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David A Vaillancourt @RaspberryGoulet Asheville, North Carolina

Politics, humor, sports, and dogs. #DNC #RootedInOakland #AppStateAlumni #TarHeels #ManchesterCity

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If they want to ban TikTok cuz it’s owned by China shouldn’t they ban Trump since he’s owned by Russia
Retweeted by David A VaillancourtNo honor among thieves. Once McTurtle figured out the Russia money game...
Retweeted by David A VaillancourtThe cows did
Retweeted by David A Vaillancourt @SarahSpain You can get it for cheaper than whatever this fetches. @ChickenFrecklez Of all the jobs to wait and see on. @russell__mania It's a slow burner.Same @chuckwoolery I thought you died back in 2011. Today is a very sad day indeed. @LeBatardShow WTF did Billy just say about Eddie Vedder? #blasphemy @LeBatardShow *Circle of side chick kryptonite*I knew someone from gen z was going to kill me but I miss not knowing how. #MagicalMystery #GenZ @Ant_F3ltz @TayleredForMe I know that's right. @SarahSpain In 2020 it better be super fucked up to build it up like that. Otherwise he's just a drama queen. @MaddSinclair Good job, MS! #TournamentOfLaughs @willcain @kilmeade In Cold BloodThinking about a performance art piece where I dress up as Mr. Monopoly and take an assault rifle to a hospital
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@ChickenFrecklez Share your gift! @sarahedwig One word: Monocle @daytonatortugas Happy Birthday, @Shelldontortuga!
Retweeted by David A Vaillancourt @molly_knight I've been looking at July 20 as being a benchmark date. (2 weeks post holiday weekend).If you don’t laugh at immature jokes on the Internet, are you even an adult?
Retweeted by David A VaillancourtAfro Jordan would’ve won 12 rings. I will not debate this.
Retweeted by David A VaillancourtSing us a song you're the squeak toy dog! @CeruleanGates @curlymalloy 69k is the magic number, silly!When I first heard about the Wayfair scandal my immediate reaponse was “only $10,000? that seems low”. No skeptism.…
Retweeted by David A VaillancourtImagine wanting a nice cabinet and ending up with a whole ass kid.
Retweeted by David A Vaillancourt @Super70sSports about English Premier League soccer is impossible. #EPL Murray me a drink of grain alcohol and rainwater, and help yourself to whatever you'd like. @realDonaldTrump I wish we could go back to 2016. #DNC @sarahedwig @kcobra11 I see @MaddSinclair 10pm PEOPLE!!! @MaddSinclair Are you on TV tomorrow or did I misinterpret that from earlier?
Opinions are like assholes except that I’ve never had a zucchini shoved up my opinion
Retweeted by David A Vaillancourt @LabrooyShaun I mean, half the people are trash but I already knew that. Hillary would have done as well as could'v… @cmlwoz @Super70sSports Dirty AF. William Hurt at his most coked up. @brokemycoccyx @AVenezuelan19 Is that brisket in the middle? @AVenezuelan19 @AVenezuelan19 I can’t think of a good tweet and I’m having an ugly day. So here is a pic of a capybara. Enjoy your Saturda…
Retweeted by David A Vaillancourt @ChickenFrecklez I'd genuinely like a percentage count of their political affiliation. I bet IT'S A SMALL WORLD is overflowing! #irony #RNC @JasonIsbell His youngest Smith’s great in Fresh Prince. But have you seen him in ‘pretending not be in an open marriage’?
Retweeted by David A VaillancourtRepublicans - please shut the fuck up about being the party of law and order. You are nothing more than an organized crime syndicate.
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@kelly__le $20 says it's just one foot. @ChickenFrecklez Typical @SarahSpain No unemployment benefits for him! @orangecooper23 @ThatEricAlper STRONG! @LindseyGrahamSC YOU'VE RUINED LADYBUGS FOR ALL OF US!!! @orangecooper23 @ThatEricAlper Do you like it more than Snatch and Lock, Stock..? @ThatEricAlper NETWORKHopefully in a matter of years A.I. will be able to do our arguing for us.
