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Lighted stairs. Wall treatment. Understated as always. 9/10 @TracyMorgan, it’s a large ‘room’ but still. Congrats to @SchittsCreek for ALL the awards. Oh Canada. 10/10 Love the art. Chair. Doggo for the win. If not the Emmy. 10/10 @StephenAtHome library. Purple. Nice frames. Show us the ladder. 10/10 @tylerperry Music. Want to see art. Raise/reframe. 7/10 @MalinAkerman
VHS tapes. Creepy figure at right. Horror film vibe. Like green, tho. 6/10 @kevinbacon bookwall. Couch view. The Mi Casa pillow is points. 8/10 @RepSylviaGarcia book/plant/flower combo. Well lit. Show the art. 9/10 @julissaarce Books. Skin crawling sensation. Xenophobia. Can’t win a seat in his own province. Sad. 0/10 @MaximeBernier painting of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “The state controlling a woman would mean denying he…
Retweeted by Room RaterYou could always add a succulent or perhaps even a pineapple. plant/flower game. Natural light. Photos. Repot into bright bowls/pots. 9/10 @CherylHickeyETC @ETCanada 22 days. Unclear if floating tiki bar will be operating. rare 10 out of 10! Even without a pineapple. #springsteen
Retweeted by Room RaterTwo Emmys. Four BAFTAs. Additional awards. Show us more of the guitars. 8/10 @rickygervais are art. Good lamp. Turn it on. Books. 7/10 @katemosse plant. Kitchen view. On the road again.9/10 @WillieNelson are art. Love the french doors. Add light. Major cord violation. 6/10 @tparsi space. Flowers. Love upstairs. Where’s the art? 8/10 @sgblank Rater Happy Birthday. Sophia Loren was born this day in 1934. Always a perfect 10/10. #SophiaLoren Keyboard. Mixing board. Boss. Add more light for 12. 10/10 @springsteen well stuffed for longtime theatre critic. Add light. 8/10 @AlastairMacaul3 Bowl. Depth. Plant. Director’s chairs. 9/10 @ralphmacchio Soft focus. Books. Add light. 7/10 @ericries wall frame set up. Nice perspective. All are straight. Well done. 9/10 @JayShettyIW are art. Tools. Motorcycle guy. Well lit. 7/10 @charleyboorman @ratemyskyperoom 👀👀👀😎😎😎❤️❤️❤️ Something equally important 👉 @MySubwaySign
Retweeted by Room RaterLove the sunflowers. What’s in frame it’s hiding? Lighting good. Raise camera. 8/10 @RepDean video with escape options, bad lighting and unique panelling. Blink twice for help. 2/10 @BrianPallister the headline. Woodward et al. History doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes. 9/10 @lendownie when @BillClinton nominated Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Full disclosure: US Room Rater was there. A very fond… are points. Mirrors are art. Add more light. 9/10 @MiraSorvino too long, women and LGBTQ2 people have faced barriers to equality. We need to build a future where women, girls…
Retweeted by Room RaterI've made it. Thank you, @ratemyskyperoom
Retweeted by Room RaterGreat angled bookwall. Ladder. Globe. Fighting fascism. 10/10 @mashagessen Rater Happy Birthday. #GuyLafleur was born this day in 1951. For all the times we squeezed that stick with you… wall treatment. Love the round shape. Window, mirror? 9/10 @rashadrobinson lower wattage bulb plus add more off camera light from right. Get taller/brighter pillow. 5/10 #SusanMolinari art in back. Focus on that. Add lighting. Crop out work space at left or straighten up. 7/10 @Schriock1 wall color. Nice frames. Try at angle. Add more elements. Starting point. 7/10 @SenatorLeahy’s happened again. #hostagevideo 0/10 @SenatorDurbin, lively book/object set up. Provides proper space between subject and shelves. 8/10 @pweiser flower. Real hypocrite. Still wears undershirts. 0/10 @LindseyGrahamSC cabin. Stone. Love the splash of color. Polly want a cracker. 9/10 @HilarySwank and binders. Photos and clock. Reorganize a bit. 7/10 @AdamMossoff the kettle. Wooden pieces. Need large bright framed art to replace black and white. 7/10 @RosenthalHealth credit to set designer @DianeBegala. She is a genius!
