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@YannRenaudin They are mostly the same, yes. IIRC, they initially were more different, but grew closer over time.
@alexeyraspopov YesBTW: FileCounter (as a type) is an interface! class FileCounter { htmlFiles = 0; extractedImages = 0; copied… @_iotimo It depends on your prior knowledge: If you already know how to program, you can do both at the same time.… class FileCounter { htmlFiles = 0; extractedImages = 0; copiedFiles = 0; } I started with an in…, you could also use .find(), but I like the direct support for a start index that .indexOf() provides.I just had a use case for Array#indexOf() that Array#find couldn’t handle: Search an Array for a value, starting at… I wish Map#has() worked as a type guard for Map#get(). Alas, this would probably be a complicated addition to the type system. @alexdavidkim @dan_abramov You sound like you might enjoy @getify’s writing: My books are…
Good overview of the status quo: “How To Create A PDF From Your Web Application” by @rachelandrew @16kbps I agree. For authoring, I use Pandoc: – Input: Markdown – Output: HTML, LaTeX, etc. (highly configurable v… @16kbps In principle, HTML engines with advanced CSS support should do this, but the decent ones all cost money: @simonstl IME, societies tend to emphasize certain directions (doubt, positivity, etc.). I think the best approach… v5 is ready to be shipped! We will test it during next week to find any issues. You can help us by installing…
Retweeted by Axel RauschmayerCan this be improved? AFAICT, it’s not possible to define a parameterized helper type for this functionality. @LisaMillerCool GUI app for static site generation: @sebastiansebald @yawaramin AFAICT, this library only validates, though(?) The other two additionally create static types.Clever: “Finger-counting systems in use in many regions of Asia allow for counting to 12 by using a single hand. Th…—I wanted sth. similar to keyof, but for tuples: const pairs = [ ['one', 1], ['two', 2], ['t… @raganwald @dan_abramov Well, this is about С, not about C. 😁 > 'С' !== 'C' true
@swyx Formality was what I meant, yes! I also partially made up my own rules (deviating from what my editor sugges… @yawaramin Have you seen this library? @swyx @lesliecdubs I’ve been told the same thing in German and kind of like the spelled-out versions (they feel mor… @slikts True. But the inability to have discussions in good faith is problematic. Sometimes the disinformation is… issue on social media: You can’t be sure that others are real people. Effectively makes it impossible to discu… half of Twitter accounts pushing to reopen America may be bots @neumarcx I’m torn: I love open source. And it’s great to have LibreOffice, but it isn’t always easy to work with.… @fkadev Glad it’s useful, thanks! I initially thought Omelette generated static zsh code. Instead, this code calls… @fkadev 2/ – Maybe: copy/paste the step-by-step instructions into the readme (they were quite helpful) @fkadev 1/ It’s absolutely awesome to see Omelette in action! – Instructions for zsh: 👍 – Maybe: explain that the… wonder what the thinking is behind this. Will people ever find out that Netflix has done this for them or is it j…, I published a package on npm which returns Async Generators I wanted to use streams bu…
Retweeted by Axel Rauschmayer @notArianR @olympiawoj @JavaScript @BrendanEich In JavaScript, this was tried with strict mode, but it has consider… library that lets you implement your own shell completions (bash, zsh, fish) in JavaScript (Node.js):… @JavaScript history on why: typeof null === ‘object’ // true - a bug according to JavaScript creator…
Retweeted by Axel Rauschmayer @BrendanEich @olympiawoj I found this:
@slicknet On one hand, Thunderbolt 3 has made laptops great docking stations because they can drive monitors and be… @bluefiddleguy @davefarley77 FWIW: Possibly not completely what you have in mind, but all my code examples are test…
@kirilloid_ru 4/ To summarize: I’m not saying everything is rosy w.r.t. humanity. I’m just saying that the narrativ… @kirilloid_ru 3/ – Much of human behavior is heavily influenced by biology. But in addition to the biological need… @kirilloid_ru 2/ – If you are studying economics, you are taught to think in terms of cost-benefit analysis, metric… @kirilloid_ru 1/ – I don’t consider taking care of your own needs to be selfish. It’s healthy. I don’t trust people… learned from College Board’s (the SAT people) mistake: use `accept` attrib and iPhone will convert the imag…
Retweeted by Axel Rauschmayer @asciidisco I see both pros and cons. It’s possible that these new constructs will mostly replace normal object lit… thread arguing that the assumption that people are inherently greedy and selfish, is partly a self-fulfilling… @asciidisco 2/ Downside—much more cluttered than: #{ a: #{ foo: "string", }, b: #{ bar: 123, },… @asciidisco 1/ This is an alternative: Record!{ a: Record!{ foo: "string", }, b: Record!{ bar: 123,… @asciidisco I agree. Not ideal, but probably the best we can do (especially given the constraint that only ASCII characters can be used).“JS for impatient programmers” did indeed get longer than I originally anticipated! To protect myself against jokes… @NarigoDF I don’t. I tell impatient people about it on Twitter! 😸 @NarigoDF @shrutikapoor08 😀 There is an FAQ for people like you: for records and tuples: @hitchcott @brianleroux @xjamundx Same here – I always inline types. This is my proposal:
