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Bestie list @ixowora Swagaliciousness @ow_reverse I’m abt to hit a peak without a mousepad on 270 ms and 40 FPS6-2 and this the set up what y’all thinkin??? (I’m on hotspot wifi lol) @5xcharm @Mergeyatta yall acting like i did it on purpose @Mergeyatta @5xcharm OR just consider... a worse concussion? @5xcharm Squad up v2 @OWlanaa @PlayOverwatch @b0t_mercy is underneath table 3 @Fl4k_Drifter gl in college
@SenPie_ @ThatGuyBasher @GamingRelux This man needs to be stopped immediatelyNA moment
Retweeted by rat | julien @TwoNiickels @katprize band couple but cool
@nemuicunt @vaports Meth @blazingvswrld Wrong @AIterXV @usefxoo Idk ask him 💀 @DarthNaku2 @TheyreApollo @usefxoo Check ur priv idiot @DarthNaku2 @TheyreApollo @usefxoo You literally know who I’m talking abt @TheyreApollo @usefxoo What part of secret do you not get @TheyreApollo @usefxoo It’s a secret @usefxoo This is a direct subtweetBitches be like “where my gf” and then drop they life savings on lego setsIt would be a legitimate honor to let her style my everything. That’s because pi is my everything. I love her horro… girlfriend can write songs, movies, and books and is one of the most creatively diverse people I know. Pika also… just wanted to add some of her amazing artwork here as well cause like holy shit her art is so good. She’s not on… it’s #NationalGirlfriendsDay I just wanted to say that I love yumi so much and that she’s the single best thi… @TwoNiickels bout time i remember you looking at them forever ago @andreboxxx @minionchokesfixed it @Reiner_OW who do u think are the best ball players in OWL atm?
@Nicky_meh Did you jus post a ss of you liking your own tweet @sleepyasteria Gimme @TwoNiickels @Just_Jazyy that nyxl synergy hit diffParis vs fusion finals countdown cup write it downPhilly fans coming out the wood work to start shit talking after we finally stop blowing dick @Sio_the_man @TwoNiickels Cope cry seeth perish sob and piss ur pants @Sio_the_man @TwoNiickels “This guy” niickels literally said it first @SenPie_ @Just_Jazyy Cause we are better @Sio_the_man @TwoNiickels Like you know what LSD is youd prolly piss yourself if drugs came within a 50 mile radius of you @Sio_the_man @TwoNiickels Your team literally is winless rn buddy if you wanna hold onto the brief moment of s1 you… @Just_Jazyy @SenPie_ Shanghai was playing tracer sombra into a mcree @Sio_the_man @TwoNiickels Cope n seeth I don’t remember fraudayaki getting roty @ChaseOwO @BBB_ggs @julianbubbles12 @dusk_qwq @Thunda_ow @Bizz_ow @VegaOverwatch @owPascal @Beluga_OW @baiserfps Wa… FUCKING GOOOO FUSION @Fxlthy0 Worker rating: B (calling it cake cone is so helpful) Flavor rating: B @SFSEgo Worker rating: A (sorbets and water ice are so easy and nice to scoop) Flavor rating: B @tighttitus Worker rating: D (bananas if not presliced are a whore cause u gotta do so much) Flavor rating: C @TheyLUVLilac Worker rating: A+ (coffee is the easiest ice cream to scoop) Flavor rating: B- (not for me but I can respect it) @Sagefps666 @ToxicstarXD @arsonistmommy @EeveeA_ she beat ti while they had Lr1s yknow from Atlanta.. @ToxicstarXD @Sagefps666 @arsonistmommy @EeveeA_ shes literally played against and beat OWL players r u crazy?? @Evan4567222 soft serve mint choc isn't a thing, but mint choc in a cup is as follows. Worker rating: A Taste rating: A @Evan4567222 cup or cone @Sagefps666 @Flamingo_OW @Jezi_Belle @ToxicstarXD @EeveeA_ shout out to when choi got masters when the sr reset @Sagefps666 @arsonistmommy @ToxicstarXD @EeveeA_ entitled enough to have a fucking opinion on how successful she sh… @Sagefps666 @arsonistmommy @ToxicstarXD @EeveeA_ she has literally gapped current top of OWC and even current owl F… @Sagefps666 @arsonistmommy @ToxicstarXD @EeveeA_ Nah ur crazy if you don’t think either have displayed owl level ta… @TwoNiickels Ratio @Sagefps666 @arsonistmommy @ToxicstarXD @EeveeA_ And this is doggo she was an owl level flex support for 