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#BlackLivesMatter | 🇨🇦 SSBM, FGC OG | Former Competitive Player/Coach | Magician of Mentality | Music, Esports, Marvel, Anime & lots of Introspection

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Not surprised. There are people who deserve it more / would handle these opportunities with more class anyways. $5… I wish this style of art was made into a SF anime....
Retweeted by r a y n e x @Dr_Dunkz I have a glass half full view on it really. I think they've done more good than bad. The seasons kept get… episode of #the100 is unreal. It's the prequel episode we always wanted, 7 seasons later. Glad I powered throu… you @Kotaku for giving me a chance to speak out about these issues. Moving forward, I hope the community ca…
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@XanozIchimonji Sorry Xanoz. Be strong, you'll get through this.Y’all better act surprised!!!
Retweeted by r a y n e xA moment in history
Retweeted by r a y n e x @Michael96303310 Black Mirror 💀I've been reaching out and talking to a lot of folks in our scene about what has been going on the last little whil…
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Retweeted by r a y n e x @katbcd @shybee_ @The_Meezus Lmao @iBDWSSBM Before @n0ned was doing this to wider audience, this happened to me & everyone else in Toronto every week… men crying. Normalise men talking about their feelings. Normalise men's mental health.
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@BlitzMan_G Thanks for sharing your voice Matt. Makes me think of Hidey too. I miss those days when we had that fam… friends to decorated top players, so many people I once trusted have turned out to be disgusting, manipulative… @EdEdEddnEddy @SMRTesports @holdenTSF want to know what's going on with @SMRTesports and the @holdenTSF situation. Where is their statement, where is t… @SkyWilliams These words are empty just like that hollow, disingenuous attempt you made on stream. It's time to sto… borrowed $55k from a friend, saying it was for his dad's cancer treatments. His friend's mom had battled cancer… Months Vs. 7 months
Retweeted by r a y n e x @fatalethedon @shybee_there is no neutral in fighting games. someone is always winning. True Neutral is when you unplug your fight sticks together and go outside
Retweeted by r a y n e x @SJ416_ 💀If a mask mandate is an infringement of rights, why is controlling a uterus a function of government? Asking for a friend.
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@Ryan_Ford522 Yeah definitely. I have decent shoulders but my arms are probably the weakest part of my body so it was a struggle. @Sir_Afronomical @XanozIchimonji Xanny PhantomSo we did a diagnostic session, worked on upper body, and focused on more reps and correcting form. During reverse… @NeoRussell Will do buddy @kobcritic_ *heavy fucking sigh*First session with personal trainer & nutritionist starts today. Decided to invest in myselfI've known LA for years, since the arcade days in highschool - which makes this so hard to read. I had no idea this… in a water bottle when you’re expecting water
Retweeted by r a y n e x“things I can control”
Retweeted by r a y n e xyou can't make this shit up. I'm RT bot today fml the house, the person, everything away. get this clown out of here what the actual fuck I got this right? sky: > streamed response despite his poll wanting twitlonger > sub-only chat + ads > leaked… way Zero's fanbase is defending him, regardless if you think hes innocent or not, is honestly disgusting. He li…
Retweeted by r a y n e xEverything I see on Sky's stream shows that he is a person who only understands other people as an audience or prop…
Retweeted by r a y n e xwhat on earth would compel him to do this? he's so gone @PuppehSSB nani the fuckYou'll be much more effective in any support you try to give if you take care of yourself first. Small ways, big wa…'s a been a lot of negativity on here lately so the last few days I've been looking inwards. Light reminder fo… @Emm4_M4sters @brokenisbruh I couldn't agree more. Gradually is definitely better. A complete removal leaves this g…
I went to the barber, sliced off my hair, got my eyebrows waxed by a real life girl. I lined up my beard better tha… ran an almost cult-like environment. The punishments were him taking advantage of his power. So weird man @_lilchen Feels @BLACKALERT111 Too honest imo @yougainbrouzouf @brokenisbruh I don't think it is seperate actually. If the removed element is the cause, then thi… @moky_dokie I respect @SSBM_Quiggles for always being on the receiving end of some good ass content @Ryan_Ford522 @ib_theone @XanozIchimonji Then that our first tournament. I completely forgot the month lol, only re… @ib_theone @Ryan_Ford522 @XanozIchimonji As per usualDetroit, where the Columbus statue once stood.
