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@karanganesan @theKashey @vercel Correct, no execution happens when the cached result is used💡you can create small stateless @vercel function 📦and ask @vercel to cache the results 👉just add `Cache-Control` he…
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Develop, Preview, Test 📝 I wrote about how deploy previews and serverless headless testing will change how we ship
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchCheck out our brand new integration with @vercel! Forward all your logs to Sematext for safekeeping. #logs #elk
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @jevakallio 🙏 @jevakallio Great stuff JaniExciting things coming soon 🚀
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchI'm honestly just shocked at how great @vercel is
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @bendechrai @HoistEarth @Netlify @vercel I’d just use the same platform for both (even the same repo!) See…
A short love story of working with #nextjs and deploying it on @vercel
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @vincentmvdm @steveruizok Same! ExcitingOne more example project. :) (click the View tab to see the drawing UI)
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchI wanted a faster way of building #NextJS/#ReactJS web apps, so I made this template:
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchCongrats Fauna on this incredible new chapter! The future is serverless and global. a couple of days fixing endless deploy issues, switched to @vercel and had everything up and running in less…
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @ilhamwahabigx @vercel We're working on adding this capability. It requires some infrastructure changes which is wh… @tannerlinsley @gtaschetto @edcampo_ We mostly use getStaticProps though (or just pure static) but in both cases the model is the same
Missed this by @rauchg when it first appeared, but it answers a number of @vercel-related questions I had . . . ✅👏👍
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @rauchg Crazy, didn’t know every index.ts inside “/api” is a Serverless function. No more lambda ... Just blew my mind 🤯
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @_clem @craigkerstiens @vercel It's quite amazing actually how transformational a "serverless postgres" offering wo… @smartguy044 @vercel cc @notquiteleo @smartguy044 @vercel What are you seeing?I just deployed two projects to @vercel and the whole developer/user experience is just mind-blowing. The attention…
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchSay hello to the new! Built with: - Next.js + MDX - @Tailwindcss - Notion + @Vercel ISSG -…
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchI've deployed 3 prototype-ish things to @vercel in the last week or so and it still feels like magic. I even wrote…
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @jkjustjoshing @vercel cc @mschoening1/ Happy to announce that today, Linear is open for all. No waitlist, anyone can sign up for free. Our announceme…
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @tjcrowder @vercel Yep that's being improved as we speak! We'll circle back soon. cc @notquiteleo @mcsdevAfter reading so many good things about @vercel (née Zeit) I decided to look at them for a new project I'm working…
Retweeted by Guillermo Raucheveryday @vercel makes my life easier and easier
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchFor those new to this: each file / folder with an index file inside `api/` gets packaged, deployed and exposed as a…, I went ahead and turned the suggested lambda snippet into a serverless function that deploys alongside your G…! I deployed @dabit3's Jamstack Ecommerce project in 4 clicks and 30 seconds. Source…
@sean_magin @davidwalshblog Thank you! @f1cal @vercel P1 really is just great.
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch😯 @rstacruz Thanks! Still too hard IMO. Replying to thread should be blazing fast. I've been full time on iPad Pro n…
@kevinpeters_ @DBredvick @vercel Not sure about typeorm, and we don't recommend using servers since it disables a t… @kevinpeters_ @DBredvick @vercel TypeScript is supported natively by Next.js. What do you mean by bonkers?Next.js is an excellent framework for React devs building static or server-side rendered sites The popularity of R…
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @assertchris @vercel @zealigan Sounds like this could be done via an API function invoked from the client. You can… @assertchris @vercel What you were after is storing session data? Was that being kept in the server’s memory? cc @zealigan @assertchris @vercel Sorry for the bad experience! We have adapted our docs and examples to reflect that servers ar… @assertchris @vercel It’s usually easy to replace the server, by using dynamic filesystem routes and API pages @assertchris @vercel Correct. Servers disable very crucial optimizations: @southpolesteve @reconbot TypeScript is another great example of a monolithic codebase with a big engineering team… soon to play.js... @vercel‘s Next.js templates 🚀 #indiedev #webdev #nextjs #javascript #reactjs #vuejs
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @bradneuberg @raphlinus Wonderful assessment.4️⃣ For our backend infra, we started out with microservices and many repos. The allure of modularity Today? One r…️⃣ With Vercel, we initially played with the concept of pluggable function runtimes and builders. Today, these ha…️⃣ In Next.js, it would have been compelling to start out with a powerful plugin hooks that can extend everything…️⃣ We saw this early on with Node.js and the npm ecosystem, in contrast with Go (something that Deno is set to lea… by @raphlinus is incredibly insightful 🧵 "Looking back, I see much of the promise of modular software as add…
Never ascribe to design that which is adequately explained by emergence tech goal for you this year? Please share! I want to: - Learn Rust - Start using Next.js! You?
