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Thank you Mr.Bisciotti and the Ravens for being a first class organization. I love the real ones in flock nation th…
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Appreciate that #BillsMafia Means A lot not to only me but those kids as well💜💜
Retweeted by Baltimore RavensWe have signed 11 players to Reserve/Future contracts, and waived four veteran players. 📰:"We'll be back... humble and hungry." 📰:"I know this for a fact: This offseason is going to be, probably, the best offseason. And we’re going to go to work… Thank you for welcoming me with open arms in my first season here. I promise I will keep getting bette…
Retweeted by Baltimore RavensThe Ravens have the 27th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. 📰: podcast, "Black in The NFL," examines what it’s like to be Black in the NFL, looking at the experience from man… year 8 comes to a close, I just want to say thank you to my teammates, the fans, & @Ravens organization. This se…
Retweeted by Baltimore RavensToday we honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKDay
"Your rookie year was amazing. You're going to have a great career. This is supposed to hurt, let it hurt... You're…"I feel for the city of Baltimore and everyone that supports us because they root for us like crazy and I know it.… on his conversation with Lamar post-game:"We did things we typically don't do." @BSBoze"We have a young, hungry team." @PMekari night's game didn't go the way we wanted, but #BillsMafia is showing their generosity. ➡️:…’m proud of you big dog.. You will be in the conversation who the world think the best receiver in the NFL soon..…
Retweeted by Baltimore Ravens"I can't wait to be on the field again with @TY_Real1." @marlon_humphrey"We have a lot to build on." @marlon_humphrey"It definitely sucked to go out like that. I thought we played well, but we definitely left a couple plays out ther…"I know this for a fact that this offseason is going to be probably the best offseason. We're going to go to work a…"It's just the little details... In the playoffs every drive means something. It's about putting up points."…"The next step for us is to finish... The defense being out there on the field, offense in the victory formation ta…"Obviously the result of last night's game was not what we were looking for in any regard. No matter how deep you g…, @BuffaloBills and #BillsMafia just want to personally thank my family, friends, the whole ravens organization, and the #RavensFlock for all the…
Retweeted by Baltimore RavensAs I reflect on probably the most mentally challenging season of my life I couldn’t be more thankful for God puttin…
Retweeted by Baltimore RavensThank you to the best fans in the world for your support all year. We'll be back 💜💜💯 #RavenFlock
Retweeted by Baltimore RavensTHANK YOU BMORE | KINGZ
Retweeted by Baltimore RavensLosing is no fun but It happens in this game. Not the way we wanted to go out but I appreciate the #RavenFlock for…
Retweeted by Baltimore RavensBlessing to play with my brothers on this team, made it through a full season. Man I love this game and I love this…
Retweeted by Baltimore Ravens"I really appreciate this organization." @Willie_Snead4G for this season. many lessons learned throughout this year, now it’s time for application. #MWTD see ya next year flock. ✌🏾
Retweeted by Baltimore Ravens"I love the Ravens and the organization and I'd just like to thank them." Matthew Judon"We have to put our head down, go back to work and try to do it again next year." @CalaisCampbell"This team has been through a lot. It's a resilient team." @Mandrews_81"I think we're about as motivated as it gets. Personally, I'm still far from playing my best ball. Next year, I'm g…"It's a tough loss... But, I'm proud of the guys none the less." of this team no matter what! Love my brothers!
Retweeted by Baltimore RavensWe fought to the very end, but not the ending any of us wanted. Lamar Jackson has been ruled out for the rest of the game.QB Lamar Jackson is in concussion protocol.15 minutes left to play. for 15 🔥 Tune in: down @Mandrews_81‼️ open the second half with a touchdown. Now we're down 10-3. Time for our offense to get back to work. ‼️ to get this second half started. Here comes our defense.
Retweeted by Baltimore RavensOk things are about to change I’m locked in now. I turned my AC down to 30 degrees so I can feel like I’m in Buffal…
Retweeted by Baltimore RavensBig drive to get points on the board before halftime. tied up at half. on track. Tie game. @jtuck9 drills a 34-yard field goal to tie the game at 3-3 just before halftime. 🔥🔥🔥 Tune in: PLAY @Primetime_jet‼️ 🔥🔥🔥 Tune in: from the 2... two plays later... FIRST DOWN @Primetime_jet SACK 😤😤😤 Tune in: it happen 👏 Tune in: THE CHAINS @Jkdobbins22. field goal attempt is NO GOOD. LET'S GO OFFENSE. quarter down. holds the Bills to a field goal. Buffalo takes a 3-0 lead with 2:57 left in the first quarter.Defense forces a punt on the opening drive. Time for the offense to get back to work. THE BUS 😤😤's time. We're starting with the football. LET'S GOOOOOOO. WE COME‼️ rookie @patrickqueen_ ready for another playoff game.'S GO @YannickNgakoue 😤😤 loose @Lj_Era8 @Lj_Era8 warming up the arm. @marlon_humphrey Juice Man. @marcuspeters’S GO‼️ IV Snead @Willie_Snead4G YOUR OWN ENERGY‼️ 😈😈 @Lj_era8 @_SNOOP1😤 @GodsGiftGus13's a brotherhood.
Showtime Cam in the house and Judon is ready 😂 @marcuspeters is ACTIVE tonight.'s inactives vs. the Buffalo Bills. @tbowser23 👋🤣 vibin 🔥 on purple 😈 @jtuck9's work. 🎧 @YannickNgakoue | @Bose little cold never scared @Mandrews_81 ❄️ locked in‼️ ✌️✌️, it’s really snowing now ❄️❄️‼️ @CalaisCampbell is HYPE‼️ @Lj_era8 locked in and ready for action. 😈 Ravens are in the building.❄️❄️❄️❄️ football 😈 #RavensFlock WAIT
Retweeted by Baltimore RavensNo pain, no gain. Play like a Raven!
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