2 years bu… @Sagefps666 @arsonistmommy @ToxicstarXD @EeveeA_ POV ur ratshit stupid @Ott33r I love pistachio I’m arab I jus don’t like it as an ice cream flavor @arsonistmommy Worker rating: B- Flavor rating: A @Ott33r I’m a literal ice cream scooper tf @Ott33r Worker rating: C- (pistachio/nut based ice cream is a whore to scoop) Flavor rating: B- (pistachio isn’t th… @AphroditeIuna Worker rating: A- (cookie dough is a bitch to scoop) Flavor rating: A+ @MrKoalahxd Worker rating: B+ Flavor rating: C (not bad jus hella basic so it gets middle of the bell curve) @Lookin4Beans Cookies n cream is p easy to scoop, but waffle cones are annoying asf and break hella easy esp when t… that silencing and invalidating women when they’re trying to talk about their issues within the gaming com…
Retweeted by rat | julienBored asf so reply with your go to ice cream choice from an ice cream place and I’ll give it a rating based on flav… is literally what half of mine and @TwoNiickels arguements look like @Sagefps666 @ToxicstarXD @Jezi_Belle @EeveeA_ I’m not a girl, but when every second of your gameplay is being shit… @ToxicstarXD @Jezi_Belle @EeveeA_ False accusations are incredibly rare and even substantiated accusations often ha…
@SFSEgo I called this in the off-season but everyone ignored me @SFSEgo Prophet~ but still how many ppl predicted Paris to best fuel in the off-seasonNAH NAH NAH IM A FUCKING PROFIT @SeoulessOW cause chris chan assualted her mom @blazingvswrld @Lookin4Beans @usefxoo @SenPie_ the touranment itself was the best one by far, the management was aw… @usefxoo @SenPie_ @Lookin4Beans @blazingvswrld nah but i 10000% deserved it; caster, graphics, player with a 80% ma… @SenPie_ @usefxoo @Lookin4Beans @blazingvswrld im still mad i didnt get mvp for that tournament @SenPie_ @usefxoo @Lookin4Beans @blazingvswrld but imagine how funny it wouldve been if I did rejoin @SenPie_ @usefxoo @Lookin4Beans @blazingvswrld true, fun fact only reason i subbed for KT is cause I wanted to supp… @usefxoo @SenPie_ @Lookin4Beans @blazingvswrld imps played 2 incredibly close 5 map series back to back and then ro… @SenPie_ @usefxoo @Lookin4Beans @blazingvswrld what do you mean going 10 maps in a row and nearly getting reverse s… @SenPie_ @usefxoo @Lookin4Beans @blazingvswrld i remember after we lost i was talkin wit basher and he sounded so like depressed @BIbfsh @hobbesbing @samamilami bi doesnt always mean exactly two, it can just mean multiple. Furthermore even if b… realizing that most of the players I dislike in overwatch are french, however its almost all a complete coincidence @SFSEgo @hobbesbing @samamilami @DarthNaku2 @hobbesbing @samamilami no, i got it from talking to IRLs a while back, but you did urge me to actually think abt it @hobbesbing @samamilami it really doesnt matter, its splitting hairs imo.for the record i was a day 1 paris supporter and said in the preseason that pairs COULD beat fuel and would be top… @hobbesbing @samamilami in general my rule of thumb is bi means you have a preference towards a specific gender ide… @usefxoo @Lookin4Beans @blazingvswrld @SenPie_ Dude Imps mental were so incredibly shattered it was so funny @HiitMonke @TPaoIucci correct againcurrently sad cause i miss tf2 so much. that game was literally perfect, if it didn't die I would've quit OW like 3… @ow_reverse triceratops unparralled @SenPie_ @Lookin4Beans @blazingvswrld @usefxoo YALL WERE MALDING SO HARD CAUSE I HAD LIKE JUS REVERSE SWEPT CARRYING OL TEAM @Lookin4Beans Pre UWL but when me @blazingvswrld and @usefxoo almost reverse swept @SenPie_ for a second time in a single tournament @buzz_io Same wit crackalakin @ow_reverse Bet I’m down after I finish working out say like 2ish? @ow_reverse Hey lol I’ve played abt 10 games total at this point but we should queue @TwoNiickels "Bitch if you don’t sit down with your jank ass hands and parental issues" how @TwoNiickels @MoistCr1TiKaL what does your tweet have to do with the game of basketball?