Heart Failure. We caught it early and it's manageable.… Foundation Stage 6: COMPLETE Final Stage Goal: 9,777,777,000
Retweeted by Rachel Levine ☕ 🕶️ @Neleimour Positive vibes abound!
Characot-Marie Tooth, the disease my dad has, doesn't have a cure. Consider donating to the CMT Association to help… we're still trying to solve other issues, this was actually the highlight of my day. He's been seeing a tra… my wedding, my dad promised to walk me down the aisle. Today, for the first time in years, he walked 300ft wi… @daftpunkly It was closed! :( @nadiaudio Thank youuuu.sorry about your mentions, my sister's insulin is $400 a month
Retweeted by Rachel Levine ☕ 🕶️ @Sjosz Thanks, friend. ♥️It's much appreciated. @BelgianBoolean Thanks, Ben. We're feeling good and we're hopeful to bring him home tomorrow. ♥️ @lars_bakken They're cool people.My dad has had a slew of medical issues but, he's one of the strongest men I know. On Saturday, he was admitted t… @Wanderlustin I also literally unplugged it from the wall, cause I don't want to die. @Wanderlustin Better. @Wanderlustin THIS DOESN'T HELP. super old alarm clock in my room, at my parents, has decided to exude feedback sounds at precisely 1:48am. I am extremely terrified.
@daftpunkly @jobyek @BryanRenno @Witdarkstar You were missed! ♥️When in LA, do as an Angelonean does - Brunch! 🍳
@crypticjordan It was so much fun! Definitely miss the Physical Comedy element of the 90s that Jim Carrey utlized,…, this is a real thing. I blame @WarLah, when we were roommates in college and then this became a thing. The vo… @lars_bakken @blakebattle Hello from California. ☀️ @MichelleMHyde Stahp being so cute. @PrinceZexu I can humble brag, yo!It me. Your illustrious #MillenniumFalcon Captain. Han Solo's got nothing on me. #NewProfiePic I am in pain but today was amazing. Love all these beautiful people. So excited we got on…
🎶 "Grin Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize..." 🎶 #Disneyland’s a privilege to work with these remarkable humans!
Retweeted by Rachel Levine ☕ 🕶️Yasssssss! #nomnom #Disneyland @BryanRenno Ya gotta come with us next time!Happenstance opportunity to go Blue Bayou - yeah, we gonna go! girl and her Lea. ♥️ was an amazing ride! So glad we got to go on it! Technical achievements alone, it's everything… anxiety leading up to this was cray. I'm shaking from the adrenaline. We're going on #RiseoftheResistance! 10 Minutes. line if the day. Parking. #Disneyland It's early. I am ready for coffee and #Disneyland. Let's goooooo~! honor of @house_house_ winning GOTY last night at the DICE Awards, I present to you Outer Honks.
Retweeted by Rachel Levine ☕ 🕶️ @BryanRenno @glennwinters @DavidEllis After the Wedding, pleaaaaaaaaassssse. @glennwinters @DavidEllis @BryanRenno Wasn't it supposed to be his year? With upgraded Epcot? @DavidEllis Definitely heard about this as an option! I think we may be doing thid. I'm going to recommend splitti… @glennwinters @DavidEllis @DavidEllis I am reading everything. EVERYTHING. @BryanRenno @glennwinters @DavidEllis @DavidEllis Haha. No! We can link our tickets ahead of going into the park. Getting into a Boarding Group has to be from the park.