Retweeted by Room RaterRoom Rater message to America from Canada regarding border closure. 10/10 @brittlestar the floors and cabinets/drawers. Looks like a show home or you just moved in. Add everything. 6/10 @EliManning love a guitar. Is that Don Knotts? Correct number of own book. 8/10 @mattklewis Helmets. Photos. Emmys. Ready for some football. 10/10 #JohnAnderson @espn @packers @BadgerFootball cabin. Great beam/column. Art. Turn on lamp. 9/10 @RealGinaGershon kitchen set up. The red Le Creuset is a star. Have you thought about a fruit bowl? Maybe a pineapple? 9/10… the chair. Nice book and objects/personal set up. 8/10 @jcharbonneau
Great plant. Cool rooster pillows. Work on lighting. 7/10 @CecileRichards’s always great to get feedback. Thank you @ratemyskyperoom
Retweeted by Room Rater @0xGRS @PaulBegala the pineapple-in addition to sign of hospitality-is a gift item we use t… bright bookwall. Some ceramics. Back camera up a tad. 7/10 @AlexisCoe coolest thing my dad’s ever done
Retweeted by Room RaterLovely space. Needs more color. Start with pillows. 8/10 @LizAnnSonders the plant work. Well composed. Wall art. Pineapple lower left. 10/10 @PaulBegala cabin. Weathered. Nice black and white photo. Would like to see more. 8/10 #MaxBaucus Raise camera/reframe. Reposition to show the art. 6/10 @jodie_GeorgiaNY of mirror. Bookshelf. Some double rowing. Need more. Add a plant. 6/10 @nimaelbagir the big cassette tape. Turntable. Always LPs. 9/10 @professororock just so I can pin this because it means that much to me.
Retweeted by Room RaterLove the cabinets. Books. Objects. Flowers. Depth. Textures. Science for the win. 10/10 #DrRonaldStJohn @_sitata_ galore. Library shot. Original whistler blower. 8/10 @DanielEllsberg 23 days.. guitars. Reposition Union Jack one. Love the blue-brick-blue. 8/10 @ProfGuyCharles Rater in Memoriam. John Turner has passed away at the age of 91. RIP. with closed French doors. Better view of art. Minus depth. Still 8/10 @MichaelCohen212 @beychok @billmaher Wafting smoke. Just a great portrait. 10/10 @thedavidcrosby space. Love the door/window. Raise camera. Reposition so we can see art. 9/10 @MeganPormer in the works. Lighting, too. Drafting table for the win. 10/10 @The_Pigeon windows. TV. Take the yellow pillow to another room. Start over there. 3/10 @stuartpstevens Human pool skimmer whose last job was after @JerryFalwellJr ‘s pool party. 0/10 @RepDougCollins the covid cabin. We love knotty pine. Add more light. 7/10 @hblodget art is a plus. Dramatic lighting. Add one more element. 8/10 @Dr_S_Ackerman Big plant. Use brighter pillow. Too much white. 8/10 @jessicaalba top Senate skype rooms. Best art. Hawaii rules. 10/10 @maziehirono presented. Lincoln. Lots. A small log cabin would be perfect. 8/10 @HaroldHolzer perspective. Great bookwall. Lamp. Art. Twigs. 9/10 @gailcollins camera/reframe. Art looks promising. Add more light/less ceiling. 6/10 @morgan_freeman lit. Want to like chair. Haircut, of course. Relight. Redo. We’ll rerate. 3/10 @SenatorTester well lit book shelf. No weird angles, crazy shapes. Maybe stick to basics. 8/10 @FGehry love stair views. Great windows. Square frame and add more elements. 7/10 @Law_Mana the angle/light. Widen shot and add more art to left. 7/10 @CharlizeAfrica cat. Uncover piano. Add light. Pick a card. 6/10 @MrTeller camera up. Love the glass cabinet. Add light to back. Show the art. 6/10 @PeterVanSant the red. Raise/reframe. Avoid fan head. Add light. Reposition to show art. 6/10 @McConaughey the wall and art. Bold. The binoculars are a nice touch. 8/10 @pennjillette there. Add a couple objects to top shelf and a piece of art to wall. 7/10 @TimothyDSnyder
Room Rater In Memoriam. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Godspeed. Rater PSA for our American TikTok users. Come on over. After a 14 day quarantine, of course. 10/10… love the art. Add a plant and a lamp on either side. 7/10 @NahanniFontaine @TheSocialCTV couch could work or the wall could work, but not both. Just one book please. 5/10 @RuthWareWriter @mizlisa19 @caleybedore @BlueJays Wrong Rater rated this. 😁Art. Shapes. Piano. More art. Love it all. 10/10 @LauraDern plant. Self help books. Add art. 6/10 @VossNegotiation