Retweeted by David A VaillancourtYour reminder that the Electoral College was created because eligible electorate (then, white men of property) in N…
Retweeted by David A Vaillancourt @mikegolicjr You're like a comedian the way you try out material on Twitter before using it live on TV. #Respect #GravelSalad @lordratsquirt Airwolf @pnwwildflower Tony Danza? @treydayway @UnimpressedWU It's a big compliment that we make it look so easy.Fuck nudes let me hear your work voice
Retweeted by David A Vaillancourt @roper_93 Coronavirus @GodBlessTheUS20 @Super70sSports Irony, trump boy? @ChickenFrecklez I definitely didn't know that was a thing. @thetzmurph Let's see if Rachel Maddow turns it around. @SarahSpain @SpainandCompany @geoffschwartz My Intro to Soc professor said on the 1st day of our 1st semester that…
@RealSkipBayless @undisputed Only person to make a tweet dumber than trump and on a really big dumb trump tweet day no less. #TrumpMeltdown @realDonaldTrump So in your metaphor you're a girl? #TrumpMeltdown #TrumpTaxesPrograms! Get your programs! Hot peanuts! Cold beer! Bring out your dead!
Retweeted by David A Vaillancourt @mikegolicjr Well, well, well... @ChickenFrecklez Duke's mayo all day.Since Keith Richards is trending, I'll just remind you that Exile on Main St. is one of the best albums ever made.
Retweeted by David A VaillancourtEveryone needs to calm down about Hamilton. I prefer to learn my history the natural way, through Erotic role-play.
Retweeted by David A Vaillancourt @sarahedwig Quebec and New England represent!I want to meet and join this biker gang
Retweeted by David A Vaillancourt @sarahedwig Everyone looked like shit before 1993. It's science. @mikegolicjr @minakimes The Patriots drink your rocky road milkshake.Coincidences take a lot of planning, so the Barr is laying the groundwork by getting out the narrative that Maxwell…
Retweeted by David A Vaillancourt @andybehrens That dude can rake, man. @MivilleTaylor @SarahSpain @kblaze81 @SeanConnor Tony Phillips crushes both of them combined. @SarahSpain So grateful I'm not subjected to that dumb mf anymore.Joe Biden should 100% refuse to debate until trump publicly releases his tax returns AND agrees to fact checks. Who's with me?
Retweeted by David A Vaillancourt @JakeDuarte43 I guess that NBA bubble is smaller than first thought. @LeBatardShow I hope peter burns steps in dog crap everyday for the rest of his pathetic life. I tried listening today. Lasted 5 minutes. @Melissa_VA_757 @D_jeneration You didn't have to add "at the ballot box"1. If you don't pay taxes, you shouldn't be eligible to take taxpayer funds 2. No way this church has a payroll th…
Retweeted by David A Vaillancourt @MichaelRyanRuiz @LeBatardShow Greeny has to complete against Cowherd now! @sportsldw @MichaelRyanRuiz @LeBatardShow August 17th. @MichaelRyanRuiz @LeBatardShow This better not impact Ron Magill, Tim Kurkjian, or The Club. @secupp Homophobia in Latin America and Eastern Europe seems pretty terrible. @Kinda_Amanda I'm in a similar situation. I'm hoping trump tries to buy a few votes with another one time check. @brokemycoccyx It's beautiful and a really high elevation. (For the east coast). @singin72 They really shouldn't be having sex at work. @brokemycoccyx Beech Mountain! 20 years ago I knew a guy who grew weed there. It's also where I learned how to ski.
@YahooFantasyCC @DanTown22 When are we getting our baseball money back? It's been a week. You can't use the stat co… @j_singpurwalla @SarahSpain 62,984,828 Americans @andybehrens @YahooFantasyCC Thanks for the tip. You seem like a good follow. But after playing 4 sports per year s… @YahooFantasy @andybehrens @RazzBDon Still waiting for my money back. $50 paid in February. You all knew after a ce… @SarahSpain I didn't realize she looks like Ann Coulter. This only escalates things.
@gregcote @LeBatardShow @HeraldSports Is there a link to the full days lineup?