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Rashid @rashiduzzaman82 London, England

Trekkie🖖🏽 Love DS9, Voyager, TNG, Enterprise, Discovery and Picard. Love football, tennis and cricket. Watched BTS twice in concert 10.10.2018 and 01.06.2019.

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@BangtanNoona_88 @BTS_twt @wreckedbyOT8 @JessKostel @BTS_twt Goodnight my friend. Sleep well. @FunkBrittany @dandeckr @datsme4sure1 @MissHrisoula @EmpressCarri @ella_persiste Absolutely. I can totally understand that. @FunkBrittany @dandeckr @datsme4sure1 @MissHrisoula @EmpressCarri @ella_persiste Me too @FunkBrittany my friend. Wh… #VMA nominations are out and it's no surprise "On" by @bts_twt is up for three awards. @bts_bighit
Retweeted by Rashid @KarenRobersn It’s heartbreaking @heidiklum @Kodileerocks One of the best things I’ve ever seen!!! 🙏🏽😍❤️🌟#1🌟 Over 432 MILLION views?! 🤯 @kodileerocks there’s nobody better ❤️ #AGT
Retweeted by Rashid @kjmclaugh @wcruz73 Wonderful pic Krista! @Tyjos84 @NoContextTrek @zoidberg95 @Tyranicus @TrekLad @Sith1701 @Bandit_JW @chrisstough1 @fmfagan @Mirror_Ayako @SaraxBTS7 @Kirsty_H220 Thanks Sara! Your prayers are much appreciated my friend! 🙏🏽 @datsme4sure1 @RentzAllison @wonderkrisp @vanyactually @JackoGriff420 @ella_persiste @scarlet_trekkie @dandeckr @gates_mcfadden @KeeKeeSage_1 This is such a great pic Gates. Love it!⁦@KeeKeeSage_1⁩ found this photo I had never seen!! This was #EmeraldCity performed at NYCTheatreWorkshop the year…
Retweeted by Rashid @BKraykray @BTS_twt They look awesome my friend! 😊💜 @lovlyjimn You have a great hubby there my friend. 🙏🏽😊 @Trekkie01D We all think the world of you Hayley. Thanks for always being such a good friend to me always. Glad you’re ok. 🙏🏽🖖🏽 @RentzAllison @wonderkrisp @datsme4sure1 @vanyactually @JackoGriff420 @ella_persiste @scarlet_trekkie @dandeckr @RentzAllison @wonderkrisp @datsme4sure1 @vanyactually @JackoGriff420 @ella_persiste @scarlet_trekkie @dandeckr @SkyVasDauntless @startrekcruise Some of my dear friends went on the last cruise and had a fantastic time. You’ll a… @Sar_Bear1102 @Kirsty_H220 Oh Sarah that’s so wonderful! So you can understand the sheer happiness she felt. I was… @SaneDaysFan @crystalclearc1 🍪 @SaneDaysFan @crystalclearc1 Thanks Erika. It really was!! @SkyVasDauntless @startrekcruise That’s awesome!! I really thinking about going too!! Still can’t make up my mind. @Rocket_grrrl What episode please? @crystalclearc1 It really was!! Hope you’re well. @crystalclearc1 Hi my friend from across the Atlantic! I had hot cookie dough 🍪 and ice cream along with chocolate… @datsme4sure1 @vanyactually @wonderkrisp @JackoGriff420 @ella_persiste @scarlet_trekkie @dandeckr @MissHrisoula @SpockTos Anytime 🙏🏽💜 @SpockTos I’m sorry to hear that. People like that aren’t real friends.Can we all please take a minute to cherish the moment when #janeway beat the shit out of a #borg with a #batleth? I…
Retweeted by Rashid @torri012_michas Yes Janeway. I love this scene so much. I love Unimatrix Zero. @JessKostel @Kirsty_H220 You’re very welcome my dear friend. I was just so very happy about it, I thought I’d share… @dmow71 Thank you my friendHow lucky am I to have such supportive, lovely friends to share my special moments with! Thank you Rashid for alway…
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@Kirsty_H220 My pleasure Kirsty. X @Forsakenvow Love this so much!!Some rats I drew the other day 😔🤙 | #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #Dukat #Garak
