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Petr Legkov 🛸 @razialo Osnabrück, Germany

I have a strange way of saying hello. Cognitive Scientist, co-host @researchVRcast, etc.

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Whether developer, designer, storyteller, gamer, professional, student or technology enthusiast – our 24h…
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸This week, @theextendedmind and @rebeccahyman6 join to talk about culture & behavior in social vr Topics - basics…
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Finally got OpenVR input working in C# for my WIP convenience library, a lot of tweaks and experimentation to get i…
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸 @SkarredGhost @UploadVR @SweViver A lot of drama. Almost feels like a PR stunt to me which took an unpredicted turn ...The most fascinating thing about writing this tutorial for how to setup a #VR project in #Unity3D WITHOUT any legac…
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸A quick breakdown of the automatic rigging and skinning for the VR softbody physics I've been working on. You can g…
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸 @utopiah Sure, but no one is using mainframes anymore. In fact, I suspect more people are used to touch than a keyb… from the terminology rants, you think that 3DoF / 360 Content is here to stay? Easy to build and scale and se… @SkarredGhost @immersivt @gemisisDev @oculus @EdenLabsAfrica I mean, a headset tethered to a powerful smartphone wh… @SkarredGhost @immersivt @gemisisDev I fully agree with you, @SkarredGhost :)! I am just very unsure about @oculus
@gemisisDev @immersivt @SkarredGhost Look, there is a marker for a 100$ phone. Doesn't mean apple builds those. Eve… @gemisisDev @immersivt @SkarredGhost Yeah. It makes not sense for Facebook to do that. Splitting platforms? There i… of the most in depth interviews I have made, with some thoughts on the beautiful mariage of tech + community +…
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.@sketchfab CEO @albn joins to talk about all things 3D Topics - why sketchfab was created - why the big 4 tech c…
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸Recently, Mozilla unveiled ‘Hello WebXR’, a demo designed to show that WebXR is a viable alternative to store apps.…
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸 @immersivt @SkarredGhost @gemisisDev And once again, coming from year long experience in XR, I am sincerely asking,… leak something to the press!!! I am dieing to know those dam numbers as well!!! Follow your duty, release th… @immersivt @SkarredGhost @gemisisDev Why would such a device exist? Which market? Which brand? What target group? P… volumetric video + Unity HDRP and VFX Graph
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸This is wild #ARVRMRXRDRPR
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸Holy shit, thx @tartanski - there is indeed a Tik Tik style point cloud App wow
@utopiah @beanotherlab Ui! Need to check that out! Thx @VRUnicorns @JulieHeyde @FlatPonies 🦄➕🧨 🔄 🦄🥩^2 @tartanski @elonmusk Thx is it good? @darianknight @comogard Trust me, compared what the industry and science have been using since 20 years, it's more… @utopiah One could almost say, XR is the ultimate empathy Mashine 🙀3d stuff is becoming so hard to distinguish from real life it's freaky ... @JulieHeyde @VRUnicorns @FlatPonies The shaders are looking so juicy! @Scobleizer @billieeilish So long you're having support from your enviroment. I think, it's still the case that eco… @gemisisDev @immersivt @SkarredGhost The way how the cameras are aimed doesn't allow for magical tracking. Especial… propose a new Instagram but with point Clouds! I think the time has come. Maybe @elonmusk wants to kickstart? Ope… retrieval is underestimated in term of cognition and the scale required for creativity. How quickly yo…
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸 @GordanKnott I am surprised no one is hyping it ... Sad if it would fail because of a lack of a fan base ... @immersivt @SkarredGhost @gemisisDev Ok, I don't see a single chance for Quest with just handtracking. It's to unst… @TimMittelstaedt @inwendo @timmersiveEU Schicke Seite!
I want a dual screen android with pen support and a Bluetooth keyboard so badly ... I think it could boost my produ…
@asteroid_saku You mean ... No #bullshit #bingo? But how do you sell disruptive innovation build on scalable and cl… @Heaney555 If not for the fact that my Oculus Go is slightly broken, I would still be playing with it. The Quest is… @ben_throop One could argue that there is a difference between direct and indirect spacial interaction/manipulation… @steube @Paula_Piccard Wait, i thought 5G-connected 8K TVs are the future of advertising!?! @ben_throop Have you tried Elevator to the Moon on the Oculus Go? Or any other decent and good 3DOF content? Maybe… looks so cool :) @yarwadnyc, did you manage mixed reality recording based on the Oculus SDK? Or maybe @LIV (d… @alexqgb No, I did not. Sometimes I watch Netflix while resting my head on a Pillow. Still quite comfortable, for m… @gemisisDev @SkarredGhost Did you try both devices, Quest and Go? What exactly would a Quest Lite look like? Hardwa…
@gemisisDev @SkarredGhost There are reasons why a vertically integrated product end up with many advantages. And wh… @Aidan_Wolf @Scobleizer @heybrandonitsme @MergeVR What are you using it for :)?"we're only just scratching the surface of digital tools for thought" and #XR is literally bringing this to another…
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸 @utopiah I couldn't agree more :)I'm working with XR for more than four years now and finally got my first own 6DoF headset a few days ago 🎉 The…
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸Feeling somewhat confused as I haven't touched unity before this weekend since years. Might be a stupid question (t… @farinity @sebastian_budde Oculus SDK is quite large indeed. One can use legacy XR unity package with @VR_Toolkit b… @JulieHeyde @Facebook @bandellotweets @FlatPonies @VRUnicorns The algorithm don't have to be smart. Ads on Facebook… @misslivirose IMHO so long we don't have any mass market AR or at least VR with heavy ML/AI based user interfaces t… @smngraff You know I am 💯 % with you. However, especially for medical, educational and the b2b market in general it… @OnvrNewMedia Well the quest as a firm factor is exactly what we all dreamed about since DK1. It might be more impo… @alexqgb I am so decided by the quest comfort. If it's adjusted right and you're having a fitting head it's surpris… @TimMittelstaedt Have you tried to measure the calories you're burning per day? Or the amount of steps? :0
Completion for oculus quest?
