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As we continue practicing social distancing, our RazerStore team members will be live on Twitch playing your favori… to Charles Z. for scoring a Razer Chroma Hardware Development Kit as our Rewards for the Faithful w… to strike with its hyper-responsive Razer Optical Mouse Switch and deadly precise Razer Focus+ Optical Senso… @minliangtan @wick_22 This is actual heroism. Wow. 🙌🙌🙌
Retweeted by R Λ Z Ξ R.@JoyStickNY does an extensive review of the Razer Panthera Evo that covers the extensive customization options, ri…
Razer donates masks & medical supplies to NCSS in support of S’pore’s ‘social service agencies’…
Retweeted by R Λ Z Ξ RAscend both your gaming and corporate ladder with our exclusive bundle deals that’ll help you stay geared for every… Razer Blade gaming laptops are powerful enough to take on your games, work, and creative tasks. When not in use…
An ultraportable beast that packs a punch––our friends @notebookcheck puts the Razer Blade Stealth 13 to the test,… sleek and stylish Razer Kraken X is a blend of ultra-light comfort and superior gaming audio. With a lightweigh… your debts pile up with Tom Nook, we’re here to ensure you’re not shortchanged on your gaming experience in A…
@HyperMediocre @PlayVALORANT Nice! @Tru3thfulMMIII OGWhat’s one new game you’ve started since the lockdown? @ChefShnabi @chloe_hime7 🙏 @Shochbaum88 Not released, but selective streamers like @timthetatman will be dropping beta access to viewers. @Alyzuku @Jmtysar1 Good luck! 👍May the odds be in your favor #VALORANTRazer Hypershift: ON Mouse inputs: DOUBLED Get the most out of your Razer Basilisk V2 with our Razer Hypershift fe…[LIVE NOW] Join us for an all-nighter of bangers at @BIGOLIVEapp with our 2nd cloud clubbing livestream—featuring Z… @Gothalion @GenshinImpact @TheEveningArt @PaladinAmber 👀The ultimate gaming monitor is now available on Amazon. Don’t miss a frame with the Razer Raptor—a pixel perfect 27…
As our physical RazerStores take a quick break to wait for stay-home measures to be lifted, our team members will b… to finally set up this beast. Something people may not know about me is that I love to play PC games when n…
Retweeted by R Λ Z Ξ R @thelumineers @jeremiahfraites Hope you enjoy the new setup! We foresee countless chicken dinners in your future.’ve teamed up with @RuneScape to celebrate the release of their new skill: Archaeology. Throughout the month they… @KevinPhirii @IntelGaming @NVIDIAGeForce Just another reason to stay home and game on! @Kenrocks2287 @IntelGaming @NVIDIAGeForce @Kryten2x4z @IntelGaming @NVIDIAGeForce @SaiKrishanKumar @IntelGaming @NVIDIAGeForce Power. More Cores. More Frames. Meet the new Razer Blade 15—equipped with the latest @IntelGaming 10th Gen 8-c… pack consists of Razer Hammerhead Pro V2, Razer BlackWidow Lite, Razer DeathAdder Elite, Razer Kiyo, Razer No… on those working from home––we’re giving away a Razer WFH Starter Pack to make sure you have all the essent…
@PlayApex dibs. @OfficialPCMR @OfficialPCMR for absolute speed, the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition is armed to the teeth with cutting-edge Razer Lin…
Boost your Archaeology skilling with some sweet @Razer loot we'll be giving away during our weekly stream! 💰 3 x R…
Retweeted by R Λ Z Ξ R @PapaJakeTE with ultra-clear microphones and powerful audio drivers, you can rely on our range of comfortable Discord-… @terrareon14 Link in postThanks to all of those who’ve supported our ‘Game On’ Poster! We’ve just restocked on more of them, so do support t…
Crazy that I was the inspiration for the @Razer Viper Mini 🤣 Check it out #ad
Retweeted by R Λ Z Ξ R @timthetatman know some of you have been waiting for our April Fools' prank, here's a note regarding our yearly tradition:… We've got our initial shipments of masks that'll be donated! @AJHagler29
@theartofmezame @PhoenixLamCRFN on all those who are working from home—share with us your work setups 📷 ⁣ ⁣Cr: Stefan R. upon every star that shines through your Razer Huntsman Elite using one of our many keyboard profiles: Starlig…
LETS GOOO @Razer 😈
Retweeted by R Λ Z Ξ REveryone has their own gaming journey––for #RazerStreamers, we got a perk for you. Our friends @pipelinegg is offer… @JessIsCuty @Razer Thanks for sending out the goodies. Working from home just got a whole lot more... colourful.