Retweeted by RashidMy dear friend @Kirsty_H220 who I used to work with and I’ve known for several years is a single mum with 2 childre… @ItsKayDXB Oh dear Kay this is so tragic. Sending my love and prayers. 🙏🏽💜 @FinalFronqueer Sending you love and best wishes. You got this my friend. 🙏🏽❤️The explosion in Beirut, Lebanon is beyond belief and unimaginably tragic. Please share these resources:
Retweeted by Rashid @Bangtan7Ayo Pizza Hut is definitely much better than Pizza Express when it comes to cheese!! 😍 @RentzAllison @ZaneBrumley I make no apology!! 😉 @BatlethBabe Beautiful my friend. 🙏🏽❤️ @ZaneBrumley @RentzAllison 😍🍕 @Oliviaj_8 I know!! @laurenxjessica Thanks Lauren! It really was! @wonderkrisp Love it! 😍 @savagediana We really love our cheese!! 🧀 😛😍 @Lady_Vean Look forward to it my friend. 🥰 @Forsakenvow @StarTrek @BrentSpiner I love this so much!! 💛thinking about those noir vibes 💛 | #Data #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG @StarTrek @BrentSpiner
Retweeted by RashidWe had a wonderful meal at Pizza Hut. The Pizza was delicious!! We also had Garlic Bread with Cheese along with Mac…
Retweeted by RashidMy dessert at Pizza Hut. Hot Cookie Dough with Ice Cream and chocolate sauce on top. Scrumptious!! 😍
Retweeted by Rashid @TrekCore Love Laris. #StarTrekPicard
Retweeted by Rashid @YesIAmBatman I’m sorry to hear that @starfleetboy @TrekOnTheTube @EarlGrayTrekkie @STCChristopher @realKetwolski @TXTrek @Boatrek1 @dandeckr @RMartian @BKraykray Thank you my dear friend. Enjoy your pizza that you’re having for lunch! 😊 @ItsKayDXB I totally understand! I never eat at Pizza Hut when I’m visiting Bangladesh. @shelldk @BTS_twt Happy birthday 🎂 Hope you had a wonderful day. 😊 @Larkistin89 Nothing quite like it. ❤️ @MorganPof3 @BTS_twt Not your mom!! @58KTanger Please drink lots of water and have a lie down @MarcieStarfleet It gets worse! @BeyondTrekPod @58KTanger Ray hope you’re ok @MarcieStarfleet That’s ridiculous @MarcieStarfleet What?? @se0kjennie I'm sorry Jennie!! @gijane7702 @jemabean1 @Manalyzer131 @Moonlight1012 @TheKateMulgrew @StarTrek Me too!! @dlenn7 Thank you so much Susan 😊🖖 @Michell86090976 Thank you 🖖 @jemabean1 @gijane7702 @Manalyzer131 @Moonlight1012 @TheKateMulgrew @StarTrek I would like to add Shattered please!!The 2020 #VMAs are about to be bigger than ever thanks to @BTS_twt, @DojaCat and @JBALVIN! 💥
Retweeted by Rashid @TheLadyPilar I need to go on a diet now Pilar @Larkistin89 ❤️My dessert at Pizza Hut. Hot Cookie Dough with Ice Cream and chocolate sauce on top. Scrumptious!! 😍 @dandeckr Brother we have so much in common. It’s scary!! @HamillHimself I absolutely love Barack Obama.SHOUT OUT to Barack Obama for no particular reason other than his leadership, intelligence, dignity & humor. I also…
Retweeted by Rashid @shaunnaeast Great advice. @woodmally1979 Of course!! @dandeckr Wow in 2013 my 3 children were 9, 6 and 4. They do grow up so fast. @presidentpoppy I’m really sorry. Sending you all best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery. Take good care. @Larkistin89 Yes Steffi!!! @dandeckr So cute my dear friend! 🙏🏽❤️ @kharis_mariano 😞 @LinnLLAP That’s awesome Linn. We absolutely love Pizza Hut as a family. @Moonlight1012 Me too. 🖤 @rvkirk Thanks my friend! We had a wonderful time, especially the children. I’m stuffed now though!!Get pumped! 23 weeks of new #StarTrek starts in 2 days! #StarTrekLowerDecks
Retweeted by Rashid @AgentSeska It was so delicious! I’m sure yours was too! Enjoy watching more Picard. @AgentSeska I have to do the same! @HenInAHat1 Not me personally my friend. @PJMworld95 Sending love and prayers. 🙏🏽 @MyImaginary Next time you’re in London my friend! Pizza Hut awaits you! @MMellchen It’ll be worth it my friend!! @Larkistin89 We love cheese so much!! 🧀😍