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Life is more enjoyable when you think less and enjoy it more *pics are not mine. Give credits to the artists 💯

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good morning 💕
Retweeted by rastatoast2391Decided to make my own lmao
Retweeted by rastatoast2391Eighty-Six has to be top anime this season with Vivy. Plus, can't wait for cour 2 because that ending of course. Al…
Retweeted by rastatoast2391I could had been born in any decade, but I was blessed to be born in the same decade that Trails of Cold Steel exis…
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @YourPantsu Damn she is looking fine as hell ❤️❤️
@RailgunFan1 Nighty night Jason! 🌙🌙 chapter made me laugh so hard. 🤣🤣 I love their relationship原神  #GenshinImapct ディルック
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @Gintamapess Bahkan aib aja malu sama Zura 😂かぶき町の女王
Retweeted by rastatoast2391Just Itsuki Nakano 中野五月
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Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @YourPantsu Bro if i ever get my hands on these, i have to put a tons of lock on my room @ganyuismyanee Damn i need to watch itrosemary #崩壊3rd #HonkaiImpact3rd
Retweeted by rastatoast2391치카 ❤️
Retweeted by rastatoast2391🥲
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @cyraxbane48 Man that sucks hearing about what happened to you, but I'm glad you're getting better. The goddess is… Origami ♥
Retweeted by rastatoast2391New Anime Series ELF Academy Serialized Promo poster released~ What will happen when you put ELFs in one school?…
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @YourPantsu Lingerie makes those girls look so much sexier broHow we doing today boys
Retweeted by rastatoast2391Would you date Onodera?
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @LeonMandala She is one hell of boss killerMama Ningguang ♥️♥️
Retweeted by rastatoast2391I finally got to draw Jean in her new skin. She looks lovely in it! 🏖️😳 #原神 #GenshinImpact
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Retweeted by rastatoast2391Assassin's Creed : Arknights hotel. Lmaoo @ganyuismyanee What the hell just happened? 😱 @YourPantsu Her in a lingerie is a deadly combination 🥴 hail Mordred!!!
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @JawshYt Spittin the truth 💯💯Yahallo~ Happy birthday to our lovely Queen Yui! She maybe failed to win Hachiman heart be she is already the winne…
@furukawahime7 Harus siap google translate kalo ngobrol 😂v4.9 Genshin Impact Crossover Test Server Access Raffle Ai-chan fought hard for the HQ to open up 50 vacancies for…
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Retweeted by rastatoast2391A race blessed by longevity [1/2] #GenshinImpact #原神
Retweeted by rastatoast2391畫他們兩個好開心
Retweeted by rastatoast2391蛍 #原神
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Retweeted by rastatoast2391【壁紙配布 第二弾】 「崩壊3rd×原神」のコラボを記念して、特別にスマホ用壁紙を配布致します。 コラボの開催はVer.4.9を予定しています。詳細はまた後日発表しますので、お楽しみに! #崩壊3rd #原神 #miHoYo
Retweeted by rastatoast2391Honkai x Genshin Emoji Pack by miHoYo! FIXED Src: #HonkaiImpact3rd #GenshinImpact…
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Retweeted by rastatoast2391榛名と雨デート
Retweeted by rastatoast2391CATまとめ2 #アークナイツ #明日方舟
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @kazuyoswitch They make stupid stuff looks normal 😂😂😂 @furukawahime7 Lmao. Only in gintama 😂😂 @furukawahime7 Gibah in foreign language 🤣🤣 @ganyuismyanee Yeah i really want that one. Their lives is always make me jealous 😢😢 @kazuyoswitch @furukawahime7 The anime adaptation 😂😂 yeaaaaah!!! ♥️♥️♥️ @furukawahime7 No wonder 😂エウルア🐰💙 #原神
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Retweeted by rastatoast2391口内炎の不意打ち  #絵日記
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Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @progrocksir Rias is wishing you a very happy birthday for you king 👑👑 @progrocksir Bro, I'm really really sorry to hear about this. 😢 If you want to talk or anything, you know that I'll be here for you bro ♥️gm everyone, happy Tuesday ♡ .
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @YourPantsu The way she wink while looking like that, i don't know if i can hold back man 😩Exusiai #アークナイツ
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @YourPantsu Pairing it like this sure looks great bro. Can't wait to see your pyra and mythra figurines 🔥🔥
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She’s so prefect #anime #ecchi #lewd #GenshinImpact #hutao
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @YourPantsu I could enjoy foot like this all night long. This is too damn good 🥴
@YourPantsu Killing goblins is his true love bruh 😭
thinking about how much sweat these 2 would produce on a hot summer’s day
Retweeted by rastatoast2391My Top 25 Best Girls Number 23: Iroha (SNAFU)
Retweeted by rastatoast2391Fu Hua's Reign #FuHua #HonkaiImpact3rd #HONKAIIMPACT3 #honkaiimpact #miHoYo
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @YourPantsu How can he stay calm around these lovely ladies??
Retweeted by rastatoast2391LMAOO 🤣🤣 @7jeeeeeeec He really loves to mess up with our emotions 😂 @ganyuismyanee Damn, agree with you. You can't forget the teacher 🥴 @YourPantsu Agree brother. That relationship history is the main reason why it is so charming 🤧♥️This is really a tough choice. Although for me Maria is the clear winner 😎 @YourPantsu Since there's no Maria on the table, i probably gonna choose Yuki. That childhood friend vibes really h… @AmongUsGame can you tell me when the game releases on Xbox? 🥺
Retweeted by rastatoast2391マシュ『常夏の水着Ver.02』 #FGO #FateGO
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Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @7jeeeeeeec I don't know wether i should cry or laugh at this 😂😂😭2 years ago today, Sorachi-sensei wrote this letter a week prior to the final chapter release of Gintama and this a…
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @furukawahime7 The first one is always my favourite 😂😂 @Cloud_yaa @rastatoast2391 Of sure that TERITERI is so fockin cuteeeeeeeee
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @ADACHY_ @Cloud_yaa Her cuteness is over the limit! 💯 @reioftheikeda No one can mess up serious situation like Gintama 😂Them: “I just wanna get into Gintama for the serious arcs, ugh 😫 I don't care about the comedy.” The serious arcs…
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @Kyrie9908 We really need the second is season Victim #FGO
Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @furufuru110 ロイドさんでさえ混乱しています 😂#GenshinImpact #原神 #甘雨 #水着
Retweeted by rastatoast23911.6 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 #GenshinImapct #Genshin #原神
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Retweeted by rastatoast2391 @blackholeplayer These milf are blessings 😩