Browser-NativeFS: native file system API for browsers, with legacy fallback “Snyder cut” exists: “Justice League” re-shoot coming to HBO Max in 2021 [Snyder’s movies never engaged me emot… @_developit Perfect! (My personal favorite is “browser-module” (singular).) @_developit The question to me is—which terms will stick? – Will we always call them “ES modules” or switch to “mod… now allows you to restrict replies to your tweets with the options - everyone - people you follow - people…
Retweeted by Axel RauschmayerDoes anyone know how to switch on WeakRef in Firefox?Just compare the following two function calls: // Positional parameters selectEntries(3, 20, 2) // Named paramete…’m also a huge fan of the named parameters pattern: of starting JavaScript for impatient programmers. @rauschma writing is amazing
Retweeted by Axel Rauschmayerreveal.js 4.0.0 is out! 🚀 - New docs at - Auto-Animate - Refactored source to es6/esm - Mu…
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Looking at myself in the mirror, wearing a new mask I had bought: “Why do they have ‘OAT’ written on them?” I could… @matijagrcic I don’t know. To me it’s all just JSON values, separated by newlines.Woo! Finally got our latest blog published for React Native for Windows and macOS! #RN4Desktop @ReactNativeMSFT
Retweeted by Axel Rauschmayer @styfle @webflow Acquired by Microsoft?Open source proto-governance: putting a project on its own GitHub org instead of keeping it on a user account. /ht @matteocollina
Retweeted by Axel RauschmayerOpen source is usually a step in the right direction. Additionally, it matters who is in control of a project: A co… folks that we should make TypeScript open source took months. Then came VS Code, .NET, Xamarin, GitHub a…
Retweeted by Axel RauschmayerBerlin markiert Pop-Up Radwege, Wien richtet Begegnungszonen ein, London verfünffacht den Fußgängerverkehr. Weltwei…
Retweeted by Axel RauschmayerLove the simplicity of JSONL: one JSON value per line of text.🌠 I'm in love with the CSS `clamp` function. It lets you clamp a value between a min and max, *across units*. Check…
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@yawaramin Yes, ReasonML does this well. If you do the same with JS arrays and plain objects, you often don’t have names. @mirkonasato Yes and no. No, in that you lose interfaces at runtime. But yes, in that you can use discriminated uni… If you wanted to do sth. similar in JS in a purely functional manner, you’d only work with plain objects and Arr… I finally figured out why I rarely use a programming style in JavaScript that is purely functional, even though… in the day (11 years ago?!), I was trying to do something similar in user-land.
Retweeted by Axel Rauschmayer @maggiepint I think that’s how they’ll shoot movies and TV shows for the foreseeable future.After running React Munich for 3 years, I need to take a sabbatical as the main organizer and focus on my company.…
Retweeted by Axel RauschmayerIf you haven't used fish (yet) as your primary shell, what's the reason?
Retweeted by Axel Rauschmayer“What is PostgreSQL? How is it pronounced? What is Postgres?” [It’s pronounced Post-Gres-Q-L]
Germany has released its Corona warn app architecture on Github. I hope this level of transparency becomes a bluepr…
Retweeted by Axel Rauschmayer @alphasahin SSE is nice and simple (see MDN docs), but only one-directional. If you need bi-directionality, you hav… @newlukai @ditman Many people do indeed like it. Humor is subjective. I didn’t enjoy Discovery either, but liked P… information: – This is only for displaying the results. The data for the embedded UI widget will be delivered… a server supports live polls: How would you make them embeddable for clients? I see 2 options: 1. iframe 2. Cust…
Retweeted by Axel Rauschmayer @kirilloid_ru @jkjustjoshing @Maarteuh To clarify: Submission will be handled via a different channel – a separate… @Maarteuh The updates will be delivered via server-sent events.If a server supports live polls: How would you make them embeddable for clients? I see 2 options: 1. iframe 2. Cust… @pfrazee I don’t think I’m strong enough. @pfrazee I watched all of S1 and decided to stop. Then I wanted to give it another chance with S2E1. Which is a peeing episode. 🙄
The humor of “The Orville” doesn’t work for me. It looks great and I wanted to like it, but couldn’t. OTOH, I enjoyed “Upload”. @Randemonium @evanplaice @_ericelliott Many functional programming languages work this way.Lenovo’s Ideapad Duet Chromebook: $279 Surface Go 2 vs 10.2" iPad – Best Budget Laptop Setup? [Surface Go 2 + Type Cover: $529.98] @reza__k8 Refurbished is a different topic (opens up much more choice)! As a developer, you definitely want a “rea… laptop-like device from Apple: – iPad 10.2": $329 – Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case with Trackpad: $149… @pesterhazy True!