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Adrian Hanft is our favourite kind of maker: weird. He’s also the guy who invented the Lego camera, 16 years ago.…, it's the newest Hello World, our magazine about computing education 💻👩🏼‍🏫 The 'Computing in the wild' cover…, let your kids learn coding with us LIVE! 📅Intro to HTML coding: Weds 30 Sept @ 5.30pm BST / 12.30 EDT 📅…
@ProgrammingRule @NASAGoddard Getting to Mars is her life goal. And we reckon she'll do it.
Wanna watch a movie? It’s only 2190 hours long… This week's most popular blog in front and centre of the latest is… high-school student successfully crowdfunded her way onto a zero-G flight to test her latest Raspberry Pi-powe… - the latest issue of @TheMagPi magazine came out yesterday. This was our favourite article: @emawind @NodeRED 6yo learning @scratch with @MattRichardson and @Foustberrypi on today’s live stream. Thanks for the special shou…
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📢 Join @mattrichardson and @Foustberrypi for our USA live stream! We show you easy @scratch basics while coding a b… @AllenHeard @WeAreComputing @OakNational OH. MY. GOD. HEY EVERYONE @Raspberry_Pi EVERYONE.Ummmmmm...*heart melts*⭐️ The second episode of ‘This Great Thing’ is here ⭐️ The team is enjoying sharing the GREAT things happening in…
Retweeted by Raspberry PiYou can help young people send their programs to 👩‍🚀SPACE👩‍🚀 in the European Astro Pi Challenge! Young people's pr… @mewlood Here's all the info on that project: honour of Sir David Attenborough joining Instagram, here are some of our favourite Raspberry Pi projects investi… do you get internet over three miles up the Himalayas? That’s what the @17000ft Foundation and Sujata Sahu had…
US folks, tomorrow your kids can join our second special live stream for easy @scratch coding with us! 💻Code along…📢 Join @Foustberrypi, @mattrichardson, and @martinohanlon LIVE to chat about open source, Minecraft, Python, and Ma…, your kids can join TODAY's code-along live stream to ask us about working in tech and code a simple painti… designing our free learning resources for young people, we want to teach computational thinking as well as mak…
US folks, Thursday sees our second special live stream for your kids who are just starting out with @scratch! 💻🎨Co… parents, your kids can join us LIVE this week to code in Python or Scratch! Weds 5.30pm BST / 12.30pm EDT 💻 Co… loved the filmic flair of Tom Whitwell‘s super slow e-paper display, which takes months to play a film in full.…
Join our October research seminar, where we'll hear from Dr Shuchi Grover @shuchig about formative assessments to i… device works like one of those ‘choose your own adventure’ books 8 Bits and a Byte created this voice-controll… parents! Find out what your kids can learn on our code-along live streams this week: 👀 @hardillb Hi 👋 Ben, it looks like you’ve raised this in the right place (on github) so I’ll prod the relevant cleve… @randomlinuxusr @OsEndeavour Whooooopsie
🎵 Friday, Friday, everyone reads Raspberry Pi Weekly on Friday 🎶 We’ve got one of those nice, juicy, extra full i… consoles might be fast and have great graphics, but they’re no match for the entertainment value of a proper… you coded with your kids yet this #nationalcodeweek? We've got loads of tutorial videos for you to create fun…
📢 Join @mattrichardson and @Foustberrypi for our first USA live stream! We show you @scratch basics while coding a… folks, remember that your kids can join our special LIVE stream *today* for a personal intro to @scratch coding… out the red carpet, it's time for the premiere episode of ‘This Great Thing'! 🎉 📺 Tune in to hear the great c…
Retweeted by Raspberry PiWe're having a little too much fun lighting up @SimoneGiertz's Everyday Calendar at Raspberry Pi Towers today can help young people send their programs to 🚀SPACE🚀 in the European Astro Pi Challenge! Find out how to suppo… is computing taught in schools around the world? In our latest seminar, @virtuallyFine, @ECM2016 &… @TheCasualEngr THERE you are. We tried many combos of thecasualengineer to find you to tag but, alas!"There's one thing that teachers can do to 💡 inspire 💡 girls about computing." Read the fantastic new article from…
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📢 Join @M1st3r_C & @Foustberrypi LIVE to chat with guest Carlos about using digital skills and Raspberry Pi for 🌱pl…'s an itsy bitsy teeny weeny 'iMac' 😍 *CUTE* See how YouTuber and 'Casual Engineer' Michael Pick stuffed the ph…, your kids can join TODAY's code-along live stream to learn about computing in🌻plant science🔬and create a n…
US folks! We'll introduce your kids to @scratch coding in our special series of four weekly live streams 💻🎨 📅Thurs… parents, just because your child is smiling at their phone does NOT mean they have a boyfriend / girlfriend…
