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Legendary Hip-Hop Artist: ALL MY HEROES ARE DEAD out now. Filmmaker(Producer/Director/screenwriter). booking A-F-R-O or R.A.:

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These “fact checkers” are getting a little out of control don’t you say!
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged Man @naima 100% !!! The great @lisafischersing @JRSOne84 @TheHorrorMaster Play this only at night by @RealDougEFreshWhat do I gotta do to get John Carpenter (@TheHorrorMaster) to score a song for me? We’ll throw some dope HipHop dr… @RAtheRuggedMan I would love to hear you and @FINALLEVEL do an album together!
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged ManI just found out the same guy Charles Perrault wrote LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, CINDERELLA, SLEEPING BEAUTY, PUSS IN B…
@RAtheRuggedMan Me !
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged Man @RAtheRuggedMan might as well be us
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged ManHALLOWEEN 3 is a documentary!
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged Man @BradleyjKornish lol ❤️If I was ever to do a collaboration album with another artist who would you want it to be?A cop drove up, looked at me for ten seconds, then drove off 😂
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I had many spirited debates about censorship in the TYT studio, I was warning that being pro-censorship will always…
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged ManI would love to do a video SLAYERS CLUB. So many legends on it tho, trying to figure out how to coordinate and make…'re just figuring out now that I'm a "back in my day" type person? lol Listen to any of my songs or interviews… always fucking up good old shit. I got some Jiffy Pop Popcorn to show my kids & I put it on the new fanc… didnt know my favorite white rapper was white until I was already a fan. RA THE RUGGED MAN sound black and he go…
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Much love to the goat voice of HipHop @MrChuckD !! Always showing me love, always playing my music on his platforms… MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM (Michael Curtiz, 1933):
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My two biggest complaints about living in BERLIN: I need more B-movie nerd friends. Most Germans I’m cool with out… time I criticize US policy or US politicians you get the same idiot response “Stick to rapping, if you don’t li… election YOU say “Its the most important election of our life”and if we dont vote for the guy YOU want to win… year today since my sister passed and it still feels like yesterday 💔 #CARMEN 🙏🏾
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged Man @ArrowFilmsVideo @horrorthon_dub How can I see this film? Please let me knowSpell checking peoples tweets is almost as petty as these debates have been 😂If you like either one of these guys your an idiotout of all my lyrics this the one @theweeknd likes?😂 #TheBigSnatch
People accept the wounds/when you love who’s holding the knife nigga.. - Ransom #CrimeScenes
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged ManSometimes you get a cinematographer on set that thinks the whole shoot revolves around them, trying to direct over… say it without crying
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged Man @RAtheRuggedMan all my heros are dead is the best album top to bottom I've heard in years 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged Man @rmdest @KemlinKid @snboxing Lennox not the same skill level as Holmes. Lennox got obliterated TWICE in prime. Lenn… @KemlinKid @rmdest @snboxing lol if you really are going to try and compare Lennox Lewis JAB to the greatest jab in…
@snboxing HOLMES destroys LENNOXMy 3 year old son has a funny German accent he just told me “Daddy, you have a good album ‘All Mine Heroes ist Dead”. 😂 Best review yet.Raising my kids on horror movies. This what I gotta deal with Jorgenson - 2020HIGHLIGHT: @RAtheRuggedMan talks career regrets during his interview with @allhiphopcom and The Library weith Tim E…
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@CFunderburg @MovieKessler I don’t think they were clueless. I think they were still figuring where to take the fra… @RAtheRuggedMan “The Slayers Club” limited edition sawblade shaped vinyl came today and it’s fucking incredible.
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged Man @therealelp @KillerMike @darealGregNice I saw NICE & SMOOTH rock the Apollo, the sound system was messing up, their… @therealelp hahahah... I don't know who he is but I want to be him too... PS: it was great seeing you and…"If they want me to wear my Corona Mask it's ok because when I put it on I look like a Ninja" - my 4 year old daughter @ShannonSkelton7 Classic forever !!! @danbarker Dan !!! Help meWorking on something special. Not gonna reveal too much Lugosi ~ DRACULA (1931)🦇 Dir. Tod Browning. DP Karl Freund
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged ManLyrics Matter
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged ManLopez / Loma got me missing old 15 round fights. It took Loma 7 rounds to figure his man out.. Then he won the roun…
Proud to be a part of this.
