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good luck always comes back around

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deleting tweets like no.... i can do better than thisWe used to build pyramids
Retweeted by mcokk hold on i’m just finding out jane lynch and jamie lee curtis are two different people
Retweeted by mcMy Lickitung when it levels up after learning Rollout
Retweeted by mcsuddenly everyone is an economic genius lol
2021 remembers that atx gay who got clocked for stealing wallets at the club? LMAOOOO
ran out of weed last night..... @giffymoments method acting king
Retweeted by mc @tiddie_ but like in a cute wayCardiovascular system angel. #conceptart #horrorart #iguess
Retweeted by mc, if I call you handsome, that means you should handsome dick to me, respectfully
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@supercutofjus not the fucking “smarthrob” LMAOI BEEN DRINKING COFFEE!! I BEEN EATING HEALTHY!!!!personally i’m uncancelling doja cat ❤️scrolling through someone’s media tab for 10 minutes and only seeing those reaction memes... and then realizing you… this take makes no sense yes it did. no it doesn’t ❤️most reaction memes aren’t funny after the 86th time they’re posted but they take on a special cringiness when they… @passingofelves rip
Retweeted by mc @bennybijou which pokémon do u think she would feature
Retweeted by mcshowgirls/black swan-esque psychosexual melodrama biopic of AOC and pelosi @privategirI @improperlyclond @ricknigma thank god i love being included @ube_tweets pls LMAO
In all future releases of "Home Alone 2", the role of [redacted] will now be played by Hatsune Miku.
Retweeted by mchamsters when u lift their little igloo
Retweeted by mcNEW: A hacker took control and locked the chastity cages of several men, asking them for a ransom to unlock them.…
Retweeted by mcbrb devoting my life to the Himbo literacy project.
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not to be l*cal but i just remember it so clearly chronologically speaking.......i literally think that the assassination of harambe marks the beginning of a historical era omg @toastodilly waiting for it...nintendo dsi’ve been suspiciously quiet lately............take a bite take a bite... s-sandwich cookiesalexa enabled prisons
Dionysus has the best intro in the game, full stop.
Retweeted by mc @bennybijou That part... by looking at their merchandise and marketing you’d THINK they’d want to commit to this ae… @bennybijou kinda weird that it has a more polished/vibrant art style than swsh. IMO much better to look at @mssingnoah i love it, it’s v youhorrid
Retweeted by mc @privategirI do u want us to tell u no
Retweeted by mc @privategirI beautiful @BreakupHex @lizardbabie veryPut me back in the race lolol..
Retweeted by mcI DONT UNDERSTAND THIS FORMAT!!!!!!symone.........
The tweet that got him permanently banned.... think before you tweet ladies, let this serve as a warning
Retweeted by mc⚡️ ELESA - THE SHINING BEAUTY ⚡️ A loooooong overdue cosplay moment! I finally had the motivation to put this relat…
Retweeted by mcsaarem forgot to buy meat on the way home.......
Retweeted by mc5 YEARS* and I STILL hope she spat in his food... TWICE! me stupid things, win stupid karmic prizes! hopefully!sudden flashback to the local gay who described (in detail) the hookup he had with my ex about 2 weeks after we bro…’m sour candy.
Retweeted by mcmy AirPods when they’re at 5%
Retweeted by mcwhite people can do literally LESS than nothing and still get praised for it. insane!dime-a-dozen niche musician attends fascist insurrection, is awarded with publicity... pls
They’re outside Joe
Retweeted by mcRELEASE: Texas Democrats Call on Ted Cruz to Resign from the U.S. Senate, Justice Department to Investigate Cruz fo…
Retweeted by mcAOC evacuating the capitol, Jan. 6th 2020 tomorrow
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nathy peluso fighting off the protestor in her office Bennet
Retweeted by mcDC gays rn
Retweeted by mcTHEY EX-OOMFS NOW 😭😭😭
Retweeted by mcDefense budget like eleventy trillion, and some dudes that look like this just ran up in our shit
Retweeted by mcwish i could convince myself to talk at a camera long enough to make a tiktok. but alas. i cannotomg girl good news! ive escaped my enclosure and am on my way to your house <3 :)Vanjie hiding behind silky to avoid the camera and telling silky about the person filming thus silky trying to hide…
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hi my name is BLM/ACAB/pronouns/🌹-in-my-Tinder-Bio Guy and this is my boyfriend, White Guythis is how it all started
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Retweeted by mc @buttholepink i don’t have to imagine 😍i am not consuming sad media in 2021 ty ❤️everytime i decide i’m gonna watch veneno someone gotta come through with “it’s so good i cried so much!” as if that’s gonna convince meMy new year's resolution is to see what happens
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Retweeted by mc @bennybijou i went through all her stuff the other day and found that i still have enough makeup to put a few basic… this progression within about a year of doing drag (collectively) and omg... i should do it again give it a cu… of y’all would simply not understand ☝🏽v much missing the era of putting a “look” together courtesy of hobby lobby and the dollar store
Retweeted by mcnormalize having a hot dog waiting for your gf every time she gets out of the shower
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me vs eating all of saarem’s birthday cake after telling him i hated cakeJim Cherry
Retweeted by mcguilty btwif you never clean ur bong u shouldn’t worry about what’s in the vaccine @yourboygus1 aw do u remember earthbound!i’d be soooo bored omg LMAO jackson when his goat friend gets kidnapped by a cyclops
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