Retweeted by R Λ Z Ξ RRedefine your standards of precision and speed with our Razer Huntsman Elite—the #1 selling gaming keyboard in the… Gamers, let’s put your computing resources to work for a great cause. Join us and our friends @OfficialPCMR in s…
@Farzbro @Tru3thfulMMIII @GaladonGaming ☀️🌑 @BobDuckNWeave attendance—give us a holler if you're working from home right now 📢 @RainwayApp's social distancing includes getting the mill started in #OriandtheWilloftheWisps - the perfect game to play…
Retweeted by R Λ Z Ξ RShake up your game––our battle-ready RESPAWN Shaker is equipped with dual-insulation and a leak-proof seal to keep…[HAPPENING SOON] Join us over at @BIGOLIVEApp for Southeast Asia’s first cloud clubbing livestream at 8PM today! Pa… for your participation, we have connected with the winner! Till next giveaway!
@BinghamBaller9 Game on!Take your laptop into overdrive with Razer Core X Chroma—a groundbreaking graphics experience that packs NVIDIA GeF… Hands, Tiny problems... that can be solved by the Viper Mini.
Retweeted by R Λ Z Ξ R @PaladinAmber 👀 @BishieBish @hardwarecanucks control that comes in a 61g ultra-lightweight design—find out why the Razer Viper Mini is highly recommend…
@TwitterGaming guess my desk is finally coming together... Thank you again to @PaladinAmber and @Razer I am absolutely in love w…
Retweeted by R Λ Z Ξ R @poopflowers @PaladinAmber 🤍🤍🤍🤍Look what I got 👀 The new @Razer Tactical Backpack! Waterproof, durable, and big enough to fit my laptop, the new R…
Retweeted by R Λ Z Ξ RWe're Half-Life: Alyx VR Ready with the Razer Blade 15 and the latest @NVIDIAGeForce Game Ready Drivers. It has bee… @HAWK3DPROTO @JagerNzt Share a pic of your new setup when you're done 👀Razer Chroma RGB ready for those late-night gaming sessions 👌 📷: Porori_Rp Post your Razer battlestation setup wit…’re psyched to bring you Southeast Asia’s first cloud clubbing livestream, in partnership with @BIGOLIVEapp and… sleek exterior that’s tough to crack–the Razer Tactical Backpack V2 is made out of robust ballistic nylon that’s…
Giving you more reasons to become a Razer Chroma convert—upgrade your hardware with our limited-time bundles that’l… look back at what has happened in 2019. Keep on gaming in 2020! just got sent the new @Razer Viper Mini. It’s beautiful. Like me. Super lightweight at 61 grams. All reli…
Retweeted by R Λ Z Ξ R @CouRageJD @PaladinAmber @Mattimusiusis are some of our favorite bois sent in by our fans. Happy #NationalPuppyDay 🐶🎮
@BasedBenpai your work-from-home setup a professional facelift with the Razer Kiyo—a Full HD webcam with a nifty ring light…
A clean slate of mind. Discover the Mercury Collection: ends 25 Mar, 23:59 PST. Stay home and Game on. Prize pack consists of Razer Kraken, Razer DeathAdder Elite… equipped for social distancing? How about we fix you up–join our giveaway to win this care package! Here’s what… @B4yda This seems accurate.