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the bad guy😝

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I don’t sleep no more lol save me
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I tell everybody I’m good cuz wat u gone do if I’m not
Retweeted by ravenjunadeMe and loz tried a ting😂😍😶
Retweeted by ravenjunade @__STefari What you gettinggggggI’m the laziest hardest worker, you’ll ever meet.
Retweeted by ravenjunadeShaybo, Young Dolph, Mulatto, Young Fume allllll on my IGTV. Go go go! **link in bio**
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Retweeted by ravenjunadeThe relationship between me and black clothes is a love story that can’t be explained
Retweeted by ravenjunade @__STefari I’m being so serious as well😭🤣🤣🤣“every man will cheat eventually but he will always knows where his heart is” wtf miss me with all that. id rather… @sisi_dz1 let’s do this😭 I watch this raw version of SHABBA MADDA POT.... I just get so gassed
Retweeted by ravenjunadeNah I found this way too funny but if you reheat McDonald’s you’re a psycho. Once it’s cold you either firm it or dash it.he studied economics but still couldn’t supply my demands
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I love that my friends constantly check on my well-being. you lot deserve the world 🤍😍 @officialkav1 Dm me because I have no clue who you’re talking about 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @officialkav1 that’s why I said it would be you🤣🤣 but I’m pretty sure you can guesssss @officialkav1 loooool it would be you init 😭🤣🤣🤣she can’t rap sorry not sorry.Digga D is back 🤧🔥🔥
Retweeted by ravenjunadeHey twitter, I’ve recently started a small business where I’ll be selling headbands and other fashionable accessori…
Retweeted by ravenjunadeHaving a brutally honest friend is important, can’t have a squad full of yes men
Retweeted by ravenjunadeyou will touch so much money in july ! CLAIM IT NOW
Retweeted by ravenjunadeI act like I’m ok but I really just want $53,937,800,000 deposited in my bank account 💔
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@RheannaCastle Bye. Good bye. I’m disowning and blocking you from this very moment.Listening to music > Listening to people
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Gripping ya man out the party
Retweeted by ravenjunade😍😍😍😍 it’s R I N doeeeee, if they owe me money then I’m coming through ya windowwwwww
Yes I seen ur message, yes I ignored it. Yes I’m on Twitter
Retweeted by ravenjunadeGood girl... with a bad side.
Retweeted by ravenjunadeI forgave you because I wanna go to heaven, relax
Retweeted by ravenjunadeThis Lil Baby leak is insane
Retweeted by ravenjunadeIt will cost you £0 to retweet and help my small business 🙏🏾
Retweeted by ravenjunade😍 killed this, you guys need to stop complaining #BETAwards
Retweeted by ravenjunadehappy birthday kamille😍🥳🤍🤍😍😍 you’re so prettyyyy naomi mannnnnnn this current climate? God forbid.
Retweeted by ravenjunadeSummer Walker: Honestly Me:
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😭😭😭 disrespect immediately. Don’t let it slide.
Retweeted by ravenjunade @RheannaCastle Oooo I’m scareddd, I really wanna do it though @RheannaCastle I’m scared😭, I wanted to go short but I don’t think it will suit methem: “you’re so quiet” me when im by myself:
Retweeted by ravenjunadeyhhh I like blonde on youu 😍 hate messy shit!! Don’t link me.
Retweeted by ravenjunadeLoool I really cut off like half my ponytail, talk about britney spears breakdown tf was I thinking?????the little sister I didn’t ask for 😂🙄😘🤍 two weeks.. hm. thank God for Taysiah & Ashanti.something don’t make sense & I hate when 1+1 don’t equal 2..I’m tired all day everyday. but any time after 2am I always up ? @renaemilan1 I do Hollywood and it’s the most painful thing ever but it’s worth it
Idc if I’m 30 I’m calling my mummy mummy because that’s my mummy.
Retweeted by ravenjunade @__STefari Loveeee😍😍😍no suicidal shit but im hating this life ting.
Retweeted by ravenjunadeTattoo shops open back yet? Cyaan wait fi ink ‘mug’ pon mi farrid
Retweeted by ravenjunadeMood. i be vibing to my own playlist knowing it's a masterpiece
Retweeted by ravenjunadecan’t trust twice, cause it ain’t that yo homie, when we shot, pass the water🙌🏽 lil durk you da mannnn sonlil durk gets me man. he writes the music for thing about me, imma face it and imma heal it
Retweeted by ravenjunadeI love artistic makeup 😍 weekend away pls😍😍😍. @m_vvs1 😭😭😭heavy on the "just say that" cause that's all you had to say.
Retweeted by ravenjunade @m_vvs1 why are you so violent 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
If you’re observant enough.. people usually tell on themselves 🙂
Retweeted by ravenjunadeloool I need to take my own advice. Always giving out wisdom that I don’t wanna listen to myself.Love a Black woman that just looks high maintenance. I really enjoy that aesthetic.
Retweeted by ravenjunadesame Hate it here. Take me home out 🌟
Retweeted by ravenjunade @shansdeya Gonna show them 4hours later 🌚 @CprinnyX Blue @TiaToldYouSo you got thissssss @x_dammyy Aenrv?
@feegonzales_ Oatly - oats milk @KamzoSTP @KSKumarian Not even debatable.Some of you would snap at your own funerals if you could.
Retweeted by ravenjunadeGood morning task of the day : learn to take accountability for your actions
Retweeted by ravenjunadeI think about this video EVERYDAY. I love you Solange so much
Retweeted by ravenjunadetomorrow claire’s snap “promo all day hit me up😍” @RheannaCastle Literallyme leaving walmart with a 4PF chain
Retweeted by ravenjunadeblock parties whewww.nah it’s killing me that she even documented the ambulance call😭that was quick @blackoritswhack she took something stronger than stardog because wtfThat girls snap is gonna be all over daily mail tomorrow @blackoritswhack bmt🤣🤣🤣I’ll swallow a timb before I ever say “as long as he know where home is” 😭😭
Retweeted by ravenjunadeI'm reposting this video every time I see it b/c you can see how kind his spirit was and his life didn't deserve to…
Retweeted by ravenjunadeFriends who understand yo MIA phases >>>
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Retweeted by ravenjunadeEvery single day I ask myself what people gained from killing Pop Smoke
Retweeted by ravenjunadeimagine loosing all that in one day. Oi fuminggg is not even the word.