Retweeted by Raspberry Pi @devscover True sayParents, *tomorrow* your kids can tune into our code-along live stream, chat with our guest Carlos about coding for… @ellerows @driesdepoorter Sure is!“CCTV cameras can show something beautiful”. 24h Sunrise/Sunset is a digital art installation that displays a live…
You can help young people in your home, school, or club send their programs to 💫SPACE💫 with the Astro Pi Challenge… even more code-along fun, young people join our live stream on Wednesdays 5.30pm BST / 12.30pm EDT at…, your kids can code a @scratch project for a🧘‍♀️sit and stretch🧘‍♂️routine, with our all-new code-along vid… @Worlds6440 Hi David! This free online course of ours covers much of the same ground as Picademy:
We’re proud to be providing #free #computers to the local #community! Thank you to the amazing @Raspberry_Pi for ma…
Retweeted by Raspberry PiThis is a really nice quick way to grab the IP address of your headless Raspberry Pi. A Python script uses the onbo…
Just catching up with the @UKScouting leader training that my @Raspberry_Pi colleagues @M1st3r_C and @olydbrown did…
Retweeted by Raspberry PiIn May @Atlassian, in collaboration with @Raspberry_Pi, ran large translation hackathons, engaging over 100 people…
Retweeted by Raspberry PiJoin me at @Cambridge_ICE for a fascinating short course on 'Africa & Technology' on 3 Oct 2020. We will explore…
Retweeted by Raspberry Pi"So, hot glue doesn't work on watermelon." Despite this obstacle, Cedrick managed to turn his watermelon into a wor…
📢 Join @M1st3r_C, @Foustberrypi, and special guest Sarah from @UKScouting live to chat about digital making adventu…, today your kids get to code a fruit salad* @scratch animation with us live on our stream! 📺5.30pm BST / 1…’s a brand-new NODE Mini Server! Third time's a charm for this slimmer, simpler design. And they haven't skimped… @Fengol That's our favourite bit too 😍 @frightanic @Docker @ADSBexchange 👏 👏👏
@MrSimonEmms AlasWe're so excited for this!!! 🚀👩‍🚀💻 Watch this space on Monday to be the first to hear all the info about how *you…, *tomorrow* on our live stream your kids can chat to us and special guest Sarah from our friends… @clairezxclaire @Retro_Fusion OMG.... WAIT for tomorrow's blog... you will love.Do you feel weird asking the weather or seeking advice from a faceless device? Would you feel better about talking…
💚 Hey Team Code Club! 💚 Lucia, the Head of Code Club UK & Ireland has recorded a special message welcoming you bac…
Retweeted by Raspberry PiNandu was inspired by a line-following robot built from salvage materials that could wait patiently and purchase be… community of translation volunteers is helping children all over India to learn to code without a language barr…
Retweeted by Raspberry PiHey parents! Your kids can code a 🌳calming nature scene🦋 in @scratch with our new code-along video. ✅Ideal for beg…
@ThompsonESports seems legit
@EdeChloe @JaksLukas Whatcha get?
Many of us use a computer every day, but how exactly do they work? 🖥️ Join this free @FutureLearn course from the…
Retweeted by Raspberry PiWe are excited to tell you that @Raspberry_Pi have announced another free Research Seminar Series on computing educ…
Retweeted by Raspberry PiWireframe, Wireframe, get your Wireframe magazine. Latest issue is out NOW:
We’re celebrating the great coding adventures that take place in Code Clubs across the world in a *new* weekly vide…
Retweeted by Raspberry PiDo you want your kids to try out coding? Then let them follow our code-along video where they will learn step by st… @steve_parkes Yay for mojo! @rufous Do it, do it, dooooo it!Who remembers Q*bert?! Mark Vanstone shows you how to code the mechanics of this eighties arcade hit in Python and… @DesignSparkRS We LOVE 🦇 🦇 🦇 @ActionForNature Hi 👋 Adarsh Ambati. Congratulations! Such a brilliant use of your skills. Well done. @dandelany These are even better!#ShotOnRaspberryPi @TsuiAllen @ThePSF @FutureLearn @WeAreComputing It IS astounding 👏 @rareblog GENIUS
📢 Join @M1st3r_C, @Foustberrypi, and our team member Emma to chat about how the team created this month’s projects… parents, remember that *today* our live stream for your kids is happening later so that they can tune in after… love the combination of an OLED display housed inside a retro Argus slide viewer. This uses a Raspberry Pi 3 wi… @auscunningham @leighgriffin @bonjo7 You say lazy, we say it's a good thumb workout 🤷‍♀️
Hey parents! Schools are opening again, and so that your kids can still tune into our Digital Making at Home live s… can you turn a redundant, furry, slightly annoying tech pet into a useful home assistant? Zach took to… @kwaters126 Whatcha makin?
We're creating free, themed code-along videos for you and your kids to have fun with and learn at home. Come join i…’s a bank holiday monday. Also known as a government mandated day to play with a new @Raspberry_Pi project. 🎮⌨️🕹
Retweeted by Raspberry Pi @MRMICT @TsuiAllen @FutureLearn @raspberrypi @bcs @WeAreComputing @simonpj0 Here's a personal congrats from US @fsagwe IKR?!