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"4 the indirectly involved, the easily convinced & the baffled"

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@hermanos WowReminder that you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say to the cops can, and will be used against you.…
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusCan I pitch though?
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusHow about hire more Black people, and actually pay them well
Retweeted by Itus Andronicus @julianlytle Bruh can actually tell you that they got one part wrong. The translation, “All Cops Are Bastards”, could be more accur…, while i'm at it: i'm seeing zine/anthology efforts popping up to support various causes and folks are really…
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusThe Reposters get it. You can download and make new posts too! Or make your own! Silent! An @NLGnews PSA #BLM #BlackLivesMatter For more information and resources see:… there are any tv writers/show runners that are reading scripts. I’ve got a Rick and Morty spec that directly dea…
Retweeted by Itus Andronicustalking about stuff here live
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusWASH DAY by @RoBroSmo and I! 🖤 Digital + print available >>
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I had a bad headache today, maybe from allergies, maybe from the stress of it all - I will be giving away 10 keys t…
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusOkay illustrators and designers! Here are some tweets about resources that people would like more infographics of.…
Retweeted by Itus Andronicusalways knew he was a real one. @Raccoonnook Just keep doing you!
The “subtweets” in Ramy are excellent. The one line Ramy tosses off when his father questions his behavior, that hi… that’s your practice... then do you.The attention economy will have you burning up all of your radical creative energy for their algorithmic gristmill. Don’t fall for it.It may be appropriate to sit with this or directly engage and then come back and do the work that artists do. Thoughtfully.I just want to let the artists following this account know that, if your practice already directly addresses the su…’s fucked up, but I’ve been wondering if I actually feel a little less alienated these last few days because the… @mercurialblonde Damn... ok. So I guess I’ll get up and work today then 😅 ❤️
Pondering the paradoxes that come with people asking to extract value, with little or no compensation, from the spe… Breonna Taylor. I'm sorry they keep forgetting you.
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusBeen seeing this carrd going around. A lot of great resources and it’s consistently updated
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusHi #drawingwhileblack I'm a French illustrator based in Tokyo #RepresentationMatters
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusStart saying “Anti-Fascist” instead of and in conjunction with “Antifa”.
@RonaldJWimberly @julianlytle *Ahem, I meant, “The NFL statement is trash too.”Black TV animation writers (aspiring and credited/looking for the next gig), I will read your scripts. My DMs are o…
Retweeted by Itus Andronicussome quick info!
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusI gotta be honest the worst looting I've ever seen take place happened a few weeks ago when corporations collected…
Retweeted by Itus Andronicus @richiepope I’m something of a protester myself
@mirmiration 😂Bail fund + legal help master list
Retweeted by Itus Andronicus @klg19 @JoshuaDysart Born yesterday? 😆Never forget that when the NYPD went on strike, crime went down.
Retweeted by Itus Andronicusdanggg. where's the lie
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusBrooklyn Bail Fund
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Be safe being dangerous out there...and I LOVE James Brown’s music. Just saying.If you read someone comparing Killer Mike in Atlanta to James Brown in Boston, remember The Godfather of Soul also… #ShinobiSaturday on #GratNin on webtooncanvas, 9ONE and Mo head to @muddgutzzz to get inked by… Mike @ziwe spelled “murdered” wrong.
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusWhat a headline
Retweeted by Itus Andronicuswere shot by whom, AP?
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“Riots” work @sequentialstate @desertislandbk this day, May 28th, 1851, freedom fighter Sojourner Truth delivered the “Ain’t I a Woman” speech (named for the…
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Solid List! this day, May 28th, 1851, freedom fighter Sojourner Truth delivered a speech at the 1851 Women’s Rights Conventi… Floyd didn’t die. You can say George Floyd was killed, murdered, executed; but to say “George Floyd died” is… you’re @NPR and you can report that “police officers fired tear gas” instead of “police officers carried tear ga… the difference between the press presenting a murder as “‘subject A’ killed ‘subject B’” vs. “‘subject A’… Lee said that when Do The Right Thing came out, a lot of critics thought it irresponsible to show Mookie thro…
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abolishing police is so fucking obvious that they have to make a zillion tv shows targeting folks from 0 until deat…
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusArrested and convicted of murder is the right call.
Retweeted by Itus Andronicus @JoshuaDysart @mrbrianrowe
@chrisvisi0ns Niiiiiiiice. We’d team up, f’sho shoHold up, let me do that again... You are a private investigator/detective. What is your outfit, weapon, and vehic… are a private investigator/detective. What is your drip, heat, and whip? Retweet with the answer.…’s a song that promises the chord progression of “Mr. Telephone Man” but instead delivers something far inferi…
White people should feel uncomfortable using “tribal” in a negative manner
Porgy’s secret and there’s a rat in Rikers on ep. 7 of #GratNin:KGMR #ShinobiSaturday shinobisaturday #WEBTOON
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusYou can 𝐝𝐨𝐰𝐧𝐥𝐨𝐚𝐝 all Verso Books (and/or entire #Zizek's bibliography) 𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄 via Happy #sundayvibes 🌞 #RadicalMay
Retweeted by Itus Andronicus4 typewriter concrete poems by master Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt
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@dentslashink So it would follow that people who might identify or be identified as black might have a variety of political positions, no? @dentslashink 😂 Word, missed all of that. Thanks for the context. Just saw a bunch of homies responding to it and w… @dentslashink So then you don’t take issue with the statement’s truth but with it’s possible application/manipulati…
@dentslashink Take it seriously. It may require more than 42 characters. @dentslashink Ask questions of it, do the research. @dentslashink You can back Nicole’s statement historically and linguistically. “Black” as a politic has its start i… @julianlytle When someone tells you who they are, believe them.
RIP to the page lackey of rock and rollSad to share the news of the passing of Elvis Presley. He succumbed to the the covid 19 he caught from his 5G Huawei P30 Pro. @renee_fonseca @francescalyn Yeah, was gonna say it looks like mint or shiso @BoofyMovie 👀🙋🏿‍♂️ @Bitchinville Nice, nothing like Satie to cheer you up during a pandemic 🤔 😂
My Plans: 2020:
Retweeted by Itus Andronicus @DrinkSolaPop The draft was a radicalizing agent. That’s why we don’t have a draft. @julianlytle @itskindred I love y’all @julianlytle Also, Kareem has has subsequent primesWe should use the birthday of El-Hajj Malik Shabazz to disabuse ourselves of 2 things that MOST people believe: 1…
Retweeted by Itus Andronicus"How do we get Malcolm X wrong? We get him wrong by thinking of him as just a one dimensional black prophet of rage…
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Around New York City: Quarantine or Not (a photo thread)
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusJapan’s favorite mayonnaise and the anime aesthetic share history.If you talk too loud on the stoop, it’s tantamount to snitching. Where’s the essay on the intersection between “Sto… find the conversation around race and identity in regard to anime/animation tiresome, and almost always ill-info… just made a cocktail out of Dr. Bird and greens juice and I’m about to call it a Marie Laveau. @stevecleff @TomKingTK EditorialHarlem, Manhattan (1963). Malcolm X speaks to Harlem residents, doing exactly what made him known in the first plac…
Retweeted by Itus AndronicusGhost Dog
@policy_lesbian @mercurialblonde don’t like to hear will attributed to something like a virus. “The virus wants to reproduce...” No. The virus r… @aNuChallenger It died of old age
“I’m not a president, but I play one on tv”