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged ManWe all believe we’re some kind of original thinkers but We’re all just programmed like robots from birth. If we wer… @madd_slander my man @DJDIAMOND in the back tho.. on the turntables no joke. He's EPMD's original and current DJ,…
35 years ago today. Honestly, where does the time go! #ReAnimator
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged ManLast night !! They said the crowd wasn’t allowed to dance so Instead of dancing I told them just kick their leg and… do you know I’m in a bad mood today if you didn’t speak to me? Was my energy that fucked up just passing you? l… @KevinI I’m trying, Kev !!Damn, its 5 in the morning here. I’m trying to stay awake for LOMA vs LOPEZ but I’m fading. I stayed up all night l… night Switzerland !! Thank you for having me...
Covid friendly shows all have different rules lol got my negative energy fucking with me today. I’m about to go on stage. I Usually turn shitty energy & thoughts a… @DStyleBoxing I'm in Europe they dont have ESPN hereWhat time is the Lomachenko vs Lopez fight tonight? who got a link?Switzerland 🇨🇭 I just landed !! Rugged Man Show LIVE in the flesh in a few hours at ⁦@GareDeLion⁩
@thepinksmoke Alonzo the Armless - one of my favorite characters ever in one of my favorite moviesThey tried to kill me but I won’t die
@PINNLAND_EMPIRE One of my favoritesFamily Dinner discussion: “I can shoot Freddy Krueger with a gun when I get big”- my 3 year old son “Leatherface…
A lot of pioneers doing their thing online, even SUGAR HILL GANG got a podcast now, they just interviewed me, great… just blocked some dude for sending me his rap video on Facebook. Fuck your video nigga! I never asked you to be a rapper! And you wack!
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged Man @missannabiller @criterionchannl One of my childhood favorites
I met @OGKeithSweat few years back at a Bronx show and I fanboy'd out and started singing his songs to him. He was… me... I'm still listening to Paid in Full and the first GUY album. 32 years straight and not stopping. lol 4:00am where I'm at.. I should be sleep BUT I'm up watching a movie about a priest who turns into a dinosaur and fights ninjas.I was interviewed last night by one of the GOAT pioneering legends of HipHop MC Sha Rock. First female MC.
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⁦@atmosphere⁩ “Testicles” starring Henry Fonda and John Huston I’m coming to you this Saturday !! October 17, 2020 I’ll be LIVE in effect for a ‘Covid Friendly’ show.… @edgarwright RIP Annie Ross
Hahahaha this dude caught his boss at work watching my new WAP remix video 😂 @ZDSmith1 @Jorgensen4POTUS Please DM me with more infoI just watched the BILL BURR monologue. People are actually offended by THAT? lol Imagine they ever heard Redd Foxx… Birthday to one of my favorite MCs of all time the great Brooklyn pioneer @mclyte
2020're a normal nice guy. I have mental problems.. If I sit home too long my mind turns weird and I put guns in my…! 😉 #election #debate2020 #votelibertarian
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged ManI'm still Buzzing from being back on stage last night. The STAGE is my damn life since I'm 11 yrs old. With all tou…’s ‘Covid Friendly’ show went well. I wasn’t allowed to jump on people and mosh with the fans and hug everyb…
@MovieKessler I thought it was Issac from Children of the Corn lol @RAtheRuggedMan I thought I was the only one who talked this way! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by R.A. the Rugged ManI’m a fat asshole. I ate healthy all day and then I got off stage tonight and shoved a bunch of Belgium waffles and…’m at my first soundcheck since the world turned upside down... Its a different Game now #AllMyHeroesAreDead’m in Belgium 🇧🇪 getting ready for my first LIVE show in front of an audience since my album dropped and Covid hit… @madd_slander That’s cuz @DoggieDiamonds a pioneer interviewer of hiphop.For every wack job conspiracy you can name theres an MK Ultra, Operation Mockingbird, Vault 7, Jeffrey Epstein isla… need a kidney y’all any volunteers? B+ blood type
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Early 1990’s !! With North Carolina crew - YAGGFU FRONT (You Are Gonna Get Fucked Up if you Front). They were the f… can't name too many MC's today or in history more lyrical than the great KILLAH PRIEST #HipHop #WU #WuTang
“I've been rich and I've been poor” - Stephanie MillsEarly morning back in the make up chair. The work don’t stop A. the Rugged Man, Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa, and Kool G Rap - Dragon Fire
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