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchDecided to try out @vercel this weekend and it is awesome! Just what react needed. It's easy to get started, docume…
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @notbrent @slightlylate @samccone @shubhie I think it’s good feedback. We need to be optimal at one page and a mill… @samccone @timer150 @shubhie @wongmjane @hdjirdeh Yep. Hence why I think introducing some heuristics would be awesome! @samccone I was just chatting with @timer150 about this today! I think we need to make the algorithm smarter still…
👁 ❤️ 👁 @naugtur @bengl @vercel Thank you! We just wrote an article on how you can use it in your own apps:… @wongmjane @itiseyemoutheye 👁 👄 👁I’ll be talking about why you should probably be using Next.js and @vercel if you’re a @reactjs developer. Come han…
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It took me exactly 15 seconds to get my @nuxt_js blog up and running with @vercel P.S. Don't forget to change buil…
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchUpdated my website, using @nuxt_js, content module and deployed to @vercel
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchI wrote a tutorial showing how to use @vercel to deploy a serverless @deno_land function:
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @jesgmz Functions are completely stateless. You'll have to connect to some data source (like @fauna) or kv store (like @redislabs) @zach_lamb_io @vercel 😂 that gif @mantennn @vercel From the post: "I need to do SSR because I want to do SEO". I think you might actually want to us… @mantennn @vercel Why are you disappointed with swr? It's not clear from the message. Can you tell me more about what you're trying to do?I've been toying around with some Jamstack technologies last week and built this! It's built on Next.js, deployed…
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@ProductHunt Awesome @mjackson @bradwestfall With Next.js, you can put those files in `public/` and they'll be served.Simple Passwordless Auth with and Next.js. ◆ Fully Serverless ◆ Works on localhost ◆ React…
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @medossantos @Calendly @vercel This is awesome!This is gonna be great. You'll learn about… 💅 The best and most up-to-date practices of Next.js (our team at… kind of flexibility and power is my favorite Next.js capability 👇 @maxmonteil @Calendly @mightycal_ So good to see competition in this space @javszyfer @Calendly The entry point to the product starts, for most, from a hyperlink being shared, which launches the core of experience. @kieranmch @_JerryLopez @Calendly @getairbridge Can’t wait to try it! @MattieTK @Calendly TotallyI love @calendly – I hope it grows to eat the entire calendar space [I'm chronically disatisfied with all calendar… 3 : I used @Vercel to deploy @frontendmentor challenge from GitHub repository. It really did takes 15s. Check…
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@qudolucas @vercel_support @vercel Something that might be helpful: your new team will start with a free trial. Tha… @qudolucas @vercel_support @vercel Sorry to hear that Lucas. We are making improvements to how functions limits wor… using Next.js (deployed to @vercel) back in January and I can safely say it’s made me enjoy being a Front End developer again ❤️
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchThe website (and our blog) is now a full-static website powered by @eleven_ty, @sanity_io, @tailwindcss, @Alpine_JS
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @the_bluescreen @vercel We are currently working on this problem. Would love to hear your requirements!Glorious, much-requested feature, built end-to-end by @AnaTrajkovska_ I love the impact that engineers can have a… moving a Gatsby driven website to @vercel NextJs. So much less code, no GQL, faster builds, pre-rendered pages. So much better.
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchI've said this once and I'll say it again - @vercel is the magic that makes my job 10000x easier.
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchJust deployed a react app using @vercel without looking at any docs. It took me 5 minutes. AMAZING!
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@varoondev @vercel It basically boils down to importing a repo on Vercel (, then using a gi… demo video of using @logflare_logs with @vercel in your Next.js app. (currently working on a new guide)
Retweeted by Guillermo RauchBeautiful, snappy status pages (built on @vercel) @peterldowns There's a fix incoming that will make this workflow possible. It should happen very very soon!I just got 550 points✨ on via @vercel One of the most straight forward and fun intro to fo…
Retweeted by Guillermo Rauch @dferber90 @iaincollins You both should exchange notes!