@TimMittelstaedt So what's exactly the maximum time you managed to have the treadmill on? Do you walk the whole day on it?
Seldom have I been inclined to agree more with someone on Twitter ... first VR experiences seem to support the divide between mind & body. But the longer I experiment with non-human…
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸Just changed my Twitter bio. It's true ... @chetfaliszek Well, If you mean my tweet, it's hopefully better than sending you a LinkedIn message. Besides, turne… @chetfaliszek Isn't it some sort of a quick visual CV? Why are you so negative? Is it based in sad experience or ar… some #JohnWick moments while optimizing physics in @holoception 😎💥 #gamedev #indiedev #holoception
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸 @noazark @OpenSecretsDC @usaspending Needs heavy AI to make the UX user adaptive with BCi and more black box magic.…
Got 6 likes so far! lifestyle: take photo of tiny tree, to lazy to jog. Write deep Story. Tree grows up, is nostalgic. But h… @BOLL7708 Oh 😨 @BOLL7708 How about a every day challenge? A new game a day keeps the backlog away :)
Anyone knows someone from Barcelona #XR community by any chance? :)We love our partnerships with @unity3d and @UnrealEngine, but one of the awesome things about playing more #Open is…
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸 @utopiah @geekwire I love how the world is more and more like the in deamon / Darknet ... @AMazeFest @Zero_Relate @farinity @Neonhive No I see them on pixel 🦩🦩🦩 @utopiah We had @CyArk on @ResearchVRcast and VR could be so good for cultural heritage preservation. From what I r… @prvncher @LeapMotionDev That's a good point you made, why extend two hands if one can be enough. Maybe one could d… @utopiah You have a good point. After spending 3 hours falling deep into the habit hope I have to be honest, this T…
Instagram adds Boomerang effects as TikTok looms – TechCrunch
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸 @prvncher @LeapMotionDev With allways I meant a stable tracking so long the hands are in the field of view and rang… @prvncher @LeapMotionDev Why wouldn't both hands be allways tracked? Just curious, the quest beta is decent Hololen… my new year's resolution was coming back to Twitter. Saw this post and though I am getting old. Installed this T… love to see a similar graph for the Quest and PSVR. More specifically the one for Quest to compare it with. B… @BREMERSIV @360GradFilm @razialo If you are in or around Germany, check out to meet your lo…
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@deprecatedcoder @SuicideFLip try @BeatSaber or @PistolWhipVR than maybe something more Social like @recroom or… @deprecatedcoder @LeapMotion In that case, I am fully with you! A smooth transition between interaction patterns co…, @deprecatedcoder gave me a dream. Just imagine: before you pick up your @oculus Quest controllers you see your… @deprecatedcoder @LeapMotion Feel where you're coming from but it might be less magical than you think! For me cont… amazing! Reminded me about the good old times when @LeapMotion launched the ?!?Orion?!? update. Looks like so… @apoddubn That's somewhat disgusting?!? At least add some lecitin or any other component to make butter dissolve ... @JulieHeyde To the nearest spawn point. My soul is going straight to the nearest spawn point. Propably a hospital.…"First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monu… @AndrewKemendo "each experience implies a bodily engagement with the environment, characterized by a particular set…
@AndrewKemendo Inclined to agree, yet one small detail is IMHO still missing: it's the concatenation of sensory and… @utopiah @netflix It works well on the quest, you can move the screen. But the button was slightly hidden. Maybe it… @AndrewKemendo More like Sensory motor contingencies and sensory motor integration.I would guess that the spatiotem… job
Retweeted by Petr Legkov 🛸 @AndrewKemendo Pretty sure it's a compressed version of the reality tree with a heuristically filtered search space… @Azadux Reminds me somehow of ghost in the Shell! Incredibly beautiful and visually thrilling, wow!One pro tip for German and European crowd: @farinity is behind the supper usefull project.… arrived at the @BREMERSIV Meetup 😺 which is co-hosted with #BREMENXR! Looking forward to the talks and network…