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Eric @RatedSpeaks Tampa, FL

🇵🇷 Bilingual, Learning Web Development/design, Gunpla and I will RT cool art. 31 Cover by @inferno_graphix Yes, I am 31 years old

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@Wells_P The real final score
Retweeted by EricQueen’s Chuchazo.
Retweeted by Ericwe gotta get this goddamn vaccine
Retweeted by EricI ran into legendary hidden boss LORD in unranked netplay last night, and he is absolutely insane! #SaveSmash
Retweeted by Eric @0verLade WHAT THE FUCK HOWEscaleras de quinceañera en Digimon.
Retweeted by Eric @Arualalejandra2 el ruido que hace cuando se tropieza me tomó por sorpresa y me rei más duro de lo que se supone LOLDiscusiones muy agresivas.
Retweeted by Eric @CSMPikPocket whats your favorite arc so far? @CSMPikPocket I agree tbh, they are not good villains if I think about it objectively @CSMPikPocket but still lowtier af I HATED Thriller Bark the most. Except for the ending of that arc. I still ge… @CSMPikPocket I didnt like the main villain but I liked his other Fishman companions, idk why. I liked their backstory @JustCTony I absolutely believe it, everyone that I know that has played it, has said so. Plus I trust your taste…
Retweeted by EricWhat u say: we don't care about ____, why is nobody talking about _____??? What u most often mean: *I* don't care…
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@AradiaLuna_ I need that JiraiyaShop is open. What are you doing? Click on this link already No, I'm not hacked. But Don Dr…
Retweeted by EricEn mi instagram, el covid no existe @naminker10 Kishimoto dropped the ball mad hard, specially with Sakura and Hinata The one done nicely for shonen… Kobe mural in China is amazing. 🙏 (via @kobemurals).
Retweeted by Eric @black_corey4 Thanks a lot! @naminker10 I love Bleach because of the manga but god, I feel like at some point the mangaka decided to just throw… said, I got Ni No Kuni 2 on the steam sale. Also Sekiro because I hate myself. I finished the Godfall main story yesterdayStudying but also playing games and rotating these with each other feels like healthy enough for my mental health.… @naminker10 "Kurosaki kun" - Orihime @ItsRyderTime I cant do it LOL, the only games I can play like that are those in arcade machines where you hold the… is $6.79 on Steam
Retweeted by EricOri and the Will of the Wisps is $14.99 on Steam Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Editi…
Retweeted by EricI am unable to play first person games.
Retweeted by EricI talked shit and this bitch broke
Retweeted by Eric @MissKanicole wow tienen sale en microfonosThe air fryer is literally a gift from god that humanity doesnt deserve but I'll take it
Retweeted by EricWhy shop anywhere else this Friday when we've got the best deals in town? Exciting Marvel action for the low pric…
Retweeted by EricLmaoooo you got cooked
Retweeted by Eric @_aaajad i will leave this here😌💓
Retweeted by EricPeople making fun of him or just being mean Tim Duncan picked up Basketball in high school
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Retweeted by Eric @ProspectRose @Gabe_ENV you play on Yuzu?2020 appliances: *break within 2 years* 1970s refrigerator: i will outlive u and everyone u love. i am eternal. i am time itself
Retweeted by EricDiego Maradona has died at the age of 60, his longtime lawyer and agent has confirmed. • Played in 4 World Cups •…
Retweeted by Eric @CSMPikPocket Pikmin and Villager's pocket?You're not human if reading this doesn't hurt you
Retweeted by EricI did another Haikyuu Screenshot Redraw. This time for Kita Shinsuke, cause this hard working boi deserves the sp…
Retweeted by Eric @SuperMari105 Legend of the Galactic Heroes, followed by Mob psycho 100 hbu?Control Ultimate Edition (Steam) is $16 on GMG XP Offer
Retweeted by Eric @Guzabra ellos creando los hijos en myplayer @FuckYugi Pyramid of Light is outright comedy360 flipping my way into Lordran!
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VideoMax en tiempos de pandemia: “Se busca negativo, pa’ negativa. Área Metro.”
Retweeted by Eric @masterravenfl @JustCTony Master Jacker @masterravenfl I share stuff on facebook without reacting on them. Always, just to fuck around with the person.Future of competitive Smash suggestion: Every tournament over X players should donate 10% of the pot to charity.…
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Retweeted by Eric @MattyIceRoA @Backpakk @BOODAMANS playing it humble, I see. Your tag is godlike man @JustCTony damn, now that I think about it, poor pickers and stowers in amazon must be feeling it in their knees wh…, what are yall outraged about today in twitter dot com? @Backpakk @BOODAMANS @MattyIceRoA the real crime here is MattyIce not being S tier @HCC_J12 whenever I see watermark on memes I cringe. Like why? I remember when people went online without the nee… asking for credit for a meme is super cringe😳😳😳😳😳
Retweeted by Eric @aneuroma mi juego favorito fullRemember when Naruto was a principal?
Retweeted by Eric @SDi_abeo I just hate most metroidvanias, sadly. tf I wanna spend time just "figuring out the map" @anubix_ so OnlyFans originalmente la intención era como Patreon? @MissKanicole lo lei con cierto tono de voz en mi mente @MissKanicole porque LOL, esto no suena para nada a ataque hacia alguien. La gente no sabe leer jfc @estenoesbrian estan como la gente que odiaban la high school porque se la montabanI am all for support of the scene however, some people be like "Pls help the top players and friends" LOLThis lawnmower cost way too much to be only cutting grass...I’m finna ride to Subway
Retweeted by Eric @Pityism feel you, yo empecé a trabajar en una oficina hace casi 3 años y mi vista se chavó full, no veo nada sin espejuelosEsa gente que usa la palabra "cafre" como despectivo, se le nota como los criaron.
Retweeted by EricThe only person who would put Blur 4th on that list of mentions is Blur
Retweeted by Eric @VivianGood @VivianGood Florida native people are built differentBoys N Motion lives in my head still to this day side quest like:
Retweeted by Eric @MissKanicole mi parte favorita LOL Story: "KILL GOD" Side Quest: "make oatmeal for some dogs" @WeebTraash work, studying and playing Godfall @KingRyanG You got this man! all got delivered earlier than usual. I am not a funko collecting guy but Saint Seiya stuff is not easily fou…
Retweeted by EricA lo mejor ahora Benito les dice que no salgan y entonces sí hacen caso. 🤡
Retweeted by EricYour very own arena icon + username, as a keychain! Available now!
Retweeted by EricWhy did I make this
Retweeted by EricZenyora usted tiene friskies ?
Retweeted by Eric @BKHei_ wtf? bruh damn tumblr refugees jfcrt to scare a persona 5 fan
Retweeted by EricOne Step From Eden is $15.99 on US eShop
Retweeted by Ericyou’re gonna like the way you look, you fuckin bitch
Retweeted by Ericthonks
Retweeted by Eric"yooo this game was influenced by persona 5"
Retweeted by Eric @evahhhlyn LOOOOOOOOOOOOL