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she/they, lesbian πŸ’– minor. priv is @raventerprise

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@conceptsbot Hi @sarahsphyxia OMG @reaIsnoopy CONGRATS @Matt_Furie im so disappointed in you dudeyasss taylor!
Retweeted by raven 🐾 @itssamnotsammyy your summer bucket list is a law bookjust realized that kappa is its name Okhe can't stop saying it πŸ₯Ίβ€ aw Google game is awesome πŸ‘ @bigfatmoosepssy loving the sweater tho πŸ”₯ @thcfuneralparty I love sirena warren 🌹 @raphtala aw ❀ @ramenbutts This guy has dancing fingers … yeah lol how both of these guys are able to convey stuff through finger…
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Retweeted by raven 🐾 @gooqfellas @JOYDlVISlONS I wish I could wear tiny shirts the way they do πŸ’”I’m only alive to see myself get sexy and rich, leave me out the dramatics of life fr
Retweeted by raven 🐾just discovered the podcast ARE WE ON AIR ? because of orions instagram and i can't get over it The guests on there are insaneeee @ur2possessive yupsometimes instagram is the most fun thing ever I feel so artistically charged rn
please share this. my gfm is still stagnant and i’m staying at a hotel rn and it’s $106 a night. my dad isn’t getti…
Retweeted by raven 🐾squirt space 2 think of The potential 🏠
Retweeted by raven 🐾welcome to the kill count where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies i’m james a janisse and today we’re looking at
Retweeted by raven 🐾gonna die during this episode istfg
Retweeted by raven 🐾 @Big_crunchy_ the 2nd one spleslpleaseplslslsl
@itsonlyrotten GOD BLESS YOU @raphtala @Sodapoppintv I love that we both love him ❀ cute @sponngebib YASSS 🌟🌟 #SLAYINGTHEMINIMUMsomeone please please tell me you have the cropped uncensored version of this I need it so bad @sponngebib out of what...Dislike my tweets and I’ll kiII myself on your front doorstep and now you have to quickly figure out what to do wit…
Retweeted by raven 🐾 @TylerWunch @aksually @Wes10 you should tag this under # westonart and akselart so they can see it! this is adorable i love it :3good morning
Retweeted by raven 🐾 @raphtala @lordfutaba brilliant right @tittyandronicus
Retweeted by raven 🐾 @Iovevia buy 2 tickets and bait someone into coming w u later U need to get them first they fs gonna sell out soonHope God has my back on this one!
Retweeted by raven 🐾community is so cool but its a shame Joel McHale is real
Retweeted by raven 🐾 @lordfutaba @raphtalahot girls have a pile of books they haven’t read or touched at all
Retweeted by raven 🐾is it socially acceptable to finish a can of pringles in one sitting
Retweeted by raven 🐾 @bloodbelt that otter plushie is incredibly valuable Know thisits so cool Pls just let me post cool art πŸ’” @Iovevia no its so good @k3anureeves i got shiv 😍😍😍 @raphtala you give me Blair vibes @hasanfancam happy eid 🌹 @raphtala its awesome and fun
@snailhugz the album Burn Pygmalion!!! by the scary jokes πŸ₯°cute emoji β˜”β˜”just realized since I found my laptop I have a vault of vods from late February and westons especially were rly fun… @cerealboxonwall woah his style looks just like clancy from midnight gospel :0 I missed this stream @itssamnotsammyy how's the air up there @itssamnotsammyy 😍 @Core4Updates_ NO WAYFILM COMMISSIONED BY PINK DOT SINGAPORE πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ happy #pride month everyone!!
Retweeted by raven 🐾 @raphtala is twilight good ive lowkey been wanting to try it out!! it looks funny also Donna tartt is evil @raphtala what r u reading now πŸ˜‡ @raphtala thats so sad @raphtala I can't pay attention ever πŸ˜’ its so unfortunate @raphtala anything else 😍 @raphtala Change
Retweeted by raven 🐾 @glo0mgurl I am awake 🌈 @marleyhqq @aksually nobody thinks its funny btw
@leinadmckee lesbian jokes have infested every fandom ever anyways But the mfs who said yes to him in chat will indeed payCan yall please realize this boy is just plain stupid You don't have to tweet this every two weeks @simonIebong in the same situation πŸ’”
@teenboysquad @raphtala horny tweeting ❌❌❌ just found my laptop????? omfg @lesbianphilochs 9, 1 and 5 😍I have been so oblivious to how others perceive me.. like How i act with myself and how I am to other people is so… @spartaremixx this was so enjoyable thank u for showing me :,)My alarm coincided with the end of my dream
@myhcnestface JAMES MASLOW BDAY 🌟🌟 @souIeaterz will never know the thought process behind this one I Remember being significantly attracted to I just cannot get enough @carloanmarloan ikr The silence is loud
Retweeted by raven 🐾 @raphtala never change it @raphtala طفشانة 😭😭😭 @autumnaI was just watching her on the TV this afternoon @222xen @thcfuneralparty basically yeah @paneincassetta_ @whorespectrum
Retweeted by raven 🐾what is happening in lebanon, a thread:
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@gwynthpltrw @gay_perjury age 11 for me @raphtala truly πŸ˜ͺMy mom's sending family secrets around as vengeance 😭😭 #BadBloodok the situation is way worse than I thoughtfull on argument going on downstairs between my family and my mom Its like its CPS in here 😭😭and is this β€œparty rock” in the house with us right now?
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@sinjinmfstyles I love sharing my taste w other ppl ^_^ @fairiespawn @Wes10 @kalynnkoury this is incredible :))) I love itFAINTS ...