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Barento @Razleplasm Los Angeles, CA

Resident Lucian.

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@MeanMisterKien @JilchaH they have a cecil hotel in LA too 🤣 @ffSade @ffSade @ffSade
@tsunderegf when you see someone taking away contested space, come in with broad shoulders, look away and play that… @lol_eXyu likely story @PutaInternet @GameSpot I keep writing gamestop instead of gamespot, end me @PutaInternet @GameSpot yes possibly, but the gamestop article writes it as fact. That he used it as an excuse to a… @hugosucksass what if we had webbed feetWe're hiring! Work with me 🥳 @KorizonEsports is looking for a bilingual translator, to create translated YouTube s…
Retweeted by Barento @PutaInternet @GameSpot I just think it was a bad interview that teaches us nothing on his views on this topic. He… @PutaInternet @GameSpot I wouldn't call it an excuse since this wasn't as a response to that subject, but he for su… @RoboMWM @GameSpot im an idiot boomer @teensyowls @GameSpot I agree completely with what you've said. It'd be smarter for me to make this post if I knew… @DisastrousEnby @GameSpot yeah I agree that'd be nice. *you saw no deletes @DisastrousEnby @GameSpot This is not a 'do both' question, the first thing I asked was is his community shit and h… @DisastrousEnby @GameSpot I don't watch his stream at all, is his community shit and he's not taking action? Or are… @DisastrousEnby @GameSpot says he won't shut down that environment or speak to it when it's relevant? He could very… @DisastrousEnby @GameSpot There's a lot in the original article to take arms against that… @NilesLOL @lplenglish @vicapuppylove @GameSpot I'm not saying this as a viewer btw, so if you're a Ninja viewer and know how he response… @vicapuppylove @GameSpot He should naturally be forthright on this in the interview but its very clear to me that h… @vicapuppylove @GameSpot this part was the only thing suspect that I'd want followed up on by the interviewer. No h… @MalaclypseDC @JensenGohLoL @Nightsharre good shit incoming @Espeonkin @GameSpot yeah I agree completely, this would be easier for me to talk about if… @Applinatuer @Daddy_Erebus @GameSpot HAHA MY EYES @Daddy_Erebus @GameSpot I'm comparing 1st image to the rest. 1st is gamestop, rest is nyt @RPCMKolgro @GameSpot @Ninja As for the point on periodically making a point when it's relevant on stream I agree.… @RPCMKolgro @GameSpot @Ninja If you're referring to the last paragraph, that part should've been expanded on by the… @totheLaPointe @Sabby Nicole: "I heard you wanted to nap at work, I can make that happen" @karonmoser to our culture team as our Competitive & Collegiate Development Lead. Kelsey will develop pro…
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@GameSpot it’s important to foster a welcoming community that rejects hate on sight. Gamestop frames his response a… appreciate the support friends. Just need a change, or for things to progress and I’m sure it will. @GameSpot the framing gamestop put on this vs the reality of the question and answer are vastly different. Recommen… @privbirdtbh me on every levelThis month has been my worst for keeping strong mental that is for sure. Fast Forward please. @Caedrel glad to have you on my computer screen @C9Vienna your rating of blueberries are unacceptable @CaptainFlowers @Sanjigoat @Sanjigoat @CaptainFlowers
That Was A Really Competitive Game I Hope We See More #LCS @GoldenGuardians @Ablazeolive hope its completely passed 🙏 @VellyCasts makeshift paradise @JoshuaHDefg @BelleEliz1 This team as its constructed will barely make playoffs, lose in the first round and their… @JoshuaHDefg @BelleEliz1 you're focusing so much on the lane thats mattered the least so far that you blew past you… @FramboiseHunter @G2Lekka @RoyaLemonade @BelleEliz1 if we're talking about the series vs geng he performed well in… @CostasMis yea @CostasMis outside looking in its not good since they've made it clear they want to win this year. @BelleEliz1 probably think they can make stars with who they have come up internally as a legacy org but thats not happening this yearJust the reality of what T1 is now.Hello WE are watching V5 vs RW with RW's new top laner Aodi #LPL
Retweeted by Barento @naxtionn Jeb incarnate @moe_lol stop @colourflaw stfuGraves smokescreen is the best cc in the game because you can't see see shit please laugh @lol_Taylorcz yeah I was gonna get worried round 4-5 because of it but man @HeyItsThor_ HAHAMcGregor sry phone didnt let me finish this sentence @Showtime7x yeah kindaYO IM SORRY I SAID ANYTHING WHAHHATHAHAEHIUTSGIOKUHJ;WEGINUOK;GWREKINUJ;GWEFRKJNUFGWERKNIUJFWESNUIKJFSGERWAKUIJN;SFERAKJUNFSEWAOINHJU;/Poirier outclassed @closerlol @Goldenglue give him his hair back, man looks like scrotum head @moe_lol @bunnykyxo ay thanks moe for paying for my brother's surgery, you're too good a friend 🥺. @VulcanLoL is a cow in real life this is confirmation
@MalaclypseDC @Revengeleague @insanitylol grow upThe one timer POE needs hover to crash the wave vs tp its a 3v1. @CatEarsLeague you’re not going to hit this team much so an enchanter build is probably the best. You have viktor Eve too so I’m a fanA true 100t limit test #LCS @mehdirhasan suddenly they care about mass-incarceration @TreatzLoL enjoying the play brothernvm support items are @endercasts @Revengeleague @Pretty_GRE trick viegos will exist, except when they steal a champ theyll instantly play like ass @Xotic >enters your car Tweet! Looking for Unreal Engine Engineers for Hire! Send me Resume or Demo Reel to ! Thank you!
Retweeted by Barento¿Quién es Josedeodo? Para los ciegos, es luz. Para los hambrientos, es pan. Para los enfermos, es la cura. Para los…
Retweeted by Barento @ForestWithin this game is just not fairCorejj is not human @RustyLoL LOL
@matej2113 fired before i even start FeelsBadMan @silenth21 don't you think you can escape with that delete @_megito this is what I like to hearweek 1 over-reactions usually generate the most timeless takes. I'm ready for the new ones. #LEC @AsycLoL how does he see his minions hp @JannisXTM2 the other side of Nisqy’s monitor between Upset and his monitor the white world.
Retweeted by Barento @Nepheloyd they will smile on me 🙏 @GeekyHoneyBee appreciate it @guske16_ Canada#LCS Lock-in live in 2 hours o7 Again for visibility I won't be on this week, I'll let you guys know when visa gods shine on me @Alphari Future Barney will be flexing with support jg for Soraka Lulu Ivern glAnd Ivern autoattacked me for 100 lvl 1 fuck this champ
Retweeted by Barento @Ablazeolive it’s the mcdonalds @OvileeMay