Retweeted by r a y n e xI understand that it *mightz just be an empty gesture meant to calm the masses, but I got chills. I'd love to see m… is so fun! If you play add me up on PSN 🙏🏾 @tsb_blaze and I faced off the other night and we're both newer to… is off his meds @KwCongressional white people will believe in *anything* but the existence of systemic racism
Retweeted by r a y n e x @Ryan_Ford522 @XanozIchimonji Lmao was it actually Don't make me get the receipts @RyobeatPeach I'll protect you 😤😤😤 @XanozIchimonji August 2006 was the first tournament for @Ryan_Ford522 and I
Baltimore just tore down the Columbus statue ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 #blacklivesmatter
Retweeted by r a y n e x @Ryan_Ford522 We don't know anything yet really, I don't want to jump to conclusions. Just preparing the worst, sadlyThe longest week ever just keeps dragging on. I'm trying to reserve judgement until more information is released. B… on to your pants this vile shit ain't over yet 💀 @brokenisbruh I agree but I do believe there's a reasonable exception When the thing they love has created an unhe… @Le_Brutus afaik it was modelling, and eventually some nude modelling, but nothing as far as having sexSky's house, Keitaro, Zero, Mexico trips Read:
Retweeted by r a y n e xthis goes so hard 👌🏽 was very clear about this rule.
Retweeted by r a y n e xY'all removing racist symbols when we're asking to remove racist systems. We are not having the same conversation right now.
Retweeted by r a y n e x @itslssjx I'll always be there to support whatever you decide to do. I got you bro @RichieOlusanya @ScrubQuotesX The last part sound like a completely different person. Loss does things to people man @ghoulrunnings Your voice and experiences have always mattered. I'm sorry you felt like that wasn't the case. Hopef… was disappointed in Ontario smash being so quiet recently. I'm really glad you're speaking up @N0z1ck. What's hap… I read comments that minimize the trauma of victims, personally attack them, try to rationalize being silent,…
The last few days have left many of us feeling shocked, dejected, & disappointed in our communities & our friends.… Age of Consent Read:
Retweeted by r a y n e xI've had people message me to confirm who G is and share their own similar or worse stories involving her. Her hist…
Retweeted by r a y n e xHeartbreaking to watch, but this level of honesty just pierces through you. It's doubly impactful because of his st… case you needed anymore evidence vs DJ moon
Retweeted by r a y n e xit really feels like a breath of fresh air knowing it’s cool to talk about sexism & shitty behavior now ppl used t…
Retweeted by r a y n e x @iBDWSSBM Bravo zero ever did would’ve been exposed if Jisu didn’t come forward All of these other predators would’ve kept…
Retweeted by r a y n e x @havik_sc 💀lmfao the Batman shmix #MK11 told the truth. So disappointed that some are embarassed to be part of the FGC. People have acted irresponsibly but the community does not re…
Retweeted by r a y n e x @im_t_rain This is all coming out in such a small time frame. It may seem obsessive but it's really just playing ca… is banning himself from smash events and taking a break from the community after allegations came out against… @mikehaze You always write bars but this is one of your best yetJust arrest the cops my gawd
Retweeted by r a y n e xNEW: Three Colorado officers have been fired and one has stepped down after a photo surfaced of three officers mock…
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@MrKingFunk this is what playing Luigi in tournament actually feels like lmaoMan these Ultimate players are schmovin'
Retweeted by r a y n e x @WFGmoney Was really curious how all this was affecting you @WFGmoney . You're mad close with all of them. Thanks f…, realize how much power we have. From top players like @SonicFox to commentators like @Tasty_Steve @ultradavid,… @ssbDuck @Kola_irl Key takeaway. Thank you for sharing
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